Best WordPress Themes for Clan & Guild Websites

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Gaming has never been more popular than it is currently, in 2024 computer game sales broke all records exceeding $43.4 billion. The most popular games are social, take for example World Of Warcraft, Dota, League of Legends, they are all multiplayer games. Players group up in clans & guilds, which is awesome!

When it comes to having a guild/clan website, the primary goal is often to share information of some sort. For example having an event calendar you can use to plan raids, or having a forum so all of you can communicate together easily. Anyways, we have looked through 100 most popular themes & picked out the best ones for clan & guild websites.

Creativity Hub

In the realm of Best WordPress Themes for Clan & Guild Websites, Creativity Hub emerges as a frontrunner, offering a sophisticated platform for clans, guilds, and gaming communities. Its clean, modern aesthetic is a perfect backdrop for showcasing clan achievements, member profiles, and community news. SEO optimization is key, ensuring your clan’s victories and updates climb the search engine ranks, connecting you with a broader gaming audience. The theme’s adaptability with renowned page builders empowers you to craft a website that mirrors the unique ethos of your guild or clan. Integration with WooCommerce paves the way for community merchandising, while its responsive design ensures your site is accessible on any device. Creativity Hub is the cornerstone for building a vibrant, engaging online hub for your gaming community, combining elegance with functionality.

Divi WordPress theme for clan & guild websites

Divi WordPress Theme

Divi is the most popular multi-purpose theme in the world. They have more than 500.000 active subscriptions, which results in millions of websites using their theme and page builder. Divi is good for any sort of purpose. Divi comes with a calendar you can use to plan raids or practice time. It has hundreds of features and modules, so you can build pretty much anything you need. They also have amazing support in case you are struggling with setting up the theme.

Astra WordPress theme for clan & guild websites


Astra is one of the fastest growing themes in the world, it went from 0 to 1 million users in just a few years. It’s very rare that themes become popular that quickly and out of nowhere. The reason why is most likely that Astra is compatible with almost every popular plugin available, including all forum & calendar plugins etc. It comes with a bunch of pre-built websites you can import with one click, so you don’t need any technical or design skills to create an awesome functional website. Astra has a free & premium version.

Hestia WordPress theme for clan & guild websites


Hestia is a beautiful theme. It comes with a bunch of pre-built websites you can import and change as you want. It’s SEO friendly, translation ready, lightweight and compatible with all page builders. There’s video documentation for pretty much everything, that’s unique for a free WordPress theme. The theme is developed by Theme Isle which is one of the most popular theme developer companies. If you want a free theme that works for every niche, then Hestia is a great choice.

Creativeily WordPress theme for clan & guild websites


Creativeily is a great multi-purpose theme, it can be used for most types of websites, gaming is one of them. The theme is fully responsive & works on all devices. It’s great if you want to share information with your clan/guild, set up a forum or plan play time. Finding a free theme that allows you to set up your site easily while it still looks great can be extremely difficult. Creativeily is one of the easier ways to set up a nice gaming site, it looks like the screenshot out-of-box and requires no technical knowledge to step up.

Neve WordPress theme for clan & guild websites


Neve is an amazing multi-purpose theme for WordPress, it comes with a ton of one-click demos you can import so you start out with a pre-built website. It’s focused around being easy to set up which you’ll notice fast in the backend, it’s custom designed so everybody can set it up easily – no matter age or technical skills. It’s translatable, updated often and of course responsive. It’s compatible with every popular WordPress plugin. If you manage to find a plugin it’s not compatible with, then no worries, they accept feature requests and implement plugins within a few days. Remember to grab a coupon code

Marketingly WordPress theme for clan & guild websites


While Marketingly is primarily made for marketing purposes it brings a lot of features to create an amazing landing page for your gaming website. We have chosen to recommend it anyway since forum, calendar and other important plugins are integrated into the theme. The theme is focused around being an affiliate theme as well, so if you want to insert ads or something else and earn a few bucks while creating your website then this theme is perfect for you. The theme is free & comes with lots of features.

