How to Make Effective Video Landing Pages

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This article will pitch you some ideas about how to make effective video landing pages.

It’s with great effort that marketers bring visitors to a landing page.

So, the construct and content of the page must justify the effort and make every visitor count.

Video landing pages have emerged as the easy go-to choice.

Nowadays, with video editing services and landing page builder tools readily available, it’s become simple to build video landing pages.

Building them isn’t enough; the pages you create must effectively convert visitors to leads and sales. 

Before looking at the ways to make a video landing page more convincing, let’s, for a second, review the advantages of adding a video to the landing page.

What Can Video Landing Pages Do for Your Marketing Campaign?

  • Make complex themes easily relatable and more accessible.
  • Help the audience absorb information better.
  • Keep the audience entertained and engaged with a combination of audio, video, and text mediums.
  • Allow the brand identity and personality to shine through.
  • Help deliver the message effectively.
  •   Boost the conversion rate by as much as 80%

Three reasons to invest time, energy, and money in developing useful video landing pages:

  • People watch hundreds of hours of videos every week.
  • Adding video to a landing page works
  • Your competition is probably using video landing pages too.

You’re probably thinking that adding video to the landing page alone will improve conversions. That’s not the case.

Every business wants its visitors not just to test the waters but to plunge into the content, connect, and convert.

If you, too, want the same, then you have come to the right place. Plus, you have a head start on the competition.

The tips given here will drive landing page conversions as you have never seen before. Let’s get started:

Make Content Quality Your Top Priority

Dollar shave club advertisement

Script the Video Around the CTA

Sometimes even awesome videos don’t convert the way you want. That’s if the message in the video and the call to action don’t gel.

Before working on the script and video, decide what you want the audience to do (what action you want them to take).

It is essential to be as specific as possible in the call to action. Furthermore, the video should convey the message to the audience. For businesses, videos are one of the most effective tools. Create a video online with a strong call to action and use it on your website and social media.

Even after many years, the Dollar Shave Club ad remains one of the best examples of content delivery.

The video has a clear purpose (Increase subscription) and message (People don’t have to keep buying blades every month and How to save money), which matches and leads toward the call to action (Join Dollar Shave Club).   

Focus on Helping the Visitors

Visitors to the landing page will willingly take the next step if the video acknowledges their pain points and offers a solution.

Rather than beating around the bush, create a video that focuses on the problem and delivers a clear and concise explanation.

This way, the visitors will have no doubts about what you’re offering and how the offer would benefit them.

Customers who trust your solution to their problem will recognize you as an authority or expert in the field.

They’ll be ready to trust you, accept your suggestion, and take the next step following the call to action (CTA) at the end of the video.

Take the Viewers on an Emotional Tour

Why are people so enamored by video content?

People love watching video content because it’s persuasive. This quality of video stems from two elements – story and emotion.

Any video that can invoke emotion will get people’s attention. We often see videos that make us laugh, cry, be happy, angry, think, etc., and are more likely to go viral.

Aim to weave a story around your marketing message and add a pinch of emotion into the video.

This formula will generate more interest in the video than just listing the benefits of a product/service and appealing to the viewer’s logic.

Others might try to sell the same product, service, or message.

So, to make your video landing page stand out, add a video that resonates with the viewers emotionally.

Apart from the message and how it’s conveyed, other video elements can trigger viewers’ emotions.

The words, colors, and fonts can impact the audience.

The landing page’s success rests on the shoulders of the video(s) on the page.

A survey found that 90% of the viewers acknowledged they rely on videos to aid their decision-making.

So, focus on the content of the video to improve the effectiveness of the video landing page.

Improve User Experience and SEO of the Video Landing Page

Improve User Experience and SEO of the Video Landing Page

Chose Effective Thumbnails

The customers are on the page for the video.

You don’t have much time to impress them on the SERP or landing page.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using Sendible or Sendible alternatives to post your video landing page on social media.

You still have to compete with other videos in the timeline maker to capture the customer’s attention.

Ensure the thumbnail that appears on the search page, social media, and landing page piques their curiosity.


Video transcripts tell the search engine crawlers what the video is about.

Although it’s a valuable element in SEO that can boost your ranking, the long text will only clutter the landing page and reduce the user experience.

Instead, in the video landing page, embed the transcripts as metadata.

Closed Captions

Your customers might not be in a setting where they can play the video with sound or use an earphone.

To improve the user experience, add closed captions that display the video’s transcript on the screen.

XML Sitemap

The XML Sitemap boosts your page’s visibility.

Don’t wait for the search engine to crawl and pick up on the landing page’s details.

Provide the search engines with page information through XML sitemaps.


Search engine crawlers aren’t yet advanced enough to understand videos.

You need to feed them the necessary information through metadata for better optimization.

Whether you’re using WordPress Themes, Leadpages, or Leadpages alternatives, almost all builders provide tools to optimize the landing pages.

Other Video Landing Page Best Practices to Follow

Other Video Landing Page Best Practices to Follow

Sure, the video is the star of the landing page. But, to create a truly effective video landing page, follow these best practices too:

Avoid the Navigation Menu

Remove anything that would distract the visitor, including the navigation menu.

You want the customer to follow the CTA, nothing else.

For that to happen, reduce the customer’s options to leave the page.

Adding the navigation menu is equivalent to saying, ‘Don’t like this page? Why not go someplace else? Here are a few pages you can try.’

By not including the navigation menu, you’re encouraging the visitors to focus only on the video landing page.  

Keep the Video Short

While creating the video, you should be mindful of the short attention span of the audience.

The purpose of having a video on the landing page gets defeated if the viewers don’t watch until the CTA appears.

To keep the audience glued to the video, make it short and concise.

According to the Video in Business Benchmark Report, 68% of people watch until the video’s end is less than 1 minute.

With the many tools for video editing available online, it’s pretty easy to make a video short, clear, and crisp. Also, there are a lot of free YouTube Thumbnailmakers out there that might be worth checking out.

If you are an Adobe user, there are plenty of free Premiere Pro templates that can help you step up your videos’ quality in no time.

Reduce the Page Load Time

We have come a long way since the dial-up internet connection. Nowadays, people are used to high-speed networks.

So, no one has the patience to wait for a video landing page to load.

You’ll lose a visitor if the landing page loads more than 3 seconds.

Optimize the video and the page so it loads faster. You may also use an MP3 converter and compressor to reduce your audio file size.

Turn off Video Autoplay

The initial few seconds of a landing page video act as the hook that draws in the customer.

There is a good chance that the visitor might miss the vital opening if autoplay is used.

We, humans, like to control things around us, even if it’s just a video.

Give the audience the power of control; they’ll repay you with attention.

Invest in Trust Seals

Customers very much care about the personal information they share online.

Even more important is the safety of the banking information they might share with websites.

For example, you manage to convince the prospect about your service through an animated explainer video.

You still have to make them take the next logical step – become a lead or close the deal.  

This can be done by removing all doubts about safety and privacy by investing in trust badges.  

Adding trust badges will also indicate no hidden malware on the page.

Final Thoughts

For people running a business, there is no time to experiment. Well, you have come to the right place.

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel; follow the tips in this article. You’ll have the highest-converting video landing page in no time.


Cristian Stanciu is a freelance video editor, owner, and post-production coordinator of Veedyou Media – a company offering video editing services to videographers, marketing agencies, video production studios, or brands worldwide the globe. I can catch up with him on his blog or LinkedIn.

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