10 Tips by popular Streamers: How to become a successful Twitch Streamer

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Many gamers dream of becoming a popular Twitch Streamer on streaming platforms such as YouTube & Twitch.tv. Why wouldn’t you want to become a popular streamer with millions of followers and earning your monthly income by doing what you love? Well, many gamers do, so there’s a lot of competition on every streaming platform. 

Over the last couple of months, we have been interviewing popular Twitch Streamers from Twitch. Tv, asking them for their best tips for new streamers who want to be successful. 

In this article, we’ll start by showcasing the different streamers and their tips. Later on in the article, we’ll go in-depth with the tips and talk about how you can implement them in your own stream and become a successful Twitch Streamer.

“Streaming many hours on a regular schedule doesn’t guarantee success, but not doing so guarantees failure.”
Kripparrian (Octavian Morosan)

Kripparrian (Octavian Morosan)

Twitch Followers: 1.377.000

“Enjoy it! If you enjoy it then it doesn’t matter how many viewers you have.”
Amaz (Jason Chan)

Amaz (Jason Chan)

Twitch Followers: 911,000

“Understand why you’re choosing to be a streamer. It’s really challenging to be successful as a professional streamer because there is so much competition. Think about streaming like any kind of entertainment profession where there are a ton of people who want to do it.

Lots of people want to go all-in on streaming. By that, they typically mean that they’re gonna quit their job and stream all the time. You should absolutely not try to do anything like that until you have streamed casually and find that you’re able to build an audience.

It’s difficult to build an audience, especially one large enough to support yourself and replace a job.”
Brian Kibler

Brian Kibler

Twitch Followers: 473,000

“Turn on your stream and leave it on almost all the time, and be yourself.”


Twitch Followers: 432.550

“Stream games you like to play and be sure to have great audio and a lag-free stream”


Twitch Followers: 340.405

“Don’t do like I have the past 7 years and disappear every month. Be yourself and have fun, do what you enjoy.

if I’m playing a game I don’t feel like playing anymore, then I’m gonna quit playing it and play something else”
Kungen (Thomas Bengtsson)

Kungen (Thomas Bengtsson)

Twitch Followers: 272,000

“Do giveaways, don’t spam them though.”


Twitch Followers: 185,000

“Engage with your chat. If you have nobody to talk to, then talk to yourself”


Twitch Followers: 159,000

“Just do it! – That’s all”
Natsumiii (Wendy Luo)

Natsumiii (Wendy Luo)

Twitch Followers: 141,000

“Get hosted / raided by big streamers. You have to be in the top 0.01% in the game you’re playing or be very fun to watch – and of course have fun playing games”
Boarcontrol (George Webb)

Boarcontrol (George Webb)

Twitch Followers: 75,000

“Do it for fun!”


Twitch Followers: 72,098

“Ask the friends you make in other channels if they want to hang out in your channel. Create communities inside other channels. Let them know you’re streaming and have fun!”


Twitch Followers: 61.346

“Stream every day and when you’re just starting out you have to be consistent with your streaming times. Never take a day off!”


Twitch Followers: 21.836

Going in-depth with tips from famous streamers

If you didn’t read through a couple of tips from popular streamers quickly, then this section is for you. Here we’ll be going through the main points and discussing how you can implement them directly into your stream to increase your Twitch or Youtube success rate. It’s important to remember that most of the questions are answered during streams or through email.

Be yourself and have fun while playing

Be yourself, and have fun while playing  

Most of the interviewed Twitch streaming stars give us the advice to have fun while trying to make-it-big. No doubt, the way to become a Twitch streaming star is long and tough, but you will not get millions of fans without having fun along the way. 

It’s easy to see if the Twitch streamer is having fun or not when you’re following. If you watched somebody such as Forsen back when he was forced to play Hearthstone to keep his popularity, you knew he preferred playing other games. Luckily, he’s since then managed to become a variety streamer.

Besides having fun while playing, it is important to be yourself along the way. Many successful streamers point out that having fun and a true personality is a key to success.  The point is underlined by Twitch star Amaz and rising star Russel, who both are pointing out that it has to be fun and love for the game that drives any new streamers on the road to fame and fortune.  

Amaz says that no matter how many watchers you have, it’s important to be fun and have fun. Many new streamers that become popular have an awesome personality and enjoy what they do.

It makes good sense for almost all the interviewed Twitch stars to be real, and they seem to have a point. When new streamers try to launch a Twitch channel, there is little chance for success, so why not have fun while trying to make it? Furthermore, if you are not having fun while playing, there is little chance that your followers have fun watching you. 

