Best Free WordPress Themes For AdSense 2024

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Ever since Google launched AdSense, its popularity has increased. Creating a website where you earn money on AdSense sounds simple, but it does indeed require a lot of work and SEO optimization. One important thing in this matter we will update you in the Best Free WordPress Themes For AdSense.

We have looked at hundreds of free WordPress themes and judged them by the following parameters: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Load time (Page speed), Ad Space (widgets where it makes sense to put ads), customization options, and lastly, design quality. Design can be hard to judge because everyone has different preferences. We will be listing mainly blogging and magazine themes and a few business designs, in case that fits your niche better. It’s important to note that all of these themes are free; we are not affiliated with any theme creators besides ourselves; of course, SuperbThemes

The Absolute Best WordPress themes for AdSense

Writers Haven

SEO optimization is at the heart of Writers Haven, promising not just visibility but also speed. Compatibility with leading page builders like Elementor and Gutenberg guarantees customization is a breeze, allowing your creative vision to come to life effortlessly. For those looking to monetize, Writers Haven offers robust AdSense integration and versatile ad placement options, ensuring your monetization efforts blend seamlessly with your content. The theme’s WooCommerce support opens the door to e-commerce possibilities, making it a versatile choice for various online ventures.


AdSense and affiliate marketing are a breeze with Minimalistix, thanks to its smooth integration allowing for easy ad placements. Whether you’re into food, fashion, or any creative niche, its minimalist design ensures your content shines without distractions. Its responsive layout promises a flawless display on all devices, enhancing your audience’s browsing experience. For those venturing into e-commerce, WooCommerce compatibility opens up endless possibilities. From blogs to business websites, Minimalistix offers the flexibility and features needed to stand out and monetize effectively.


Sonoran is the go-to theme for travel and lifestyle bloggers aiming to monetize with AdSense in 2024. It’s a minimalist haven, optimized for speed and SEO, ensuring your content loads swiftly and ranks well. With support for major page builders like Elementor and Gutenberg, crafting your site is a breeze. Sonoran is not just about looks; it’s AdSense and affiliate-ready, making it perfect for those looking to earn through ads and affiliate links. Its responsive design guarantees a seamless experience on any device, enhancing user engagement. Whether you’re showcasing breathtaking travel stories or fashion insights, Sonoran’s versatility and ease of use make it an outstanding choice for creators looking to impress and monetize.

Astra WordPress Theme


Astra is an amazing freemium theme; it receives updates weekly from its developers and is used by more than half a million websites. It’s easy to customize; you need no WordPress or technical knowledge to get started with it. Astra WordPress theme comes with video tutorials and step-by-step guides. Its primary focus is speed; on a good host, you can make your website load in less than 0.2 seconds with Astra; it’s as lightweight as a theme gets.

Minimalist Newspaper

This theme is designed for you who are aiming to create a website with a lot of content. The theme is light and elegant. It is code optimized which makes it able to have a lot of free space that you can use for ads and other heavy-load items such as videos, pictures, and other media. With this special space for ads, you can buy them wherever you want to. They can go in the header, side, button, and any other position that you have in mind. To beat your competitors with a lot of excellent quality content, you need a theme that allows you to do so. Look no further. Your answer is right here in front of you.

Minimalist Writer

The ideal WordPress theme for blogs and newspapers. The minimalistic designs allow you to get started already from day one. Minimalist Writer theme is modern, fast, and SEO optimized. With the incredible new features and opportunities for advertisements. The sidebar is highly customizable so you can get the exact design that you have in mind. This theme is easy and fast to download and install. With a minimum amount of time, you will find yourself ready to make an outstanding website for your blog or newspaper.

Petite Stories

Standing out is a critical point to be able to check off as an influencer if you are aiming to establish a career out of it. This theme is elegant and minimalistic which makes it highly convenient for bloggers and influencers. Creating ads with Google AdSense is also possible with this agile theme, and you can build an online shop as well. As a beginner, this theme is suited for you to start as fast as possible. Petite Stories allows you to have your social media linked directly in the header which makes it essential if you are a blogger or an influencer. The technology behind this theme makes it possible to fully use all sorts of plugins such as Elementor, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, and much more. Petite Stories is fully GDPR compliant.

