10 Best WordPress Themes for Review Websites

Last updated: January 28, 2024

You are immune to rotund marketing messages heavily promoted by brands. Consumers tend to believe the opinion of other consumers more than these promotional messages. That is why the number of review websites has grown exponentially in the last years. These websites pump out plenty of content about the products and services in a particular niche. Content creators and users share their insights about the tools they use in their workflows, and site visitors get a clear idea of a product or a service before purchasing by checking these insights. Then the visitor needs an overview of the best WordPress themes for review websites.

Review Websites is a Possibility

Are you interested in launching a review website? If you are lucky and skilled, you can make serious money with affiliate marketing by being a genuine expert in your industry and writing objective reviews of the products promoted. Start with choosing the perfect theme for your site. Luckily, there are many outstanding solutions, such as the following list containing the best WordPress themes for review websites.


Divi - a great review theme

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about Divi. The theme is showcased in the best WordPress themes for review websites, the best WordPress themes for blogging, best multipurpose themes, etc.

What makes Divi so special? There are many factors, but its versatility certainly plays a capital role. Unlike many other themes praised for packaging endless customization options, Divi is a theme that suits any kind of project. The sky’s the limit with Divi because users have full control over each pixel in the layout.

Divi Stands Out Amongst the Best WordPress Themes for Review Websites

It’s not only the versatility that makes Divi stand out but also the user experience. Everything runs smoothly, and more importantly, users don’t have to write any line of code to personalize their sites. Divi includes a powerful visual editor that enables less tech-savvy users to create complex and modern sites.

Another huge advantage is the number and quality of the layout packs. These packs are complete, ready-made sites that can be tailored to the user’s needs. A couple of layout packs are suitable for review sites. Magazine and Technology News perfectly fit these types of projects. On top of that, many modules are useful for reviewers.

It’s hard (but not impossible) to be disappointed by Divi. However, before purchasing the theme, pay a visit to Divi’s site and test the live demo builder.

  • Strong Points: versatility, enhanced visual editing experience, top-class layout packs
  • Weak Points: overwhelming features, especially for less-trained users


Astra, one of our favourite themes for review websites

Astra is one of Divi’s most-serious competitors. It’s versatile, multipurpose, user-friendly, and includes lots of starter sites. It has a free version available in the WordPress repository and on the Astra website. Users can test their options and use it on unlimited sites. People who want more features can upgrade to the premium version, which will set you back $59 for the lowest-priced plan.

Believe it or not, Astra is not only multipurpose but also one of the fastest themes. The developers used the latest technologies and made Astra load in under 0.5 seconds on a default WordPress installation. Hence, you shouldn’t worry about your site’s speed if you use Astra. Review websites usually include a lot of content, and Astra’s loading speed is crucial in choosing it over other themes.

Strong Points/ Weak Points

Astra comes with many other advantages besides the free version and impressive speed. It’s worth mentioning the myriad of features that allow complete styling. Your site will be unique and in line with your expectations. Of course, you can start creating your site from scratch, but personalizing one of the starter sites saves you time and stress.

  • Strong Points: speed, well-designed starter sites, countless features
  • Weak Points: some users say that customer support falls short


Neve - a great theme for review sites

Bloggers, WordPress experts, and reviewers include Neve alongside Divi and Astra in most theme roundups. We won’t strike a false note because, without a doubt, Neve deserves our attention. The free version is available in the WordPress repository, and hundreds of people have rated it 4.9 stars out of five, which says a lot.

The quality code, in addition to a few innovations, makes Neve a lightweight and fast-loading theme. Nowadays, speed matters a lot, and search engines favor fast-loading sites. Make sure your theme is speed-optimized to be in the good graces of search engine spiders and avoid losing visitors.

Customization Options

Besides speed, Neve impresses with the set of customization options. For example, the drag-and-drop system for customizing the header and footer is innovative. It reduces friction, and users can personalize both the header and footer in no time. Neve also packages plenty of content editing options to have everything you need to create a reputable review site. Slider, Service, Section, and Testimonial are just a few Gutenberg modules included in Neve Pro that help reviewers spice up their content. Neve is compatible with all major page builders, and the pro version includes a few Elementor modules, such as Review Box, which is golden for reviews.

Overall, Neve is a fantastic theme suitable for a large variety of projects. It works especially well for review sites due to the impressive content editing options.

