The Best Gaming Themes for WordPress 2024

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If you’re about to build a gaming website, then you have most likely noticed that there are thousands of free & premium WordPress themes available. If you aren’t a developer or have lots of experience with WordPress then it can feel extremely overwhelming, and be difficult to find the right theme. But don’t worry, we have done the work for you. We have looked through more than 100 of the most used themes to create this list.

We list the best free and premium WordPress themes for gaming websites. All of them are responsive, SEO optimized, and lightweight. They all work with essential plugins such as forum and calendar plugins.

Creativity Hub

Creativity Hub steps into the spotlight within The Best Gaming Themes for WordPress, offering a sleek, modern stage for gaming bloggers, reviewers, and enthusiasts. Its elegant, minimalist design focuses on showcasing gaming content, from detailed reviews to immersive walkthroughs, ensuring your audience stays engaged. SEO optimization ensures your gaming site ranks high in search results, vital for reaching a wider audience. Creativity Hub’s compatibility with top page builders like Elementor and Divi Builder allows for personalized gaming sites, reflecting the unique spirit of each game or community. With WooCommerce support, turning your passion into profit through gaming merch or digital products becomes a reality. Its responsive, mobile-friendly nature guarantees a seamless experience across devices, crucial for the gaming community’s diverse browsing habits.

Divi WordPress Theme


Divi is currently the most used theme and page builder in the world. It comes with a complete WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get), so you don’t need any technical knowledge or experience to create your website. Beside being popular and feature rich Divi also comes with a bunch of pre-built websites you can import and continue on, that way you can get started in a matter of seconds. They provide all users with a bunch of video tutorials and step by step guides.

Magazinely WordPress Theme


At first glance it might be hard to imagine how this theme works as a gaming theme, but once you read about its features and see the design, then it’ll make sense. The theme is a minimal black & white theme that allows you to display blog posts and content in awesome ways. Forum and calendar plugins are well integrated so you can transfer this nice free theme into an awesome gaming site. You can customize most colors, layout and more.

Astra WordPress Theme


Astra is one of the most advanced free themes available. It comes with color & layout customization, head options, full color control and much more. It loads in less than 0.5 second and looks beautiful on mobile devices. Beside that Astra has a bunch of pre-built websites you can import with 1 click. It works with all popular plugins, has eCommerce integration and much more.

LightBlogify WordPress Theme


Lightblogify is a modern theme made for most purposes. It’s very user friendly, it looks like the screenshot as soon as you install it, even the header image is included in the theme. If you’re looking to make a quick website and don’t want to spend too much time on it, then this is a great pick. Simply install it, install BBpress WordPress plugin and you’re good to go, there is no customization needed really. Light Blogify is free, responsive and loads fast.

Neve WordPress Theme


Neve is a free multi-purpose WordPress theme made by one of the most popular theme companies, Theme Isle. It works with every popular page builder available, is fully translatable & AMP-ready. It’s compatible with most WordPress plugins and has an awesome design. It comes with a bunch of starter sites you can import easily. Neve is a great pick for pretty much all kinds of websites. It is a great theme for advanced users.

Griddist WordPress Theme


Griddist is a beautiful theme. At first glance it might seem like a theme for bloggers, but it isn’t. It’s compatible with all popular page builders, forum plugins and event calendars. The page navigation happens in a sidebar, it has an awesome design for gaming websites, especially if you modify the colors to a darker theme. The theme comes with lots of customization options, a responsive design and lightweight code.

Hestia WordPress Theme


Hestia is one of the most used free themes in the world. It has a brilliant material design, but the layout can be modified to your needs. You can literally change all colors and the entire layout, so you get exactly the theme you need. It works with all popular page builder plugins, so you can create any kind of content. It has a bunch of pre-built websites you can import and start out with. It’s a great theme, especially for beginners.

PlayerX WordPress Theme


PlayerX is a premium WordPress theme made for gaming. It’s sold on Themeforest for $69. It comes with one-click demo import, lots of customization and social media integration. The design and customization options are slightly more locked than other themes on our list. If you like the default design of the theme, then we recommend it. If you have big ambitions for your website, we recommend that you go with a theme like Divi or Astra.

