Elementor Vs. Visual Composer – This One Is The Best Choice!

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The race is on to find the best visual site builder. It is uncommon to find teams spending hours putting together a site from scratch. In our new age of site creation, people rely on drag and drop builders more and more. They are fast and easy to use. Which one is the best, though? In our article, we are going to go over Elementor vs. Visual Composer. By looking at both advantages and disadvantages, we can help you decide where your money will have the most effective you. Let us get started and look at Elementor vs. Visual Composer.

Elementor pro

Elementor Pros

What can you expect when you try out Elementor? The following are some of the best features that we found.

  • The Theme Builder allows you the ability to tweak and customize all parts of the theme you are working with
  • Forms are a snap to design and also integrate with the overall flow that you have set up.
  • Many different templates exist if you need to get a site up quickly.
  • Great for an agency that needs to put out many sites fast
  • Blocks can be customized and will work well with the new editor that comes with WordPress Core.
  • You will get many widgets and features that can make a site stand out in the sea of other sites.
  • Nice technical support that can help you at all hours of the day

With Elementor, this plugin is good for both the entrepreneur who is going solo and the agency with many employees. For example, say you are a web designer that works on their own. You have a potential client that comes to you, and they are curious about what you can do for their site. Using templates, you can actually present them with a variety of looks. They can then pick from the one that they like the best. You will be able to put together looks so fast, it won’t be a big drain on your time. The client will be impressed with the presentation, which means you could land a big gig or potentially a revenue stream that will keep going.

Elementor Is Great for Agency Use

On the other hand, maybe you are with an agency. Elementor works well in this environment. You have many clients that are all trying to get updates made to their site and new features. If you are looking to add new features to their site, you don’t want to contact the coders that work with your team. At times, it is nice to pull in a widget that can get the job done. Elementor has many of these that will give you the ability to add awesome features. No coding is needed so everybody can make these changes to the site. You are not using an outside plugin either, which means it will integrate well. Plugins from various authors don’t always mesh well with the themes you have already been using.

The Downsides Of Elementor

It would not be fair to only look at things that Elementor does well. We also need to think about where they could do better.

  • Use less bloat
  • Support can be difficult to contact when you use the free version.

The first negative feature is the fact that bloat is added to your site. What exactly does that mean? When you use a page builder, you can slow down the back-end of your site. When you are looking at the page, many things are happening behind the scenes. Lines and code lines are populated as you add a widget here or change to a banner at the top.

Page builders not only can slow down your back-end, but they can also have a bad effect on the front portion of the site as well. Just like a restaurant, you have the front of the house and the back of the house. With a restaurant, the house’s back would be the kitchen where all the food is made. That is the part that the customer rarely sees. The front of the house would be where the diners sit down and where they are served. A site works similarly. You have code working behind the flashy banners and images. This connects you to databases and also logs interactions with the users. Be aware Elementor can slow things down with extra lines of code.

Elementor Support

Support is another thing to think about. A site is not easy to put together. When you use free software, it can be tough to contact people with questions. Elementor has a free version, and you can get answers to questions, but it can be hard. When you come across a problem, the people that paid for the software get priority. Eventually, you will get an answer to your question, but it may take time. That makes sense since they need to service the paying customers first. If you are really struggling, there are many WordPress meetings to attend and forums where people help each other create great-looking sites using Elementor.

Visual composer Vs.

Visual Composer

Why should you use Visual Composer? Here are a few of the ideas that other reviewers have put forward. See if any of these features appeal to you.

  • A large variety of elements to pick from
  • Professional-looking templates
  • Drag and drop feature for quick site-building
  • Simple to use

Like other drag and drop builders, you will get many different template options when you work with Visual Composer. Once again, going back to different demographics will appeal to single users and people working in teams for an agency.

By using the drag and drop features, creative people can get into a flow. If you are an artist, many times, you don’t want to be confronted with code. It cannot be easy to debug your code. Errors may take hours to find. Instead, it helps you get into the flow when you can look at a site and pull in the elements you want. An artist will achieve that state of flow we are all looking for. This is where you lose track of time, and you can create what you see in your head. The drag and drop builder is best for this. You won’t sit there trying to compile code. Instead, all changes happen in real-time.


In terms of negative thoughts about Visual Composer, many of them stem from a comparison to Elementor. Elementor is a more popular plugin. If you talk with people that work with WordPress, they will talk to you for hours about Divi and Elementor. Visual Composer is not on that same tier. In the future, they may gain more market share, but they are not there yet.

That comes with many issues when you are working with software that is not as popular. A good example would be the battle between WordPress and Drupal. Now you may ask, what is Drupal? That is exactly the point. WordPress was easier to use. In turn, more people started to use WordPress in comparison to Drupal. It created a snowball effect. As more people drifted over to WordPress from Drupal, the community for WordPress grew. More people wanted to create plugins that would work with WordPress. Fewer developers wanted to work with the Drupal CMS platform. The community shrank, and you are left with a product that few are using.

Elementor Vs. Visual Composer

The Verdict Elementor Vs. Visual Composer

In comparison between these two products, we would have to go with Elementor. They are similar in many ways, but Elementor takes the lead. With Elementor, you have the free version that you can use. Design full pages and pull in widgets to add slick new features. Once you get good with the free version, the cost of the paid version is low. This is one of the reasons why so many have moved over to Elementor instead of Visual Composer. That transition from the free model to the paid model is straightforward.

By going with Elementor, it will have a large community. There are more people that you can speak with if you run into issues. Even if you are using the free version, you will always reach out to somebody that can help when you run into a wall with your development. If the race between WordPress and Drupal has any relevance here, you will see that the eventual winner will practically take over the market. Future plugins are almost all made for one platform instead of the software moved to the side.

If you want to stay current and have a good future for your site, we recommend Elementor. It appears that the popularity of Elementor will continue for a long time, which means more plugins will be compatible with this system. With technology, you need to back the right horse if you want to succeed in the future. By going with Elementor, the platform has a better chance of surviving many more years. This stops you from having to update to a new platform after some time has passed.

Elementor Vs Visual Composer Conclusion

In conclusion to Elementor vs. Visual Composer, we would say Elementor is the better choice. It has a bigger community and more developers working with the system. In the future, the platform will receive more attention, and that can help boost your productivity. For more reviews and guides, continue to visit Superb Themes for help!

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