Neve WordPress Theme


Neve is a great free theme overall; it’s SEO optimized, responsive, lightweight, and looks amazing. It comes with pre-built website designs you can import through a plugin. You don’t need to fear that the theme will stop being updated someday since it’s made by Theme Isle, which is one of the biggest theme & plugin development companies. Every popular plugin is integrated, including all page builders available on the market.

Superb eCommerce

Get ready for the ultimate choice of WordPress themes for any online shop. World-changing plugins such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads are deeply integrated into Superb eCommerce themes. Superb eCommerce is compliant with all sorts of page builders, widgets, and blocks. As an online shop, it is important with a strong SEO profile. With this theme, you will be fully SEO optimized in relation to page speed, code, and load speed. Superb eCommerce is a true multipurpose theme that is ready to take on any online business that you can even imagine.

Best WordPress Magazine Themes for AdSense

Griddist WordPress Theme


Griddist is a perfect WordPress theme for affiliate websites with lots of articles. The theme makes it easy to have a beautiful article overview. The theme comes with lots of features, so you can customize the design and make it your own. It’s, of course, an SEO-optimized and fully responsive theme. Last but not least, it works perfectly with Adsense and other affiliate programs.

Hestia WordPress Theme


If you want to expand your affiliate website someday with an eCommerce store or make it into a company website, Hestia is a great pick. Hestia is responsive, lightweight, and SEO-optimized, like all other themes on our list. It comes with many starter sites you can import easily, so you have a pre-built website you can continue. It’s a great theme, especially for starters.



Bloggist is a minimal and search engine optimized (SEO) responsive blog theme. It’s easy to set up & looks exactly like the screenshot when you install it. The code & design is great, so is the page speed – we recommend this theme for people looking for a clean blog design, especially beginners since it’s straightforward to set up.

ColorMag WordPress Theme


ColorMag is a popular old WordPress theme. The theme has a nice page speed and great SEO optimization. The thing about this theme that makes it unique for AdSense websites is its space for advertisement and features. The theme is advanced and has a ton of features, so you can spend hours creating a website that’s perfect for you.

Envo Magazine WordPress Theme

Envo Magazine

Envo Magazine is a magazine WordPress theme with an advanced design. The best part is that it’s SEO optimized and has a fast loading time, so it’ll give you a good opportunity to rank well in search engines if you optimize it correctly. It also has a big amount of advertisement space, there is almost too much of it, so you can go nuts with filling your website with ads!

Newspaperly WordPress Theme


NewsPaperly is a free magazine WordPress theme created for news websites. It’s SEO optimized and has a fast page speed together with a great amount of space for advertisement. The design is simple and allows your images to dominate and have attention. The theme doesn’t require much customization; it looks great out of the box.

xMag WordPress Theme


xMag WordPress Theme is a minimalist magazine WordPress theme – It has a ton of features to customize most things, which is the best part about the theme. It has space for advertisements in the sidebar and footer. The SEO is optimized nicely. You can make your website exactly how you want it which is unique for a free theme.

Best WordPress Blogging Themes for AdSense

MinimalistBlogger WordPress Theme


MinimalistBlogger is a minimalist blogging theme, as the name indicates. It shows its strength in three different areas. First of all, it is SEO optimized. Secondly, it has a great load of time. The third area where it’s useful for AdSense purposes is that it has many widget areas where you can put your ads. The theme has more than 7 widget areas split out in the top, bottom, and side.

Type WordPress Theme


Type is an advanced WordPress webshop, business, and blogging theme. It has a lot of customization options, great SEO, and a great loading time. The best part of this theme is the customization options; there are many of them, so you can spend hours on personalizing your website. Types demo shows how amazing the result can look.

PersonalBlogily WordPress Theme


PersonalBlogily is designed as a trustworthy personal blog. The page speed is great. It’s SEO optimized and has a decent amount of widget areas. It has a ton of customization so that you can personalize the theme. The best part is the customization and load time; it loads very quickly.

Oblique WordPress Theme


Oblique has a unique, beautiful blog design. It has many great features, so you can customize the theme and give it your own personal touch. The SEO is fully optimized, and the page speed is great. It only has one widget area, which is a sidebar.

Best WordPress Business Themes for AdSense

OceanWP WordPress Theme


OceanWP is a beautiful SEO-optimized and feature-rich WordPress business and shops theme. It is lightweight and has a fast page speed. The most stunning thing about this theme is its amount of features; you will find no other theme with the same amount of features as OceanWP.

