Top Five WordPress Themes For Influencers

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Influencer marketing is pretty controversial, but since it brings results, influencers will continue to do their work. People wrongly consider influencers only music, fashion, and movie stars. Indeed, they are global influencers who amass tens of millions of followers. Yet, there are many other influencers with considerably smaller communities. Micro-influencers are those who have an audience between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. Nano-influencers are those with an audience smaller than 10,000 followers. A huge number of followers isn’t necessarily enough to call yourself an influence. The recipe for success for any type of influencer is to have an active and engaged audience. 

Influencers are present on social media, but they need an official website to aggregate all their social networks. This website is a big opportunity to impress their followers and should reflect the style of the influencer. 

Are you an influencer-to-be? Are you interested in launching a website to nurture relationships with followers? The following WordPress themes for influencers might be a solution for your website.

Must-Have Features of WordPress Themes for Influencers

Selecting the proper theme for an influencer website isn’t simple at all. Your personal brand relies on website quality so you don’t want to mess with it. A poor website will affect your image while a cool one will impress the audience. In layman’s terms, there is no choice but to have an outstanding website. Indeed, this is true for every type of website and activity. Yet, in influencer marketing, everything is exaggerated and rapidly changing.

An influencer website should reflect the values and core activity of the influencer. Ideally, website visitors should understand the influencer’s field of activity from the first second when they land on the website. Therefore, you need a versatile WordPress theme! The theme of your choice should be in line with your style. Let’s suppose that you are a crypto enthusiast; your website should include:

  • Plenty of widgets displaying cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • News bars to display the latest news;
  • Cool dynamic effects. 

The website should look modern and fresh and a versatile WordPress theme is the only solution. 

As an influencer, your main activity is on social networks. Hence, your social streams must be as visible as possible. You will need a social media plugin for this, but the theme layout also plays a crucial role. Don’t skip this aspect; visible and accessible links to your social media profile will grow your follower base.

Last, but not least, an influencer website should be mobile-friendly! This means a fast-loading website specially designed to ensure the best experiences for mobile users. Your theme should be blazingly fast and come with many customization options. 

The following themes are great options for influencer websites.

Sonoran: Influencers’ Top Choice

For influencers, Sonoran captures the essence of style and functionality, making it a highlight in the Top Five WordPress Themes For Influencers. Its minimalist design is perfect for showcasing lifestyle, travel, or fashion content, with fast loading speeds and SEO optimization ensuring your work gets the visibility it deserves. Compatibility with popular page builders, WooCommerce support, and AdSense integration make Sonoran a versatile platform for influencers looking to expand their brand. Whether you’re just starting or looking to upgrade your online presence, Sonoran offers the flexibility and features to make your site a success.

Petite Stories


As the theme’s creators said, this theme is for Creators of Tomorrow—those individuals who inspire other people with their lifestyle and content. The theme works for any kind of influencer, be it tech reviewers or yoga practitioners. The fresh and clean layout makes the theme suitable for numerous projects. Travel, food, knitting, lifestyle, fashion, family, or tech influencers should take a look at this theme. Undoubtedly, the theme is versatile enough to satisfy the high standards of most influencers.

Thanks to its near-minimalistic design, you have many options for displaying social media links. The default homepage includes social media integration in the header and footer. Petite Stories offers three types of blog layouts and endless customization options. Additionally, the theme is WooCommerce compatible, so you can easily set up an online store.

Petite Stories is GDPR-ready, so you can rest assured about the cookies’ consent. It’s worth mentioning that the theme is lightweight and your site will load fast. Under these circumstances, you have all the needed options to create an excellent influencer website. 



Chloé is a good-looking WordPress theme that fits lifestyle, beauty, and travel influencers. Its creators developed nine different complete demo websites— just select your choice and personalize it for your needs. Importing your favorite template is a matter of a few clicks, so you can use whichever you want hassle-free.

The demos prove the theme’s versatility, but there are a few aspects that may especially pique your interest. Chloé works for both minimalist and heavy-content websites. For example, you can use a plain white background and feature images by using a simple slider. Add social media buttons and some relevant text content, and your site is ready. Conversely, use the entire arsenal of the theme to inform and impress viewers. Use any of the various headers, pages, and archive layouts. A mega-menu lets you systemize the content to help people get to the desired information as soon as possible. 

