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Without a doubt, Link Whisper will improve your website’s search ranking! First, you have to purchase, install, and activate it. Next, properly configure it, and you will see a small increase in organic traffic in the coming months. Link Whisper isn’t black magic or black-hat SEO; it’s a WordPress plugin aimed at automatizing the internal linking of your website. Learn more about the plugin and its possibilities in our Link Whisper review!

Internal linking is nothing more than linking a webpage of a domain to another webpage of the same domain. It doesn’t require special skills, and relevant internal links help Internet users and search bots. Check out this review to learn more about Link Whisper and how to use it to increase your site traffic. 

Organic Traffic in 2022

It becomes harder and harder to get more eyeballs on your website. Search engines use extremely sophisticated algorithms to rank websites. It’s nearly impossible to demystify their algorithms, and sometimes webmasters feel they are out of their depth. Allegedly, Google’s ranking algorithm includes 200+ factors. Under these circumstances, the life of an SEO practitioner can be a real hell!

Traffic is the blood of your online business. Your business fails without people visiting your website. Luckily, you and search engines have a common purpose—to serve users as well as possible. The algorithms are impossible to fool them. Do everything possible to ensure user satisfaction, and search engines will reward your work. That’s the key to getting on the first page for the targeted keywords.

Internal linking isn’t of capital importance for user experience, but that little detail might make a big difference. You provide additional information and keep the visitors on your site by inserting relevant links. The more pages users visit, the more time they spend on your site, the better your site will rank. A cool tool like Link Whisper is enough to create relevant and helpful internal links. Let’s dig deeper and see how Link Whisper improves your online business.  

Link Whisper review

Link Whisper is a premium WordPress plugin focused on helping webmasters with internal linking. It’s relatively simple, but you need basic SEO knowledge to get the most from it. The plugin is most suitable for content-heavy websites, especially blogs or magazine news. It can do miracles if you’ve neglected to add backlinks to your posts and pages. Link Whisper does the linking automatically, with high standards. This WordPress plugin uses artificial intelligence to accomplish its task, which will constantly improve the results.

The pricing plans of Link Whisper are decent, and you get real value for your money. However, you should try out the free version from the WordPress repository before opening your wallet. It lacks important features, but you get a good idea of what you can accomplish with this plugin.

Download Link Whisper from the WordPress repository the way you would with any other plugin. The installation and activation are standard, too. Things are a little more complicated with Links Whisper, the premium plugin. First, purchase and download the plugin from the order confirmation page, user account dashboard, or confirmation email. Next, upload the plugin to your WordPress website and paste the license key in the required field from your WordPress dashboard (Link Whisper > Link Whisper Settings > Licensing). You are ready to boost your site rank through smart internal linking once you finish the above steps. 

Worth-mentioning Features

It’s simple to install and activate this plugin. Check out Link Whisper documentation if you face issues with its installation and configuration. The knowledge base is simple and concise so that you will find the needed guidance easily. Yet, asking yourself if this plugin deserves your attention is natural. The following features and advantages should convince you that Link Whisper might be an excellent addition to your toolbox.

Have you enabled Smart Compose on Gmail or smart autocomplete on your phone? Link Whisper works similarly—you get link suggestions as you write posts in your WordPress dashboard. It leverages artificial intelligence, and all link suggestions are relevant and helpful for readers. The real value is that you never need to worry about forgetting to add internal links again!


This feature works miracles for affiliate marketing or in instances when you desperately want to rank higher for a keyword. You chose that keyword and a webpage to link (target URL). Link Whisper will search through all your site pages for that keyword and will create links to the target URL. You can enable/disable linking from pages already linked to the target URL and limit the number of links to the target URL. 

For instance, you want all your web pages, including the keyword “WordPress plugins,” to link to your newly released plugin. Just enter the keyword “WordPress plugins” and the URL of the new plugin. Then, link Whisper does the work for you automatically!

No More Orphaned Content

Orphaned content is a term coined by SEO practitioners to describe web pages that lack backlinks. They are isolated from other pieces of content. Google and other search engines appreciate content that gets linked from and links to other web pages. On top of that, orphaned content is harder for readers to find.

Luckily, Link Whisper scans your site’s content and suggests orphaned posts or those with a few links. Adding links to these suggestions takes a few clicks, so you fix a serious problem quickly and with minimal effort!

Powerful Reporting


Link Whisper provides a clear record of the actions performed whenever you log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. Crawled posts, the number of links found and internal links, orphaned posts, and 404 errors are important aspects highlighted by Link Whisper in your dashboard.

Internal Linking from Sister Websites

This feature is golden if you manage multiple websites. After purchasing a superior tier that includes more licenses, install Link Whispers on your websites, and it will connect them. The plugin will offer link suggestions from the websites connected through Link Whisper, creating a connected network of websites with more chances to rank higher for your keywords.

Google Search Console Integration

Internal linking for the sake of internal linking doesn’t make sense! You need actionable data to make the proper decision. Google Search Console is a huge source of valuable data, and integration with Link Whisper is crucial for webmasters. You get a bird-eye perspective over the organic traffic, keywords that bring the most traffic, and the positions of web pages for particular keywords. 

URL Changer

New websites likely don’t need this feature, but it may be much appreciated for old ones. In the latter instances, a few posts must be updated, and eventually, the URLs should reflect the changes. It requires much time to do it for large and old websites.

URL changer saves time and nerves. Enter the URL you want to be changed, the new URL, and Link Whisper makes the changes in no time.   

You don’t need another plugin to look for broken links because Link Whisper does it with style. Use it confidently, and don’t forget to fix these issues. This plugin is a great idea, as it’s lightweight and replaces another plugin. You can reduce your website file size and improve its loading speed.  

Editable Anchor Texts

It’s quite normal to edit the anchor texts. But this option is worth mentioning if you wonder if it’s possible while Link Whisper does so many things automatically. Rest assured, you have full control over the anchor texts. 

Compatible with The Most Themes and Plugins

Link Whisper doesn’t conflict with your theme or plugins. It works with Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, WooCommerce, and other page builders. You can use your favorite setup and Link Whisper without any problems. 

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that should be on your acquisition list. It’s easy to use, but you need basic SEO knowledge to use it properly. To reap the full benefits of this plugin, you should upgrade to the premium version. The free version offers hints about its potential, but you should upgrade to the premium version for real benefits.

It’s good to know that the links created by Link Whisper remain functional even if you disable or uninstall the plugin. Remember that Link Whisper is a great helper in your quest to reach higher search positions. Still, the plugin doesn’t replace quality content, user experience, and site performance—crucial factors in the search engine algorithms. You should always work hard to ensure the greatest user experience and create SEO-friendly websites. Link Whisper doesn’t replace your work; it just complements your endeavors. This Link Whisper review says – “yes” to the plugin.

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