Seven Malware Removal Services to Secure Your Site

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Have you heard plenty of stories about websites getting hacked, but no one has managed to hack your website? Well, you are lucky, but you shouldn’t base all your plans only on good luck. You’d better conceive an emergency strategy in case hackers get control of your site. The faster you act, the less impactful the hacking is. Also, hackers are more interested in attacking the sites of profitable businesses. Hence, if you plan to scale up your startup, be prepared for more sophisticated security attacks.

Luckily, there are a dozen of malware removal services for all types of projects and budgets. Below are the services we recommend in emergencies.   

Signs that Your Site Has Been Hacked

Before taking any action, you must be sure that your site is infected with malware or hacked. Being unable to log in using the correct credentials or seeing different WordPress errors or malfunctions doesn’t necessarily mean hackers have got into your site. However, several signs are strong evidence that, unfortunately, someone has broken into your site.

Google Search Console

You very probably connected your property to Google Search Console (GSC). Besides tons of useful data, GSC provides warnings when Google spiders detect malware on your site. So if you receive an email from GSC informing you of a malware infection, you shouldn’t doubt it and act accordingly. 

Browsers Show Warning Messages

Nobody will visit a website flagged by browsers as being infected. But, without a doubt, you have a serious problem if a browser warns people about your site.

Message from Host Platform

Hosting platforms warn web admins about potential malware infections or serious hacking attempts. A message from your host is an indicator that your site has a serious problem.  

New Admin Users 

New admin users are clear pieces of evidence that someone has broken into your site. Usually, hackers are more sophisticated and hide the new accounts they have created—audit all the users who have access to cPanel and check their identities.

Random Pop-Ups

Random pop-ups are another solid sign of a hacked website. These differ from the ones you configured to collect the email addresses of the subscribers. In fact, any pop-up different from the one you have set up is a sign that someone has exploited your site’s vulnerability.

Online Security Scanners

It’s a good proactive practice to scan your site for known malware, viruses, and malicious code. Thankfully, Sucuri and Quttera are two powerful online security scanners to check the health of your site. Take any recommendations from these scanners seriously. 

Malware Removal Services

There are many other signs that your site is infected, but these require more technical knowledge. Analyze logs and site files only if you have some experience under your belt. Take into account your emotional reaction when you are dealing with your infected site. Also, time is capital for brands and online stores. A convenient solution is to ask for the help of malware removal services. There are teams of WordPress experts who are always ready to help you regain control of your site.

WP Buffs


WP Buffs doesn’t need any introduction – it’s a famous name in the WordPress industry. This agency is famous for its top-class maintenance services, but WP Buffs offers many other WordPress services, such as:

  • Website edits
  • Speed optimization
  • Update and backup
  • Emergency and security

The global distribution of WP Buffs’ employees is one of its strengths. A completely remote team distributed globally ensures 24/7 availability, which is vital for people who desperately need help. In other words, WP Buffs guarantees that their experts will remove the malicious code from your site. So book a call, and a WP Buffs rep will provide you with the needed guidance. 

Check the maintenance plans and chose the one that is suitable for your needs. This way, you can rest assured that experts will protect your site. In addition to enhanced security, you get site edits, speed optimization, updates, and backups. 



         The same as WP Buffs, Fixrunner is well known for its superior maintenance services. You can count on them for malware removal, too. Their offering in this respect is unbelievable: a Fixrunner expert fixes your site in around 24 hours for $95. No matter how many web pages the site has or the impact of the malware, you only pay a flat amount of $95. It’s a fantastic offer, and you pay after the site is up and running. Fixrunner can’t allow playing with its reputation, so certainly, your site will be fixed in no time.



         You can’t talk about site security without mentioning Sucuri, a leading company that strengthens sites and apps’ security. Sucuri targets established brands that care about their image and are high-profile targets for hackers. 

Sign up for any of the pricing plans to get your site fixed. The plans are more than enough to give you the peace of mind needed to focus on growing the business. Indeed, the pricing plans are more expensive than the yearly subscription to a security plugin, but you get considerably more from a Sucuri subscription. 

         Even the cheapest plan – Basic, which sets you back $199, gives you more than any security plugin. It includes the Sucuri Web Application Firewall – a tool much appreciated, protection against brute force and DDoS attacks, file changing and malware detection, and security scans every 12 hours. Over and above, Sucuri will improve the site performance by using the Global Anycast CDN and a performant caching system.



         Wordfence is better known for its security plugin, but it was obvious that such a group of experts can provide malware removal services. The price for a complete site removal is $490. Apparently, it’s a pretty expensive service compared to other fees. However, you get a one-year subscription to the Wordfence premium plugin. Elsewhere, it costs $99. In this context, the price seems more affordable. Practically, you hire the best experts to clean up your site and get a one-year subscription to the most frequently installed security plugin. 

WP Security Lock


         WP Security Lock is another solid brand in the website security space. This agency provides a large palette of security services. Hire WP Security Lock experts to take care of your site and strengthen its security. You can associate this service with a monthly maintenance plan focused on security. Hire them if you face problems with the SSL certificate – let the pros do what they know to get that much-coveted green padlock icon in the browsers’ tab.

         Are you interested in a security audit?  Do you want to improve the site security or install a new WordPress site? Then, WP Security Lock is a solution that deserves your attention.

         Of course, you may hire them in emergencies. Their experts will put your site in maintenance mode and will do a complete clean-up. WP Security Lock gets a big thumbs up because the entire cleaning process is presented on the website. This high level of transparency and professionalism convinces people to hire them.  



         Chose FixMySite to remove the malicious code from your site files for only $119. It depends on the infection type, but it takes a day to fix your site completely on average. If your site gets hacked again within a 30-day timeframe, FixMySite experts will resolve the problem free of charge.

         Check their entire list of services. For example, FixMySite provides code edits, speed optimization, site migration, or error fixing at very affordable prices.

WP Fix It


         WP Fix promotes itself as the fastest WordPress support agency. While the average support response is 30 minutes, their claim is not an exaggeration. Hence, contact a WP Fix It representative and ask for professional guidance. It’s worth mentioning that this agency started fixing websites in 2009. Briefly, their vast experience and fast response are the selling points of this agency.

         As the name of the agencies suggests, this team fixes websites. WP Fix It team members fix broken, infected, and slow websites. It’s just a more attractive and suggestive manner of providing code edits, malware removal, and speed optimization services.

         Apart from other premium services, WP Fix does free infection scans and free speed audit reports. If you are on a tight budget, these two services are golden for your online business.

Over to You

         We hope you don’t face any hacking attempts, but it’s always better to be prepared for the worst and expect the best! The above suggestions are the top solutions for malware removal. However, you’d better do your best to make your site as secure as possible. In this way, you complicate the work of a hacker and considerably reduce the possibility of getting your site infected with malware. 

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