Youplay WordPress Theme


YouPlay is a premium theme made for gamers and communities like all other showcased themes. It’s responsive and has a one-click demo import to get you started. It’s built with Bootstrap and comes with a great amount of features. It supports popular plugins such as BuddyPress, WPBakery Page Builder and Revolution Slider. It’s a great theme, we recommend it for advanced users who are looking to build a gaming website, since it can be a grind getting started with.

CreativeilyWordPress Theme


Creativeily stands out as an exquisite, versatile WordPress theme designed to cater to a wide array of needs. It shines as an ideal choice for individuals seeking to swiftly and effortlessly establish an online presence, thanks to its exceptional user-friendliness. Engineered with SEO optimization, responsiveness, and comprehensive translation capabilities, including RTL support, Creativeily ensures your site performs splendidly across diverse platforms and audiences. It comes highly recommended for crafting engaging websites focused on gaming communities, clans, or the latest in gaming news, offering a blend of style and functionality tailored to elevate your digital space.

Godlike WordPress Theme


If you’re looking for a theme with a MMO atmospheric design, then this theme is a perfect choice. If you are a game developer who needs a website for his game then this one is definitely worth it. Godlike has a one-click demo import, fullscreen menu and 290 other options. BuddyPress and BBpress are fully integrated in the theme, so you can create a community about your game. Godlike WordPress theme costs $59 which includes 6 months support, free future updates and bug fixes.

Best premium gaming themes

The web is full of paid themes, they’re often called premium or paid themes. The best thing about them is that the developers who create them get money for developing them. That results in them often having way more features, and plugins integrated and being better overall than free themes. The bad part about paid themes is that they cost money. If you’re ambitious about your website and have high standards then we recommend that you purchase a premium theme.

We have looked through Themeforest,, and the most popular theme developers to create our list of the best premium gaming themes for WordPress. We of course have not tested every theme available, but we have tested over a hundred themes in total to create our lists of themes for different niches.

Responsive gaming themes

Having a responsive website won’t stop being important, the percentage of people who visit websites from tablets and phones is increasing every year. In 2024 most websites experience more visitors from phones than desktop devices than the traditional gaming laptop. Using a responsive theme is not only important for your visitors anymore, Google announced in 2021 that they’ll start prioritizing websites that are responsive over those that aren’t on their mobile search results. In short, that means if your website isn’t responsive you’ll hardly get any visitors from phones and tablets.

All themes in our lists are fully responsive, they have been tested on all mobile devices and screen sizes. We have tested it carefully since we believe that responsiveness is one of the most important factors for a theme.

Best free WordPress themes for gaming websites

There are thousands of free WordPress themes made by independent developers and companies. The best part of free themes is, well, they’re free! The bad part is that they often lack features, plugin compatibility, and updates. The free themes are often made as part of a marketing strategy or learning project. That means they eventually stop getting updated, which results in your website slowly decaying, that sucks! That being said, there are a lot of amazing free themes that do get updated.

We have spent a large number of hours, finding the best free WordPress themes for gaming websites. All of the free themes mentioned in this list are made by popular WordPress companies such as Theme Isle. We encourage you to go through the list and choose carefully.

Gaming themes with forum & calendar integration

Having a forum and calendar is an important part of most gaming websites. At least if you plan on using your website for a gaming community, where you do in-game events, let’s say that you play World of Warcraft, LoL, Dota, Fortnite, or another team game. Then it’s important to have a calendar so you can plan when to play and have a forum for social activity. Nothing is better for getting a good group mentality than talking together on a daily basis, sharing funny links, stories, and whatnot.

We’ve made sure that all of the themes shown in this article are compatible with BBpress and other popular forum plugins. Besides that, they all work with popular event calendars. All of them come with a blog as well, so you can share news and stories with your visitors. We believe its essential features cannot be left out for gaming websites.

Themes made for Fortnite, Counterstrike, Fifa, Minecraft, and Overwatch community and news websites

All of the themes we showcase throughout the article work great if you want to create a news or community site for the currently most popular games. We have tested that all designs can be tweaked to look like the design from the following games:

  • Dota
  • League of Legends (LOL)
  • Fortnite
  • Counter-Strike
  • Hearthstone
  • Player Unknown
  • World of Warcraft
  • Fifa
  • Apex Legends
  • Minecraft
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League
  • Stardew Valley
  • Total Warhammer
  • Diablo

If there’s any other game style you want us to confirm whether or not the themes can be modified into matching, then please send us an email and we’ll get to it. We do our best to provide honest lists of the best WordPress themes for different purposes.

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