Top 15 Best Eco-Friendly WordPress Themes

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Every one of us is responsible for making the planet better and safer. Humanity doesn’t have a plan B for Earth, and we should do everything possible to preserve the current ecosystem. This article would like to show you some great eco-friendly WordPress themes that you should know off.

As developers and WordPress users, we can do a few things to help the planet. Use only green hosts, don’t send unnecessary emails, watch HD videos only when needed, and so on. Crafting or using eco-friendly WordPress themes is another way to contribute to a better Earth.

We did extensive research to find the most aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly WordPress themes. Here is our finding, and additionally, we introduce our theme for eco-friendly projects, Ecocoded.



Ecocoded is our suggestion for environmental, ecology, and sustainability projects. We invite you to download and test the light version of the theme. It lacks a few options, but it’s enough to allow you to form an opinion about its potential.

The theme isn’t suitable for eco-friendly projects just for the sake of the concept. It encompasses a few traits specific to this area. First, it’s about the lack of fancy animations and dynamic effects. We did everything possible to impress viewers with good aesthetics and nothing more. Good aesthetics isn’t the same with cool animations and effects. Fewer animations and sliding effects mean less pressure on the server’s resources, which means less pollution.

Second, we spend a lot of time writing clean and compressed code. In this way, we reduced the number of requests, and the result is a faster site and less energy consumption. The negative aspect is that fewer lines of code mean fewer features. However, the theme comes with plenty of customization options to make a standing apart website.

Third, we recommend using fewer images and videos. Ecocoded layout is specially created to avoid using many images and videos. Finally, the color scheme hints about the site’s purpose, but the theme doesn’t restrict you to select another color scheme. 


Sonoran stands out in the Top 15 Best Eco-Friendly WordPress Themes, offering a green and clean digital experience for environmentally conscious sites. Designed with simplicity and responsiveness in mind, it’s perfect for showcasing eco-friendly initiatives, travel, and lifestyle content that emphasizes sustainability. This theme’s fast loading times and SEO optimization ensure your eco-conscious message is spread swiftly and effectively. The integration of WooCommerce facilitates the promotion and sale of eco-friendly products, enhancing the theme’s appeal to green businesses and startups. Sonoran’s compatibility with popular page builders allows for effortless customization, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of eco-focused sites. Its AdSense and affiliate marketing readiness also provide avenues for monetization, crucial for supporting environmental advocacy through content.

Green Tech


Green Tech’s main purpose is green technology, but it works for the medical and construction industry. The default color scheme based on green fits perfectly with eco-friendly businesses. Still, it’s a matter of a few clicks to modify the colors to reflect your business’s style and logo better.

The theme expresses professionalism and a desire for a sustainable future. Green Tech is better for conventional projects; it’s not a theme to impress with an original approach. It includes Portfolio and Services webpages to feature the business offering and the coolest projects.    

Eco Nature


Eco Nature is a more complex theme suitable for businesses in the green industry. Use it for environmental projects, sustainable agriculture, solar, and gardening businesses. Eco Nature is WooCommerce compatible; hence you may start an online store.

The rich array of options makes Eco Nature versatile. It includes many pages to cover many variations, and you have full control over each webpage’s design. The build-in customizer is simple and powerful; styling the pages is enjoyable and intuitive.

Eco Nature includes sliders and counters to feature the products and services better. Customize the favicon, logo, title, and tagline to reflect your business, and certainly, you won’t go wrong with Eco Nature.     



Eco isn’t only an excellent solution to any eco-project, but also for donation sites. It has pages for causes, and you may ask people to donate money. Eco includes events pages to feature the upcoming events and activities. The portfolio page comes with an impressive set of customization options. You can go for the classic layout with two, three, or four columns or a masonry layout. Practically, you have unlimited options to style your portfolio.  



 This theme is everything you need to set up or revamp an online store selling organic products. The theme design boils down to two ideas: a clutter-free approach and good aesthetics. In these circumstances, people will enjoy the best shopping experience.

The multitude of homepage and web page variations is another distinctive feature of the theme. Naturally includes homepages for general organic shops, but also farms and grocery sites. Moreover, you have a few good-looking types of blogs and about pages.    

It supports parallax image and video background, so use the best multimedia assets to thrill the visitors and keep them on your site. 



 Agrikon proves that there are cool WordPress themes for each industry. Even fields like agriculture and farming deserve modern and attractive websites. The theme design is fresh, clean, and modern – in fact, it’s the newest theme from this showcase.