One Pageily WordPress Theme

One Pageily

One Pageily is a good-looking business theme with lots of widget options, fast page speed, and perfect SEO optimization. The SEO optimization of this theme, together with advertisement placement options, makes it great for AdSense websites.

Buildr WordPress Theme


Buildr is a business theme with a lot of advertisement placement options. It comes with a companion plugin that unlocks an incredible amount of features so you can create your dream website. The page speed and SEO are optimized as well. This is a great choice when it comes to AdSense business themes.

Top 4 Premium WordPress Themes For AdSense

If you didn’t find what you were looking for among the free WordPress themes, then you can always consider paying a fee for a premium one. A commonplace to look for premium themes is ThemeForest; we, of course, recommend our own premium WordPress themes. Below is what we consider to be the best premium themes for AdSense WordPress websites, which is not our own.

Divi by Elegant Themes


Divi is a unique WordPress theme; it’s both a page builder & theme. It currently has more than 800.000 active users, which really says something about its complexity and quality. It comes fully translated to 25+ languages & 500+ customization options. Divi is one of our favorite premium themes for AdSense websites due to its features and AdSense possibilities.

Eventum WordPress Theme

A responsive event directory theme for creating an events portal with WordPress to create a fully functional event listing website. On your event portal website, you can allow event organizers to register, pay, and post their events under different categories.

With this event portal theme, you can create events, music, dance, sports, business events, conferences, festivals, workshops, classes, courses, or public speakers. The theme options are intuitive, and customization is easy. It supports event calendars, recurring events, ticket selling, and many other useful event website features. The theme is compatible with some of the best WordPress plugins, like Visual Composer, WooCommerce, etc.

Avada WordPress Theme


Avada is currently the most sold theme on ThemeForest; it has 450,000+ customers – its reviews sum up nicely, 4,7/5 average based on 21088 ratings which, are extremely high. It comes with 45 pre-made designs, 6 premium plugins, and a lot of space for advertisement.

Bridge WordPress Theme


Bridge is known for its amount of complete websites you can install instantly; it has more than 375 designs you can import & use as a foundation to create your own website design. It comes with great documentation and support; if you have issued their support will deal with it quickly. The theme author claims it’s the most user-friendly theme on the market, which lots of people will agree with.

Where & how to download free AdSense & advertisement themes for WordPress

Downloading a WordPress theme is not difficult; the hard part is finding a WordPress theme worth downloading. In this article, we have been going over WordPress themes that work perfectly for AdSense, affiliate, and advertisement-based websites. If you didn’t find what you’re looking for in this article, head over to and check out their repository, they have more than 5000 free themes available. To get accepted into their repository, you’ll need to follow their code standard, even though they have no rules about SEO, page speed, or design requirements – this makes it difficult to find and download the great ones.

The Best Safe Free Responsive, SEO Optimized AdSense Optimized Themes

We have searched worldwide to find the best WordPress themes; this includes all WordPress theme markets such as Creative Market, Themeforest freebies,, and many others. Our minimum requirements were that they were search engine optimized (SEO), safe in the ways that they’re coded with a high amount of security, and that they’re still being updated so they’ll keep being secure. It was also a must that all themes we found are responsive and have many widget areas where you can place affiliate or AdSense advertisements. Finally, they need to load fast so you can keep a great page speed, and of course, they need to be free.

AdSense in free WordPress themes

AdSense is an advertising network by Google that allows website and blog owners to make money from thei sites by showing contextual ads their sites. Google AdSense is one of the best and most popular ad networks and monetization options for websites. So, what makes AdSense this popular? AdSense has several advantages over other ad networks. First, it is straightforward to set up. You only need to get your AdSense account approved. From there, you will receive a code that you need to add to your theme to start displaying ads on your site.

Since AdSense vets your blog or website before your AdSense account gets approved, having an approved account can be taken as a sign that you have a good site that has been authorized by Google. Another thing I like about AdSense is that it allows you to use one account on multiple sites. Once your AdSense account is approved, you can use your AdSense code on all your websites and blogs, provided they meet the AdSense terms of service. AdSense also has a huge community of users and a central forum for users to engage and help each other. You can get a lot of support on this forum, as well as access to tutorials on how to maximize your AdSense earnings. Finally, AdSense terms of payment are very transparent. Obtaining your earnings is very easy compared to other ad networks.

    1. We think it’s a great theme, however we recommend both Divi and Neve above it.
      Neve is developed by the same company, it’s never and more updated than Hestia though 🙂

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