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Photographers on the WordPress platform need specific themes and plugins. In our Imagely Review, we cover how they can boost sales for your photography business. Selling prints has never been easier! The code SAVE20 can save you 20% right now. If you have been looking for a way to improve your online store, you need to read this Imagely Review right now. We show you both pros and cons of the platform. On top of that, we compare it with Photocrati to see which one is better. Let’s jump right in!

What Is Imagely?

Before starting our Imagely Review, what exactly is it? This doesn’t include just one piece of software. You have themes that are designed for photographers that will make your work look great. On top of that, you also can use a plugin to create a beautiful gallery. Extensions on top of the gallery plugin let you integrate with Adobe, Stripe, and PayPal. If you have been looking for a way to make a living as a photographer, this is the set of tools you have been looking for.

Image Review For 2021

Online commerce shows no signs of slowing down. Photographers will be losing out on a lot of potential profit if they don’t switch over to a model that includes online sales and working with customers in person. Imagely seeks to bridge that gap so that photographers can break into the online world and start making sales right away. Some advantages include:

  • Integrates well with all major payment processors
  • Themes are created specifically for photographers
  • Works well with other software commonly used by photographers

If you feel nervous about experimenting with a new set of software, don’t worry. You might view yourself as a photographer instead of a tech person. That is why they have a great support team. When you pay for the software, they have a whole team to teach you how to use it.

Imagely pro review

Imagely Review Pros

For our Imagely review, let’s get started with what we like about it.

It makes people anxious to try a new piece of software. Will it be difficult to use? What if it breaks something on your current site? Don’t let that stop you here. Imagely provides integration with Adobe, hosts your site, gives you a theme, and makes the gallery for you. They have already thought of everything.

Not many companies are providing this much value specifically for photographers. Around 40% of the Internet is on WordPress. This helps photographers make the jump to WordPress a simple process.

Imagely Review Cons

No review would be complete unless we talked about what could be better. We are realistic here at Superb Themes. What should they be looking to improve?

  • Need to be familiar with WordPress
  • Too many images on the page can slow down your page
  • You may need to download additional plugins to optimize your site

First of all, if you are not familiar with WordPress, it will be a struggle to integrate themes and plugins. WordPress is simple to use, but there will be a learning curve at first.

Next, the gallery makes it easy to bring in beautiful images from many different sources, including Lightroom. However, the sudden influx can slow your load times. This may require that you seek out additional plugins for optimization.

Should You Use Imagely?

Looking at both pros and cons with our review, should you use Imagely? With various online tutorials on YouTube, a growing community of photographers, and themes designed for your profession, you should give it a try. Their guarantee makes it a simple choice.

30-day Guarantee

No one wants to use Imagely if they think they could lose money on poorly written software. So does Imagely offer a money-back guarantee? Of course. If you decide that you don’t need the software or find something better, return it. Everything is done digitally. You will get a full refund for any reason given.

Imagely NextGen Pro Review

When you use NextGen Pro, you get the following:

  • All premium extensions for NextGen Gallery are included
  • Options for online stores and print sales
  • Image protection
  • Sharing on social channels

This is already the most popular gallery out there. With all the extensions included in one, it just got even better. There is a strong community behind the software, and you have many options to share your work on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Now that is a smart solution.

Download this free plugin from if you are curious about the gallery. It was just updated a few weeks ago and had over 700,000 downloads. Any downloads from are going to be safe so that you can use them without any worries.

  • Upload in batches
  • Include metadata quickly
  • Easily track and organize all galleries

Hard to say no to such an awesome plugin that is free of charge. Give it a try and see if you would like the free version.

What Do The Users Think?

An Imagely Review would not be complete without going over what current users think of the product. Overall, customers love it. The free version on has 4.5 stars out of 5 currently. Some of the biggest complaints from users unhappy with the software found it was not compatible with their site. If you speak with their support staff, somebody will be able to help you get it working. It may take a few tweaks on your end.

5-star reviews of Imagely noted that it had worked well for years. It is always getting new updates to make sure that it functions correctly. The gallery feature is easy to understand, and you can adjust the layouts on the fly. Pick from masonry, filmstrip, or mosaic. Many different options can give your site new life.

Imagely Vs. Photocrati

Browsing Imagely, you may come across the term Photocrati. What exactly is this? Which one is better? Should you use Imagely or Photocrati?

Photocrati is a media company that wants to help photographers thrive. This is the company behind all the themes and plugins that you see for WordPress. When you get hosting for your Imagely site, they will be hosting your work on their servers. This is a great way to run things since it puts everything under just one roof.

Photographers have been using Photocrati solutions for years now to make more money online. So don’t worry about choosing between Imagely vs. Photocrati. They are all together, so when you are using Imagely, you are working with Photocrati. They created NextGen Gallery, and they are photographers themselves. This team understands photography!

Imagely pro review prices

Imagely Review Of Pricing

No review would be complete unless we touched on pricing. What can you expect to pay for these various plugins and themes?

The NextGen gallery found on is totally free. Soon they will have a million downloads which show how popular it is. If you are curious about what Imagely offers, this is a good way to see how the software flows. It comes with tons of options such as:

  • Edit thumbnails
  • Group photos together on different criteria
  • Change your gallery layout with just a click of the mouse.

Lifetime Membership – Currently, the price of a lifetime membership is only $280.00. This is much lower than the typical price you would pay of $349.00. Act now, and you can still take advantage of the 20% off deal they are running. This means you can use the software for as long as you would like. There will be no additional fees. You will have support from their team for as long as you would like. Use the software for as many sites as you would like.

The most popular tier is Pro. The cost is going to be $112.00. You can expect to pay this on an annual basis. Obviously, it would be better to own the software outright, but this gives you a good chance to try it out. It includes the following:

  • Use it on 5 sites
  • 19 different theme designs from Imagely
  • 65 Photocrati themes
  • NextGen Pro
  • Compatible with eCommerce from the start

If you need a site quickly, think about choosing this tier. When you break the price down, paying just over a hundred for the year is not much at all monthly. If you don’t like the way the software works, use the 30-day money-back guarantee. You can think of this as your Imagely free trial. Of course, this also functions as a Photocrati free trial as well.

This is really geared toward helping you make more sales online. Everything for online commerce is already built into it. You have simple checkout options and secure backups. You don’t pay any commissions, so more of the money will stay in your pocket. Automated print fulfillment makes it a simple process to keep things going while you are out.

Imagely Review Conclusion

Overall, this is a great set of software that is easy to use. Take advantage of the Imagely free trial as well as the free version on This will give you a great idea of how everything will work with your current WordPress site.

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