Youplay WordPress theme for clan & guild websites


YouPlay is a classic gaming theme, it works with the same plugins as all other themes on the list: BBpress forums, BuddyPress, Woocommerce and popular page builder plugins. It’s a premium theme that costs $59, it comes with more than 200 features and one-click demo import, so you don’t need to spend time on building your own design. If you have a decent budget to create your website, then we recommend that you take a look at this theme.

One Pageily WordPress theme for clan & guild websites

One Pageily

One Pageily is a classic WordPress theme, it was originally made for one-page websites but the developers ended up making it into a multi functional theme that works for any kind of website. It’s a perfect gaming website since it lets you create the layout easily. As soon as you install it you’ll notice that your site looks exactly like the demo. All you need to do is customize colors and content, easy! It’s a beautiful and user-friendly theme. It’s responsive and SEO optimized as well.

Godlike WordPress theme for clan & guild websites


Godlike is a WordPress theme with focus on its design and atmosphere. It comes with one-click demo import, page builder integration and a bunch of great plugins such as BBPress, BuddyPress, Revolution Slider and much more. The design looks like lots of MMO games, which is great but also limits the theme to certain types of games. It’s a great choice overall if you enjoy that type of design. The theme is in the normal price range for Themeforest which is $69.

Gutenshop WordPress theme for clan & guild websites


Gutenshop is a WordPress theme that was originally made for eCommerce businesses, luckily that’s not the case anymore. The theme became popular quickly, so the developer chose to make it a multi-purpose theme. All popular plugins work in it, it’s also SEO optimized and responsive. The theme is based on the WordPress 5.0+ editor called Gutenberg, so it uses no external scripts, which makes this theme load incredibly fast. It’s a great choice if you care about page speed and SEO.

PlayerX WordPress theme for clan & guild websites


PlayerX is a unique theme in many ways, it’s one of the only themes with lots of pre-built websites you can import. It’s made for eSport and game creator websites, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work perfectly as a guild/clan website. The theme has hundreds of options integrated into it, so you can tweak the design to match your needs. The only downside about this theme is that it doesn’t have forum integration, that’s a bit of a downside if you want a community going on your website. It works great as a display theme though, if you want to be visible to the public or use it to accept applications for example. It’s a perfect pick if you want to display lots of gaming information through a blog where you post about tournaments and much more. It shines through that it’s made for companies and not for small guilds and clans, that’s why we put it in the bottom. Overall there are not that many themes targeted only clan/guilds, therefore it makes sense to use one of the multi-purpose themes we display throughout this list.

Free themes for clan and guild websites

Finding free themes can be difficult, even now when there are thousands of free WordPress themes. The demand for WordPress software such as themes & plugins have never been higher. That’s not necessarily a good thing, it means that more than ever are releasing WordPress themes, sadly 90% of them are extremely poor quality, since they are made by beginners.

They will often lack SEO optimization, page speed, responsiveness and much more. It’s important to use a trusted theme developer company, and not just pick the first and prettiest one you see. The good news is that there are lots of good theme developers out there, such as ElegantThemes, Astra, and us!

If you’re ambitious about your website then we recommend that you check out the premium themes too. The main difference between free and paid themes is that developers can spend 8 hours a day on updating premium versions of themes. The free versions are often used as learning projects or made for fun, so they eventually stop getting updated, beside that they often lack security, SEO optimization and features.

Whether a free or premium theme is right for you is entirely dependent on how ambitious you are about your project. Most free themes will work perfectly well if you don’t have any special requirements. Therefore we recommend that you take a look at some of the free themes, before you purchase a premium one.

Themes for a gaming community

There are more gaming communities than ever. Most popular games are team based now, making the social aspect is an important part of a game being fun. There are of course games too that cut it out, especially mobile games, but we are not going to talk about those in this article.

We have tested all the themes we list throughout to make sure that they have enough features to work for gaming communities, and we can certainly say that they do – even the free ones.

WordPress Gaming Group Themes With Forum Integration

Having a forum where members of your gaming group, clan or guild can talk is an important feature. It’s a great way to communicate and keep up the team spirit. All of the themes we recommend are fully compatible with WordPress forum plugins such as BBpress & others. What we experienced quickly is that it’s hard to find free WordPress themes that are compatible with that kind of plugins.

After a long search we did manage to find both free and paid themes that are compatible with forum & calendar plugins as well as other critical features.

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