Be consistent and get an audience before you quit your job

Even though the chances of success as a Twitch streamer/Youtube streamer are minimal, several existing Twitch stars point out that you have to fight for it if you want to get a decent number of followers.

It can’t be stated enough that it is tough to become one of the chosen few who actually has the skills and charm to become a Twitch streaming star, and you need to practice a lot. It is not enough to quit your daytime job and stream all the time. You need to have followers and top-notch gaming skills. So, think twice before you quit your job.  

Ask friends and fellow streamers to watch your stream

Ask friends and fellow Twitch streamers to watch your stream

Besides the hard work of becoming one of the best players at the game you stream, you need to remember that you are in the entertainment industry. You need to interact with your viewers & create a nice environment to be in. 

Streamers underline that it is a good idea to get on good terms with other Twitch streamers. A great tip given to us about this is to create communities inside other channels and invite them to come to watch your stream.  If you manage to get on good terms with other streamers, then ask them to host your stream when they’re finished streaming. You must return the favor when you get the chance.

When you collaborate with other streamers with similar tastes in games or humor, you can start to build your audience faster since you will have crossover fans. 

Use the chat and be interactive! 

One piece of advice that many of the interviewed Twitch stars agree on is the importance of using the chat while gaming. Talk with your audience, ask them questions, and read their responses out loud. It’s a great idea to make your followers feel like a part of your stream. 

Please don’t underestimate how important it is to get to know your core fans. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions & answer personal questions. That’s a part of being a streamer.

Statistics show that around  90% are lurkers who will never contribute to your chat or stream, so it’s important to reward the 10% who talk in your channel and ask you questions. Even though people are lurking, they still care about the social interaction you have with your chat. If they didn’t, they would probably mute your stream and watch it with music.

Be likeable when streaming

Be likeable when streaming

Asking somebody to be likable sounds silly, but it’s really not. To have streaming as an income source, you need money in the form of bits, donations, and subscriptions. It’s simple; people don’t want to give money to someone who lacks empathy or doesn’t like it. 

Even though it might be putting on an act, it is an important part of entertaining. Remember, most streamers turn off their stream when they don’t want to be social and interact with their chat. Nobody wants to watch a grumpy guy or girl play games.

Doing Giveaways is a Great Way to Get New Followers

You heard it from Payo first, doing giveaways is a great way to get new followers, subscribers, and viewers. What you can do giveaways depends on the game you are playing; for example, Payo used to give away Arcane Crystals in World of Warcraft to the server Nostalrius whenever he had gained a certain amount of viewers.

It’s a great way to give new visitors a specific reason to give your stream a chance. Once they’ve watched for an hour or two, they might end up enjoying your content a lot and keep coming back. Payo believes this is one of the key ingredients in his success, so why not get inspired by it?

YouTube Gaming - Live Stream & Videos

Stream On Both YouTube & Twitch

Most popular streamers have quotes from streams on Twitch and use the content to create videos for YouTube with one of the many great video creation tools. It’s a great way to ensure that people always have something to watch that includes you. For example, let us take Kripparians YouTube; he has almost as many followers on YouTube as he does on Twitch; that’s incredible – people can’t get enough of Kripp. 

You can use YouTube to advertise your Twitch channel and visa-versa. It’s a great way to move people from one platform to another and increase your total amount of followers.

Keep Streaming & Don’t Take Breaks.

Many famous YouTube & Twitch streamers talk about the importance of being active and streaming a lot. That might include streaming when you’re working out; FollowGrubby does that, for example, or streaming when you’re cooking. Allow your audience to really get to know you to get attached to your personality; making your viewers see you as friends are important.

I believe Kripparian once said he had only taken 1 break from streaming since he started; it’s incredible to think about how much dedication it takes to stream every day. But it works; he is one of the most-watched streamers at all on Twitch and has been since the start.

The technical stuff needs to be in order

Finally, the technical part of your stream needs to be in order. You don’t need to have gaming gear for $10,000. It’s just important that the streaming isn’t lagging, your sound is clear, and your webcam isn’t pixelated. 

If you are uncertain about which computer and software to use, check the Twitch streamers “About page” on Twitch. Many of the Twitch streaming stars have a whole section about which equipment they use.  

If you have no followers yet, ask a friend to watch your stream for an hour and ask them to give you feedback on the stream quality. It’s not rocket science.

That’s it! 

That was all from us. We hope you got inspiration from this article and got a little wiser on your way to making it big as a Twitch streamer. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below and tell us your best tip for new streamers!

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