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Surprising and delighting your customers is an excellent way to make them loyal and eventually evangelists for your brand! Anyone working in marketing and selling would agree with this concept. The real struggle is putting it into practice. is an outstanding tool that can surprise and delight your customers. alone can’t work miracles but can bring great results integrated into an intelligent growth strategy. It’s a tool for content creators and marketers aimed to help them craft excellent audio and video content. It works for podcasts, presentations, audiobooks, YouTube videos, product demos, video games, Spotify ads, and many more.

Read this 360-degree review to find out if is what you need for your content production and marketing strategies. (Hint—it’s better than you think!). This is our review. at Glance is a software aimed at converting text-to-speech with the help of human-like voices generated by artificial intelligence. Text-to-speech software is pretty prevalent on the market, but only a few manage to create authentic human voices. Here is where shines—the agents generated by are extremely realistic, and it’s hard to believe that people will realize that the voices are AI-generated. The tool has received many awards, and thousands of users have rated as excellent on software review websites. Considering that using is intuitive and you don’t need special training, it should be on your radar. Moreover, it allows collaboration, so you can use as a solo user or as part of a team. 

What Does Do for You?

Text-to-speech is a broad term, so you need to know precisely what does for you. Knowing the potential of a tool before opening your wallet is legit. The following breakdown of will help you get a clear picture of it.



It’s that simple—either type in or paste the text to convert it into a text block. Go for one block for short phrases or use multiple blocks for longer texts. The blocks are movable; you can move them up or down at any time. One of’s strengths is the great number of voices available. Do you want a US, UK, Canadian, Australian, or Indian accent? Do you want to use other languages like Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Finnish, Romanian, Turkish, or Tamil? What do you prefer, a woman’s or a man’s voice? A kid’s voice? has your back, with languages and voices for all your needs.  

Voice Cloning

There is nothing more annoying in an audiobook or podcast than a monotonous voice.
People appreciate voices that express feelings and emotions in addition to pure information.
Once again, is a solution to your issues. The software supports voice cloning and gives
you infinite possibilities for creating audio and video content. Contact the team to explain
your requirements. You can, for example, tell them the name of your favorite actor and they’ll
clone his/her voice for you. In this way, your audio content will satisfy your requirements and
people will enjoy a pleasant voice.

Voice over Video

Do you want a professional voice to explain concepts from a video? Is your voice unsuitable for recording, no matter the reason? A professional voiceover is a solution, but it could set you back considerably and doesn’t offer customization options. is cheaper, offers  120+ voices, and has a few options to style the voice and intonation. You can easily add voice-over to videos in Murf Studio. Upload the video and the script, select the language and voice, and adjust the voiceover. Optionally, add some background music and then hit the “build video” button.

Voice Over Google Slides Add-on

google-slides-addon lets you spice up a Google Slides presentation by adding a voiceover. Just install a Google Slides add-on, and in a few steps, you will add the perfect voiceover. The script syncs with the slides, and the voiceover is customizable, similar to what you can do in Murf Studio. Such a presentation is clearly above average, and it will attract the attention of the viewers. 

Voice Changer

Next in our review is the voice charger. This is a super useful feature for content creators. Many content creators simply don’t like their voices, don’t like their English accents, or are afraid of using their voices! This is no longer a problem, thanks to! You can record a podcast, audiobook, or simple script, all from the comfort of your home. Forget about background noise and voice inflections— will fix these issues. The software will transcribe your audio, and then all you have to do is edit it as needed and select the language and voice! 

Getting Introduced to Studio

With the exception of Google Slides, all these features are done in Murf Studio. To get familiar with and have your own experience with Murf Studio, you’d better create a free account. It impresses with its simplicity of use. Launching and managing projects are as simple as ABC. 

The templates are professionally done and are a great start for your projects.


However, the library is modest, and the Murf team should create more templates to cover more purposes. Checking on account limits and billing is available directly from Murf Studio. Overall, both experts and first-time users will appreciate Murf Studio, thanks to the minimal but effective interface.

Pros of

If you still have any doubts about now that you’ve learned what it can do for your business and have a better idea of Murf Studio, consider the following benefits.

Simple and Intuitive Interface


As mentioned previously, Murf Studio is a simple and effective environment for producing multimedia content. One of the biggest advantages of Murf is that you don’t need special training to use it. For instance, you may purchase a premium subscription in the morning and wrap up a new podcast or an audiobook at noon. It’s worth mentioning how simple is to select and edit the proper voice. 

Human-like Voices

You likely don’t want your customers to know that you use an AI-generated voice for your video and audio content. The technology evolves extremely fast, but currently, only a couple of tools manage to generate accurate human-like voices, and is one of them. It gives you a competitive edge by using a professional voice for your content.

In addition to the voice’s realism, you have a couple of options to style the voice to match the script. For example, the default style is General, but you can choose Newscast, Angry, Cheerful, Sad, Excited, Unfriendly, Hopeful, etc. Additionally, you may edit, speed, and pause the speech.

Large Set of Voice Alternatives


The free account offers a limited number of voice alternatives, but there are many more options if you own a premium account. The voices are female and male, and all are classified into age groups—kids, young, and middle-aged. It takes time to test all the potential voices for your projects, so you can use the filtering system to select the most suitable voices for each type of project.

Broad Collections of Languages

English is preponderantly used on the Internet, but it’s not fair to ignore non-English users. Murf lets you create content not only in English but also in another 19 languages. You can select from English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Japanese, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Romanian, Norwegian, Turkish, Danish, Tamil, and Finnish. Indeed, you will broaden your audience by creating content in many of these languages!

Money-Saver Tool

Is a better solution than a human voice? Except for the fact that this tool generates human voices based on AI, it’s a better solution. Three substantial arguments are in its favor. First, the multitude of voices and languages available. You get only one voice if you hire a professional voiceover. Second, the price. You buy a subscription and get 120 voices and 20 languages; this is available with just a few clicks. Indeed, you may hire multiple voiceover persons, but you would need a substantial budget. By far, Murf is the cheaper solution—third availability. Professional voiceovers may be available much of the time, but none can be available to you 24/7. Studio is always ready to create good content.  

Pricing- a Review Essential

Fortunately, has a free plan to test its features. Create a free account, no credit card is required, and you get 10 minutes of voice generation and 10 minutes of transcription. You are even free to test all 120+ voices. That’s definitely enough to get an idea of’s potential. Consider the yearly subscription if you are happy with and plan to use it for a longer time. You save 33% with yearly plans, which is a pretty substantial discount.

Basic, the cheapest plan, includes 2 hours of voice generation/month, access to 60 voices and 10 languages, and unlimited downloads. It costs you $19/month or $156 if you purchase a yearly subscription. The Pro plan comes with 8 hours of voice generation/month, access to all voices and languages, recorded voice editing, voice changer, and priority support. It costs $39/month or $312 for a yearly subscription. The Enterprise plan practically has no limits, but its price is accordingly—$249/month or $1999/year. Review – The Verdict

Podcasts, audiobooks, and online courses have grown exponentially. Many other multimedia products, like video product demos, explainer demos, or Spotify ads, are also on the rise. Because of this, marketers and content creators are on the lookout for tools to simplify the production of these multimedia products. is the proper tool in this respect. It’s simple to use and comes with a fantastic set of features. 

We carefully tested each and every feature, and we are delighted with it. However, as you have different needs and expectations, you may have a different opinion. Creating a free account doesn’t cost you anything. We strongly encourage you to create a free account and see if it brings value to your work. Leave a comment with your opinion; we are eager to hear about your experience!

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