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Launching a website, especially if you’ve designed it yourself, is a thrilling moment. But unfortunately, lots of website administrators are frustrated just a few weeks after the site goes live. For most of them, the traffic generated is way beyond their expectations, and site maintenance takes a lot of time. This deadly combination disappoints most people—mainly those who’ve launched their first site.

WordPress is a user-friendly CMS, but less-trained people might face configuring a plugin or adjusting a theme. Others don’t have enough time to realize the proper website maintenance. Getting more visitors is a complicated job, but we’ve identified a solution for site maintenance. WP Buffs will help you in this regard. Skilled WordPress experts work for this agency, famous for quality site maintenance services. Once you hire WP Buffs, you can entirely focus on your business, including traffic generation.

All blog posts featuring WordPress maintenance agencies include WP Buffs. It’s one of the top-rated WordPress maintenance agencies, so it’s a solid option for taking care of your site. WP Buffs’ experts will tweak the site code, strengthen security, improve performance, and consistently check availability. Without a doubt, you’ll relieve your stress by hiring a serious WordPress maintenance agency.

What is WordPress Maintenance?

Many people talk about WordPress maintenance, but there isn’t a universally accepted definition. Generally speaking, site maintenance refers to the actions taken to run the site in proper conditions. UnderConstructionPage has a complete comparison list of WordPress maintenance services. Maintenance agencies’ basic plans often include the following:

  • Regularly updating themes, plugins, and the WordPress core
  • Monitoring the uptime
  • Improving the performance
  • Tweaking code
  • Strengthening site security
  • Writing periodic reports

Let’s dissect each of these items and determine how WP Buffs shines in each aspect.

WP Buffs Provide Regular Updates

WordPress is a dynamic ecosystem, and a massive army of talented developers works to improve it. The same is true for theme and plugin developers—they do their best to improve the products they release. In addition, many updates contain security patches and bug fixings. As a result, they update their results in a better-performing and more secure site.

WP Buffs’ Approach

WP Buffs takes a different approach to this work. Some might say that it is unprofessional. WP Buffs performs weekly updates when your site is experiencing the lowest traffic.

Are you wondering why WP Buffs’ experts perform weekly and not daily updates? Updating a site is a double-edged sword. Updating the site’s assets as soon as an update is released can be positive—it improves the product and sometimes adds security patches. But some updates might cause more significant security issues, negatively impacting your site. For example, you may update a theme or a plugin to improve your security and get a less secure product.

WP Buffs’ experts update the themes, plugins, and WordPress core after dissecting the updates on a test site, which is why they don’t update the themes and sites immediately when an update is released.

Uptime Monitoring

There is nothing more frustrating than investing money in driving people to your site and having those people see a blank screen when they get here. You’re paying money to annoy your potential customers, which is an absolute nightmare.

You have to monitor the availability of your site if you care about your leads and clients. Luckily, many tools check a site’s uptime, but monitoring takes time, and some high-performing tools require a monthly subscription.

WP Buffs’ Approach – Update Monitoring

All WP Buffs plans include 1,440 checks a day, and the team acts within 60 seconds if your site is down. Likewise, WP Buffs’ experts check your site’s uptime every 60 seconds. Not bad at all.

Performance Improvements

A modern online business isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it entity. Site admins constantly run tests, get feedback, and act; performance improvement is a top priority for all of them. Improving the customer experience or making a site load faster isn’t rocket science, but these activities require serious commitment and a lot of time.

You don’t have time to implement everything you know about site performance, so hiring a maintenance agency makes sense.

WP Buffs’ Approach – Performance Improvements

We all know that loading speed is capital for every website, and WP Buffs’ maintenance strategy focuses on making your site load blazingly fast. WP Smush Pro and WP Rocket are two amazing plugins used by WP Buffs’ experts to improve your site performance. Both are a bit pricey, but they’ll get an unbelievable value. You can read more about that in our article about WP Buffs coupon codes. WP Buffs installs and configures them on your site, and your site will undoubtedly load faster.

Site images hog resources, but visual appeal is vital for any website. Don’t worry because WP Buffs’ experts will optimize the images while preserving the quality—WP Smush Pro does so perfectly.

Performance Improvements

Using a cached version of the site, enabling gzip compression, and minifying JavaScript and CSS are WP Buffs’ checklists. These tasks are in line with Google PageSpeed Insights requirements. Your site will load significantly faster by hiring WP Buffs.

Tweaking your code also improves site performance, but it needs its section. Here is why!

WP Buffs Review Code Edits

Code edits are necessary to improve performance, test various design ideas, and add new features. Tweaking the code requires basic HTML, CSS, and PHP knowledge. On top of that, forgetting something as small as a semicolon when modifying it will crash the site. If you edit the code, test it on a staging site before.

