10 Top WP Buffs Alternatives to Manage Your Website

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WP Buffs alternatives. Many web admins ignore WordPress maintenance in the early stages of online business. However, as the business grows, site maintenance takes more time and resources. At a glance, hiring someone to take care of your site maintenance makes sense. However, hiring someone to manage your business site isn’t a simple decision.

WP Buffs is one of the highly-renowned agencies for WordPress maintenance. Armies of customers are content with their stellar service. Altogether, many other WordPress maintenance agencies deserve your attention.

Continue reading the entire article to learn what WordPress maintenance is, and learn the 10 top WP Buffs alternatives to manage your website.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress maintenance refers to everything you do on your site to keep it running smoothly and securely. For instance, updating the WordPress core plugins, and there is one of the basic tasks. Each agency has its own perspective on WordPress maintenance. For example, some consider code tweaking as part of regular WordPress maintenance, while others charge separately for it. However, the plans slightly differ, and there are solutions for each kind of site.

Carefully check the following WP Buffs alternatives, and you will certainly find the proper agency for your needs.

SuperbThemes Website Maintenance

Superb-Themes-WP Buffs alternatives

Yes, we do offer WordPress maintenance! We are ready anytime to start a partnership with anyone needing top-class services. We differ from our competitors by having much experience in creating themes and plugins. Thanks to the large collection of themes and plugins we have developed, we know the ins and outs of the WordPress ecosystem. Therefore, our future clients may rest assured that their websites are in good hands.

Check our pricing plans – these aim to cover the needs of all types of clients. Personal Maintenance is the cheapest plan, and it ensures the needed peace of mind to focus on your business while we handle your site. Forget about updates, backups, and monitoring; we take full responsibility for them. Business Maintenance suits up to medium-size websites. It includes everything from the Personal Maintenance plan, and in addition, we take care of your site security and edit your site as many times as you need. The highest plan, Premium Maintenance, is for medium to large sites. It also includes priority support, performance optimization, and complete malware removal.



FixRunner is a famous WordPress maintenance agency that has provided outstanding services over time. The team behind FixRunner offers plenty of solutions for site repair, redesign, malware removal, code tweaks, and maintenance. For instance, you may hire FixRunner for a one-time fix. You explain to them your problem, and a FixRunner expert will back up your site and work on that fix. Would you please pay for this service only when you are delighted with it?

The pricing plans are flexible enough to satisfy their clients. FixRunner comes with three WordPress maintenance plans: Premium, Rocket, and Advanced. The services included are quite similar to the standard in the industry. Their standout feature is the flexible payment methods. You can pay monthly, yearly, and also quarterly. On top of that, there are separate plans for small and large websites.   


GoWP-WordPress maintenance and support

Go WP comes with both the cheapest and the most expensive plans for WordPress maintenance. You get standard maintenance (updates, backups, security scans, and monitoring) for a monthly fee of $29.  Landing Page Builds the second-most expensive plan and sets you back $1,299. It includes a dedicated account manager and developer. You get unlimited page edits and a minimum of 2 hours of development time for your site. Dedicated Developer is the most expensive plan and costs a maximum of $2,299. You should contact the Go WP team to get more details about it. Because of the different plans, Go WP is a good fit for both small and big websites.

Go WP offers more services such as landing pages, content edits, and copywriting services. Therefore, you have plenty of reasons to give Go WP a try. 


Devrix-WP Buffs alternatives

Devex is a huge name in the WordPress industry and one of the most reliable WP Buffs alternatives. They are a large, remote team able to craft complex WordPress sites. Their experience and past projects work to their advantage. Sadly, the prices aren’t affordable for low budgets, but Devrix’s experts must pay their bills, too, right?

The maintenance plans are as follows:

  • Backup: includes 3 hours/month of basic tasks like site monitoring and updating. 
  • Up and Running: includes 5 hours/month. Clients get all the benefits of the previous plan plus content updates.
  • Ongoing Updates: includes 10 hours/month. Clients get all the benefits of the previous plans, plus security review, conversion optimization, and adding new features.
  • State of the Art: includes 20 hours/month. Clients get the most complete set of WordPress maintenance services.

It’s a plus for clients to know how many hours each month developers work on their sites. However, not showing the prices of each plan may be a big turnoff for clients.



Skyrocket isn’t a pure WordPress maintenance agency, but it isn’t also a pure hosting provider. Skyrocket combines both services and places itself as an original WordPress agency. Practically, Skyrocket experts ensure the host and the maintenance of your site. The prices are pretty affordable, so the Skyrocket recipe of success is clear and simple.

The original combo – hosting provider and site maintainer – has many advantages for clients and the Skyrocket team. The former are happy that they didn’t care about hosting services. The latter uses Kinsta, a hosting famous for its performance and security. Hence, Skyrocket experts are happy that they don’t have to deal with poor-quality hosting. But, on the other hand, it isn’t straightforward and takes time to educate clients about the crucial role of hosting.

WP Mayday

WPMayDay-WordPress-WP Buffs alternatives

Are you interested in a cheap but high-quality maintenance plan? WP Mayday sounds pretty interesting for online businesses in their early stages. You get standard maintenance services in addition to unlimited site tweaks for only $49.95. In most instances, unlimited means everything, but it isn’t really unlimited. This is the case of WP Mayday, too, because unlimited only includes those tweaks that take less than 30 minutes. Anyway, it’s a fantastic offer. 

New sites always need fine-tuning in the first months, so I believe WP Mayday is a good fit for these situations. Bear in mind that the WP Maydays team is flexible and open to any partnership. 

Mint WP


Mint WP is another serious player in the WordPress maintenance vertical and one of the most competitive WP Buffs alternatives. Their clients’ reviews are positive about this agency. However, the real value of Mint WP is based on the high degree of transparency and the quality of the services provided. The pricing page describes all the services included in each plan in depth. Below the pricing plans, each task performed by Mint WP experts is clearly presented. In this way, even the less trained WordPress users know exactly where their money is going. 

You get serious value for each buck spent on Mint WP. Bear in mind that each maintenance plan has Kinsta hosting included. Even the cheapest plan includes one hour of audit, Google Analytics and Search Console set up, and SSL configuration. On top of that, you get two months for free by purchasing a yearly subscription.

WP Xpress

WP-express-WP Buffs alternatives

WP Xpress is a small but talented team of WordPress experts always ready to administer your site. Clients may choose between Lunar, the basic maintenance plan, and Titan, the most complex plan (pretty cool names for the plans, aren’t they?). Like Mint WP, each task performed by WP Xpress is detailed on the pricing page, so clients have a complete perspective of the maintenance team’s work.

Their clients benefit from all kinds of premium plugins. It’s a real bargain to have premium plugins installed on your site by hiring WP Xpress. Instead of paying for a few subscriptions for premium plugins, you pay a maintenance fee and get the plugins for free. 

WP Maintainer


Instead of using multiple pricing plans, WP Maintainer comes with a unique offering – by paying a monthly fee of $99, its experts will take care of your site. In addition, web admins needing some customization options can pay $99/hour to get the services of a WP Maintainer specialist.

The maintenance plan is standard – updates, scheduled backups, and monitoring. 

Over to You

Fortunately, dozens of reliable and serious agencies are ready to maintain your site. It’s normal to be suspicious before handling your site to an agency, but it’s the only way to scale up your business. There are many other WP Buffs alternatives in addition to our recommendations. Leave a comment with your favorite maintenance agency and describe how you collaborate with them. Finally, take a look at our maintenance plans – we are eager to collaborate with you.

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