  • Strong Points: speed, many content editing possibilities
  •  Weak Points: none

Publishable Mag

Publishable mag - recommended for review websites

Publishable Mag is one of our themes, and we put a lot of thought into designing it. We are aware the blogs, magazine news, and review sites have plenty of content. Video content stops people from getting bored, so you have to add videos to your reviews. Under these circumstances, a fast-loading site centered on the users’ needs is mandatory. Publishable Mag fits perfectly in this context. It’s fast-loading and crafted specifically to help the readers better digest the content. We considered a classic design the best approach in this instance.

Of course, we love our work, and we can’t deny our bias. Check out the Publishable Mag demo and let us know your impression. Optionally, download the lite version and test its features. It lacks a few important features, but you can get a clear idea of what you can achieve with Publishable Mag.


We recommend Griddist for review websites

If you don’t like the conventional Publishable Mag approach, Griddist is a serious alternative. It’s also a fast-loading theme developed by respecting the highest coding standards. We built this theme for content creators who want to go for a modern and fresh approach. It works well for reviews; the home page features tons of blog posts, and the subtle vertical menu lets readers select the desired type of content.

Other top Griddist advantages are the ease of use, compatibility with Elementor, and ability to change the color of every pixel of the layout. Check out the Griddist lite version before upgrading to the pro version.

Vidiho Pro

Vidiho Pro

CSS Igniter released Vidiho Pro, so you can rest assured that the theme is bug-free, well-designed, and full of useful features. Use this theme if your review strategy focuses on videos. Adding videos has never been easier than it is with Vidiho Pro.

The modern design makes this theme suitable for reviewing gadgets, wearables, and other technology products and services. The rich set of features allows webmasters to add their personal touch to the layout design. It’s translation-ready, optimized for search engines, compatible with all page builders, and comes with custom modules for Elementor.

  • Strong Points: cool design, affordable prices
  • Weak Points: We previously wrote a complete review of CSSIgniter, and we could hardly identify a small inconvenience. The theme is fast, but there is room for improvement to make it even faster


Elegant is a great review theme

Elegant is the proper theme for reviewing books, cultural events, plays, poems, and everything else related to culture and the arts. It impresses with rich white space, an approach that helps readers focus on content. Next, the elegant typography limits the readers’ eye strain. You have full control over the blog section and the layout of blog posts. Indeed, you can change each element of the layout, but it would be a bad decision to alter this theme’s elegant style.

You don’t need coding skills. The drag-and-drop page builder does the leg work for you. Inserting banners into your site is also simple, even for less tech-savvy people. Elegant is compatible with WPML and WooCommerce plugins, so you can translate your reviews or start an online store.

  • Strong Points: elegant and clutter-free design, a good set of customization options
  • Weak Points: a few users have complained about the support quality


Digiqole from Themeforest

Digiqole works for magazine news, blogs, and reviews sites. It’s a theme that makes a strong impact with its versatility, modern design, and features to style the content. Unyson Framework is at the base of the theme, so Digiqole loads fast and is a search engine–friendly. It includes 12 home variations, nine header types, six blog posts format, and 20 Elementor blocks.

The theme is compatible with Gutenberg and Elementor. Overall, Digiqole is a theme you should consider for your next review site.

  • Strong Points: reasonable pricing, Elementor blocks
  • Weak Points: no information about the theme performance provided by theme developers

Trip Tip

Triptrip from Themeforest

This theme is suitable for directories, job boards, and travel projects. Trip Tip has everything you need to write reviews of venues, hotels, tourist traps, cool places, etc. The search form on the home page isn’t typical for a review site, but you can use it to your advantage. Write reviews, insert your affiliate links within the reviews, and ensure that the search form and filtering system drive readers to them.

The theme is responsive, retina-ready, and easy to customize. Go check out the live preview to see Trip Tip in action.

  • Strong Points: modern design, cool animations, and transition effects
  • Weak Points: no information about the theme performance provided by theme developers


NEOtech is a WordPress theme for review websites, it's available on Themeforest.com

The last theme on our best WordPress themes for review Websites is Neotech. The theme’s name says a lot about its purpose: showcasing gadgets, devices, and everything about the latest technologies. People are looking for tech reviews, which means that you can profit from this niche, and Neotech may be the foundation of your online business.

Neotech’s design is in line with its name. It’s modern and centered on facilitating good user experience. Technology lovers will appreciate the huge amount of content, while the layout isn’t cluttered. On top of that, Neotech is SEO-friendly and considerably streamlines your work of getting the site on the first page for the desired keywords.

  • Strong Points: modern design
  • Weak Points: no information about the theme performance provided by theme developers

Over to You

What do you think about these themes? Do you have a favorite? Have you ever used any of the above themes? We want to know your thoughts, so leave a comment with your favorite theme.

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