Best Social Media Share & Follow Buttons Plugins for WordPress

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Having social share & follow buttons is great for numerous reasons. It’s an easy way to increase traffic, sharing on popular social media as Facebook & Twitter have never been more common than now. It can increase your SEO, give you a great way to engage with your audience, and much more. 

The issue is that there are more than hundreds of social media plugins available, so finding the best ones is hard. We have done the work for you, we have tested the 35 most popular social media follow & share button plugins and listed the best ones.

social media follow buttons

Superb Social Media Share & Follow Buttons 

These social media shares and follow buttons can function well with affiliated plugins like the Beaver Builder, Elementor, Page Builder, WooCommerce, and Easy Digital Downloads. Since the visitors or the viewers on the content can come from any given social platform, it is essential to ensure that all valid options are given. The social media share buttons that are available include buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin, Flickr, Github, Snapchat, Tumblr, Vimeo, Foursquare, Behance, Medium, Reddit, and Twitch. They can allow the sharing of content that is in any form or medium. There are buttons available for sharing the content through email as well. Any of these options for buttons can be chosen willingly to increase traffic on any particular blog or website. 

some share & follow buttons

Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons

These Social Media sharing icons come with several different options from which one can easily choose. People can easily pick about sixteen different designs for the social buttons on display too. Apart from that, you can also give several actions to one social media share icon on the blog page. It can also be an animation or a sound to make the visitors more aware of the social media button on the page 

This icon can also be added in the form of a floating or a sticky icon where it clings to its place on the screen even when the viewers scroll around the page. Another feature allows visitors to subscribe to the blog by email. The social media buttons can also pop up, or you can activate the feature that asks people to follow or share via the social media icons.  These social media icons allow you to select from many available customization features.

social media share buttons

The AddToAny share buttons

AddToAny is one of the most popular universal sharing buttons that help visitors to share the content of the website or the blog on social apps as well. They include Whatsapp, Reddit, and WeChat, etc. These share buttons for WordPress come in several different designs for you to choose from. One of the options is the Standard share button which will help the visitors to share each piece of your content. Another type is the floating share button that is responsive and customizable as well. The following buttons can also be used to create links with social media platforms. Apart from that, some buttons allow visitors to share the images from the content. But, the buttons that appear as Vectors are custom SVG icons.

Apart from the official sharing buttons, there is also a custom sharing button that can be your button. Universal email sharing is also allowed, which makes it easy to share content via many web or native mailing apps. The popular ones include Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook or Hotmail, and AOL Mail.

Best social media plugin for floating sidebar

There are several amazing social media plugins for floating sidebars, but there are a few that particularly stand out from the rest due to their quality. The floating sidebar can easily cling to its place on the screen even as the visitor keeps scrolling up and down on the page. This will help you to ensure that the site visitor can always notice the follow and sharing options/buttons that you have provided for them on the screen. The floating bars can either be seen as the vertical bars or the horizontal share bars. You can also put a shortcode or widget within the layout of the blog/website theme. Together, all of these play an important role in ensuring a visitor’s attention remains on the share icon. This will effectively help in pushing the content forward on WordPress.

The best free social media plugin for WordPress

Many people consider the AddToAny plugin an important feature for blogs since it is now optimized for WordPress. It can easily load asynchronously, so the content always loads before the AddToAny plugin or in parallel with it. It can also support the theme features such as HTML5, widgets, infinite scroll, or post formats as well. 

SoMe Share & Follow Buttons

To make the sharing of content quick and easy, add a social media button! With over 25+ Social networks and about 50+ options for sharing, there are the Shortcodes, Floating Sidebar, and much more!

Whether you are a content writer, a content publisher or a person just like any of us, you can easily increase the traffic to your website through the lightweight and responsive social media buttons. The GDPR compliant social media buttons can allow the followers to share the content and follow the producers of their favorite content on WordPress. You can gain new followers and share the messages posted. The plugins are easily compatible with the cache plugin, and they also work well with the most common eCommerce pages. They also work well with page builders as well.

Benefits of AddToAny plugin

Apart from that, users can benefit from this plugin since it also supports WooCommerce, multilingual sites, multisite networks, and accessibility standards as well. The most important thing is that all these features can be availed for free. AddToAny does not come with any cost since it doesn’t require any signup, login, or accounts to manage.

Social media buttons with shortcodes

Social media for WordPress can also have shortcodes. A shortcode is a specific code for WordPress that lets you do several different things with minimal effort involved in the blog. They can embed files or create objects that would usually require lots of complicated code in one line. This is useful in making the job easier when it comes to displaying social media buttons.

Social share buttons for WordPress

Social share buttons for WordPress

One of the major reasons why the social media share buttons and the following icons are used is because they are easily spotted on the content page. They are quickly identifiable for viewers and clients since you can easily insert them in the widget or the Gutenberg blocks. On WordPress, a Gutenberg block allows you to add a specific type of content into your post and then edit the block independently without affecting the other blocks. With a click and drag of a mouse, you can reorganize the content.

Social follow buttons for WordPress

These buttons are available to use on the blog or websites for anyone who needs them. They play a significant role in reminding the visitors that if they are appreciating the content being viewed, they can always find more by following the Social buttons for following. By following on the social platforms, those people would also be reminded when new content is posted. You can use these buttons anywhere on the WordPress page, and some people use them so frequently that they are able to amass a significant social media following.

Social Share buttons and SEO optimization

The social share buttons are enhanced for SEO optimization which makes them lightweight. The slick appearance gives a higher conversion rate with the buttons showing up automatically with the floating sidebars on every post or page.

Getting Started With A Social Media Plugin Easily

When considering the plugins for social media, they are also very easy to use as well. This is because they can take you through all the steps that you need for your website or blog. The following steps are the basic outline of how one can be guided. 

  • Step one is to choose which of the social media icons you need to display on a particular page or post. 
  • Step two is all about defining the actions you want your social media icons to perform since this will be required before further installation takes place. 
  • After that, step three is when you are required to pick the design and animation for your social media icon since this may also include how you want the icon to pop into view. 
  • Step four is optional since you don’t need to add counts to your social media icons.
  • In step five, you can decide whether you want your social media icons to float or not. 
  • In step six, you can also add a sharing/linking icon next to each blog post on WordPress. 
  • Step seven is all about a pop-up, asking people to follow or share.
  • Step eight has an option for the subscription form on the site. 

Wide support provided by Social Share buttons 

The sharing buttons are so popular these days that almost every other content creator has to use them on his website or blog. Those icons or buttons often have over ten years of development and ten million downloads as well. Since the support of the community for them is so vast, those icons have also been translated into dozens of languages so different people can benefit from them.

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