WP Buffs’ Approach – Code Edits

There is no better way to show respect for your customers than by constantly tweaking your code. WP allows you to test every idea you have before making it go live! Adding a new page, changing images and text, installing new plugins, and modifying the size of the ad are all done by WP Buffs.

Another considerable advantage of WP Buffs is the remoteness of the team members. Their geographical positions cover all the time zones, so someone is ready to help you at any time.

Site Security

Security is serious, but it shouldn’t burden your daily schedule. Hackers use more sophisticated methods and tools daily, so you must allocate more security resources. Don’t waste time searching for tips and tools to strengthen your site security. Instead, hire experts to do it for you.

WP Buffs’ Approach – Site Security

WP Buffs gives you the peace of mind to concentrate 110% on scaling your business. Don’t worry about backing up your site—WP Buffs creates daily site backups on Amazon S3 infrastructure. SSL encryption is the next layer of extra security, and adding an SSL certificate will convince site visitors that you are a trustworthy business.

WP Buffs’ team keeps an eye on your site 24/7 and scans the site’s files daily. Hackers won’t access your site using brute force or SQL injection attacks—WP Buffs’ security team knows how to protect the sites against these two hacking methods.

Last but not least, a firewall will prevent spammers from visiting your site.

Periodic Reports

You pay a monthly subscription to get proper maintenance, but asking for a report of precisely what you paid for is okay. A periodic report revealing what the maintainers have done to your site is golden in this respect.

WP Buff periodic reports

WP Buffs’ Approach – Periodic Reports

Everyone who purchases WP Buffs’ services receives a weekly report showing the number of updates, PageSpeed and YSlow scores, site sessions and page views, uptime, and many other valuable pieces of information. Check out our example to get an idea of the weekly reports provided by WP Buffs.

WP Buffs Review – Pricing Plans

Currently, WP Buffs has six pricing plans:

  • Maintain: $67/month, billed yearly; does not include unlimited edits, malware removal, or speed optimization.
  • Protect: $147/month, billed yearly; includes unlimited edits but not speed optimization or malware removal
  • Perform: $197/month, billed yearly; includes unlimited edits, malware removal, and speed optimization.
  • Custom Plan: $347/month; for complex sites with custom themes and plugins
  • Custom Plan Pro: $447/month; for custom sites with advanced functionality (e-commerce, membership sites)
  • Enterprise: Call for details.

WP Buffs Highlights

We noticed some of the best pros for WP Buffs include the following aspects:

  • Create a new revenue stream through white-label service
  • Get a WordPress expert on your team at a low cost
  • Great for new WordPress users

We all know that WordPress has slowly taken over the CRM market. As more and more sites move to WordPress, is there a way to quickly learn the system? If you are a new user, we recommend going with WP Buffs to understand how the platform works. When you look at a WP Buffs review, they will tell you that having an expert on hand at all times is very valuable in terms of saving time. Think of WP Buffs as the team you pull in to quickly resolve issues with your site so you can focus on more important things!

Does WP Buffs Offer Value For Money In 2022

Should you try out WP Buffs in 2022? Absolutely. If you have already utilized managed web hosting, you understand how much time it can save you from using an expert. Using WP Buffs is even more important when working with a large agency! Clients, many times, will come to you with multiple requests during the day. Please fix this aspect of my site. Also, can you adjust the color scheme on the main page? These changes add up while you are trying to grow your agency.

Please leave it to WP Buffs and allow them to help you with work that would be considered low-value. They have teams in place and are ready to complete edits quickly and efficiently. Unless you already have a similar setup with your team, you will waste time on clients’ improvements. Picture this for a moment. You have a client that you have worked with for just a month. They don’t understand WordPress fully yet and come to you for help. When they installed a new plugin, it seemed like the whole site was having trouble.

You can spend hours turning plugins on and off to determine where the problem originates. Instead of becoming a WordPress expert, it is better to leave this to a team that understands WordPress from the ground up. They work with these issues all day long. They will resolve these kinds of conflicts faster than you will. On top of this, they also offer white-label services. Overall, we give WP Buffs high marks for use with any large agency.

WP Buffs Conclusion

Are these pricing plans affordable for the average startup? That’s the one-billion-dollar question! Of course, it depends on the business profile and budget, but WP Buffs’ pricing plans are expensive for most startups. But if you run a profitable business and don’t have time for WordPress maintenance, WP Buffs is all you need. It’s one of the most reliable agencies in this respect, and most of its clients praise its services.

If your budget is capital, WP Buffs might not be the solution for you right now. However, if your reputation is more important than your budget, then WP Buffs fully deserves your attention.

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