Top 15 Most Used WordPress Plugins (2024 Edition)

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WordPress sits at the top of the mountain in terms of the CMS world. How did they become number one? The open-source nature helped as well as the giant library of plugins that can help you do almost anything. In this article, we look at the top 15 most used plugins for WordPress.

Divi Page Builder

1. Divi Page Builder

Want a website fast, but you don’t know how to code or use HTML and CSS? That will not be a problem with Divi. With a one time fee, you will be able to create professional websites for as long as you would like.

Divi is easy to use and simple to get started with. This builder lets you drag elements around on the page while you decide on the best design. There are competitors like Elementor, but Divi remains a favorite with many and one of the most used WordPress plugins due to a large number of premade templates and options you get with your license.


2. Elementor

A direct competitor with Divi, Elementor, allows you to put together a nice looking website easily. Elementor has one huge advantage that you won’t see with the Divi plugin. The base plugin is free to use.

If you would like to try a drag and drop builder but never felt like you had the money, Elementor is perfect. You can easily install the plugin with files from their site and start using it to construct sleek and glossy looking websites until you decide to upgrade to the full product. Another awesome addition if you make websites.

WP Rocket

3. WP Rocket

Does it feel like your site is slow, and you don’t know how to speed it up? Try out a plugin that will cache data so that it doesn’t have to load each time. WP Rocket will take your site to the next level and cause it to load much faster than before.

Your static files will be compressed, and that means that there is less data that needs to go out. At the same time, images will only load for customers upon request. Why load all the images on your site when you can just load them as the customer moves around the page? WP Rocket will help your site take off like a rocket.

Contact Form 7

4. Contact Form 7

One of the most used free WordPress plugins is Contact Form 7. With Contact Form 7, you are going to protect your site from spam and unwanted comments. Your contact forms are at risk when your site goes online. Avoid getting your forms completed by bots trying to offer poor products or steal information from users. Contact Form 7 is a spam killer.

WP Forms

5. WP Forms

Have you needed to make a form fast that other users can complete on your website? WP Forms can help. They offer a quick way to set up contact forms, payment forms, and surveys. Do you want more people to register for a meeting or to sign up for a newsletter? WP Forms will give you all the common fields that you need to put together a form easily. Plenty of templates are ready to be used, and it integrates well with AWeber, Constant Contact, and MailChimp.


6. MonsterInsights

Do you run an eCommerce store? You need analytics that you can break down and understand. Google Analytics can be difficult to use. Not everyone is technically savvy enough to use multiple dimensions and metrics to track if they are meeting their goals or not.

MonsterInsights makes looking at all the data simple and easy. There is universal tracking that goes across devices and platforms to make sure you see the full picture. It also includes Real-Time stats that will let you watch what the customer is doing right at the same moment that they are taking action on the page. If you want more customer insight, get MonsterInsights.

Yoast SEO

7. Yoast SEO

Need to improve your SEO? There are numerous courses that you can take and books to read on the subject. SEO is constantly changing, and with so many updates, it might seem hard to stay on top of all of it. Yoast is the perfect solution to help with SEO.

By looking at key phrases that you want to target, Yoast can grade you and see how close you are to hitting your goals with SEO. Also, they have very useful tools to see how readable your text is. Do you have enough transition words? Are the headings and paragraphs placed well so readers can easily scan the information? Yoast can do all of this!


8. WooCommerce

Have you always wanted to start an online shop? WooCommerce can help you with your entrepreneurial goals. With an open-source framework, people are always adding to the platform and making it just as good as many of the paid-for plugins.

WooCommerce can do everything Shopify can, and the cost is free. If you are a business owner that is expanding into digital sales, give WooCommerce a look. There is no monthly fee you need to pay for, and the community is very helpful.

Duplicate Post

9. Duplicate Post

When you have a lot of content on your money site or your own personal blog, it starts to get confusing when editing and publishing new content at a constant pace. Duplicate Post is a great resource to help with this. You can clone posts and then manipulate them for further editing or extra revisions. A very handy tool if you write all of your own content.

All in One SEO

10. All in One SEO

SEO can be difficult to navigate when you don’t specialize in the topic. Let this plugin help you out and set you up for success. This plugin does exactly what the title says. It is all in one SEO service with automatic generation of meta text, sitemaps set up to easily see the layout of your site, and the ability to ping search engines when your new content needs to be indexed.


11. UpdraftPlus

Many things can take down a website. Hackers, bad plugins, and poor updates all have the ability to take you offline. Protect yourself with professional backups. If you run into trouble, simply access an older version of your website and start all over.


12. WordFence

It can be scary running your own website. When you know nothing about security or how to protect yourself, go with the experts at WordFence. They keep track of IP addresses that are known for spam and trying to break into other computers. They also have the latest signatures from viruses and other nasty programs that are trying to infiltrate. A great plugin to protect yourself with.

Ninja Forms

13. Ninja Forms

This drag and drop builder will have you rapidly putting forms together in very little time. You won’t need to be an expert in coding to use this simple program. Collect emails for your newsletter or provide a way for people to donate money to a non-profit. The possibilities are endless when it is easy to collect data and submissions.

iThemes Security

14. iThemes Security

If you are looking for a top of the line protection, pick up iThemes. It will enforce hard to guess passwords for everybody at your company and give you the ability to do a one-click restore. With protections against brute force attacks and more sneaky attacks on your site, iThemes can do it all on your WordPress site.

iThemes has many ways to detect if you already have a problem, and somebody has already infiltrated your site. You can set up your system to monitor changes in documents. If a hacker goes after some of your valuable files and starts to change things, you will know. This is a great way to make sure they can’t get further into your system to do even more damage.

How can you know if you are being scanned by a hacker or even a bot that was programmed by a hacker? iThemes will also keep track of 404 error results. When you are under attack and people scan for weakness in your system, they will often throw many 404 errors. When you sign up for iThemes, they will let you know when they see something that they suspect is not just a normal customer who has come to look at your site.


15. MetaSlider

The last on our list of the most used WordPress plugins is MetaSlider. Need to create a slideshow quickly that will also be optimized for SEO? Don’t go any further than just MetaSlider. Select from one of four premade slideshow types, bring your images into the program, and then copy the code over to your site. It is that easy!

MetaSlider is easy to use and simple to understand as you put together beautiful slideshows that are going to catch the eye and get people excited about your products.

Spectra pro plugin

16. Spectra

Spectra builder is a game-changer in the world of WordPress plugins. This powerful tool simplifies website development, providing both free and premium options. With an intuitive visual builder, Spectra empowers users, from beginners to experts, to create stunning websites effortlessly. It boasts a collection of professionally designed templates, responsive layouts, and lightning-fast editing capabilities. Spectra’s seamless integration with various WordPress themes and its modern React framework ensure optimal performance, making it a must-have plugin for WordPress enthusiasts. Unlock the potential of Spectra Website Builder and elevate your WordPress website-building experience.

Conclusion – most used WordPress plugins

WordPress has grown so fast due to the excellent plugins provided by the community. We have given you a broad range of plugins that you can now try out and see if they work for you. From drag-and-drop form builders and website builders all the way to security for your site, there is something for everybody in this list of the most used WordPress plugins.

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