Chloé gets a high mark in social media integration, too. Influencers can choose from 17 social networks, three color schemes, and seven predefined locations. Displaying your social media feeds is simple and you don’t need coding skills to do it. The theme is fast-loading, retina-ready, and SEO optimized. You have a great start to get a good position in users’ searches and delight the mobile audience.



Are you an unconventional artist, speaker, designer, photographer, blogger, or chef? Milieu is one of the WordPress themes for influencers that should be on your radar, thanks to its unconventional and unobtrusive design. In some cases, a discrete layout is more suitable than a highly complex layout, especially for influencers that want to highlight their works. Milieu isn’t a minimalist theme, but it has large areas of white space. In addition to big font sizes, bold icons, strong colors, and suggestive images, it manages to transmit powerful messages to the viewers.

The theme comes with six demos to prove that it works for influencer websites, magazine news, blogs, and even online stores. It has many customization options, most of which focused on crafting a great reading experience. It includes various blog layout styles, post types, and many widgets to delight the readers.

Milieu has widgets to display the social media feeds—a must-have feature for WordPress themes for influencers. Other features to highlight include:

  • Load more and infinite pagination;
  • Dark and light logo versions;
  • Customizable mega menu;
  • Video and image backgrounds in sections;
  • Smooth page transitions;
  • Multiple types of headers and footers.



While the previous theme is unconventional and unobtrusive, Eldon is unconventional but remarkable. It’s a love-it-or-hate-it WordPress theme that might be the solution for a charismatic influencer. Eldon is specially crafted for designers, painters, or artists, but it’s a working alternative for travelers, tech reviewers, or speakers. 

Eldon has ten outstanding demos. Fullscreen Slider, Carousel Showcase, or Portfolio Gallery are demos common to other websites. However, Portfolio Minimal, Interactive Links, or Horizontal Project Reels are genuine original approaches that will differentiate your website from other influencers. The theme has a few pages that your will probably use for your website—About Us/About Me, Pricing Plans, Contact,  or Coming Soon. Yet, the portfolio and blog are the strengths of this theme. You have several options to display the items of your portfolio, from a two-column to a six-column layout. Next, choose one of the numerous layouts available, including standard, gallery, Pinterest, slider, or carousel. The listing of each portfolio page is also customizable; select from slider, masonry, or gallery. Finally,  select the preferred hover effect. 

You can include a right or left sidebar for the blog, or choose to have no sidebar. Select a suitable type of blog post for your needs from general, quote, link, video, audio, or gallery types.



King is rather a great choice to grow your community. The theme has many features to encourage site visitors to interact with your content. It’s a risky feature, but Kings allows you to lock content for unregistered users, so they need to log in to unlock it. Site visitors may create profiles with an email address or social media profile. Additionally, you may group the registered users into different categories and give them privileges accordingly. They may set up notifications, so you may increase the users’ interactions. Give them badges to celebrate activity milestones (number of votes, followers, comments). Moreover, create leaderboards and competitions and, certainly, your community will grow. Use the upvoting system and comments to analyze the users’ preferences and provide them with the content they like the most.

Not only is the functionality of the theme impressive, but so are the design and customization options. King comes with a dozen of cool demos, all with suggestive names. Kingflix can feature longer videos and movies similar to Netflix movies. KingTube has a similar interface to YouTube, as does Kinstagram to Instagram. If you are active on any of these networks, confidently use any of these demos.

King allows you to have granular control over each pixel of the website even as a no-coder. Check out the theme demos to see for yourself.

Over to You

These WordPress themes for influencers are our warm recommendations. They cover a wide variety of purposes and types of influencers. Petit Stories is joyful and focused on influencer work. It’s all you need to run a simple website that looks great on mobile devices. Chloé is a near-minimalist theme that suits female influencers—it expresses simplicity, delicacy, and femininity. Milieu and Eldon are best for unconventional influencers. King is a more complex theme aimed at shaping an active community and allows a high degree of interaction between influencer and community.

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