It’s not only the cool design that deserves your attention but also the many tailoring options worth mentioning. For instance, you have granular control over the footer, header, sidebars, and site colors. Agrikon is compatible with Elementor and WPBakery plugins, so customizing the sites is a breeze. 



Marketplaces like ThemeForest and the offering of the WordPress themes sellers are abounding in themes for online stores. Why is Fattoria different or better than its competitors?

There is no better theme than others; it’s just a more suited theme for a particular project than the rest. Fattoria is a reliable solution for an online store, but it’s also one of the coolest eco-friendly WordPress themes. Running a website based on this theme is an enjoyable activity. The theme packages tons of webpages and styling options – enough to satisfy all the users. Fattoria includes, amongst others:

  • five homepage versions,
  • four types of shop pages (grid, list, Ajax, and masonry),
  • three product details models, 
  • ten types of webpages to display a product. 



Herbal is an eco-friendly WordPress theme that is WooCommerce compatible. It’s similar to Fattoria, but it’s a better alternative for niche online stores and the perfect theme for selling herbal products. The discrete design, the subtle animations, and the clean layouts reveal the theme’s ecological nature. On the other hand, the big images and bold buttons are hints that Herbal is for e-commerce. These traits make Herbal a standing apart eco-friendly WordPress theme. 



Educating people about the role of ecology and the desperate situation of our planet is particularly important. Sadly, some people don’t realize that humankind is on the verge of a complete disaster. Attractive blogs and compelling content is a solution to make people aware of current issues.

An ecologist is one of those eco-friendly WordPress themes that impresses at first sight. It has nine different homepage types so that it can be used for numerous purposes. Ecologist works for non-profit sites, blogs, and magazine news in ecology, green technology, and forest websites. It includes many webpages and shortcodes; you have everything you need to create a standing-apart website.



Envit is a WordPress theme for almost any type of environment-related project. Its color scheme says everything about this theme. Besides the modern design, the richness of webpages is another huge plus of the theme. It has multiple types of gallery pages, a bunch of service pages, and a highly customizable blog. Envit is compatible with all major plugins, it’s mobile-friendly and translation-ready. 

Eco Press


Eco Press is a theme you can’t forget; its simple, clean design makes the theme different from competitors. The uncluttered design ensures a good user experience for people accessing the site on mobile. 

This theme packages 100+ shortcodes, so you have no limits to customize your site. Tables, counters, tabs, sliders, progress bars, profiles, quotes, and dividers are just a few worth mentioning shortcodes. On top of that, Eco Press has a few rarely seen custom post types like custom profile and custom project. 



Like other eco-friendly themes to this list, NaturaLife works for a large variety of projects in the green industry. The theme is WooCommerce compatible and includes plenty of galleries, services, and blog versions.

Unlike the other themes, NaturaLife packages dozens of elements to make your site stand apart from competitors. For example, animated text and numbers, counters, tabular content, timelines, testimonial carousels, pricing tables, and many more. These elements aim at making the site layout more attractive and add that needed sparkle of dynamism.   



Breno is a simple, good-looking theme that is fitting for eco sites. The theme doesn’t include fancy sliders or plenty of design items. It comes with everything needed for an eco-friendly theme and nothing more. The theme is search engine friendly, fast-loading, and translation-ready. These traits make the theme work smoothly on any device, no matter the language used.



Taking care of the environment can sometimes be fun. VegaDays is a theme aiming to help events and festivals creators to present their offerings. The theme is vibrant and reflects joy and optimism. You can achieve many goals with VegaDays because it packages dozens of pages. Use Schedule, Vendors, and Media pages to showcase details about events and festivals. It allows selling tickets and other digital and physical products thanks to the WooCommerce compatibility.



Are you inseparable from Elementor, your favorite builder? Ecova integrates Elementor, and you can use it to design outstanding sites for eco-friendly projects. It’s another theme that works for a large number of purposes. Ecova packages sliders and effects to make a modern and eye-catching site. At the same time, it has simple pages if you go for a less cluttered, conventional site. 

Wrapping Up

The above 15 eco-friendly WordPress themes cover all the types of sites in the green industry. Online stores, agricultural, farming, organic, or eco-business sites, and blogs – here is at least an alternative for all of them. Our favorite theme is Ecocoded; we are curious to know which one is your favorite!     

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