Ultahost Review – a Rising Star in the Web Hosting Marketplace

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Ultahost is a new name in the web hosting marketplace, and its offering is pretty interesting. The mix of new companies and famous hosting platforms ensures the best market conditions. It proves that the hosting industry is healthy and there is no monopoly. Customers have plenty of options for hosting their sites’ files, and competition is the best ground for innovation.

Ultahost has made a name in this competitive industry, and it looks like it is here to stay. Carefully read the following lines for a better understanding of Ultahost. 

Spoiler alert: the hosting plans are highly competitive, and you shouldn’t ignore Ultahost’s services!   

Ultahost at Glance


Let’s start with a highlight that isn’t well-represented on the Ultahost website—the energy consumption is matched 300% with renewable energy. As a result, Ultahost has one of the highest rates of energy offsetting, a fact that should be more prominent. Promoting this benefit isn’t only a marketing strategy but could also stimulate customers and competition to pay closer attention to environmental issues. More and more, people should consider this aspect when choosing a hosting platform.

The infrastructure is impressive: nine data centers based in four locations— Frankfurt/Germany, Dallas/US, Amsterdam/The Netherland, and Montreal/Canada. Ultahost uses Juniper and Cisco equipment for networking and Solid State Drive (SSD) for file storage. The data centers are well-stocked with the latest security and performance equipment, such as:

  • climate control
  • fire suppression systems
  • water detection systems
  • diesel generators.

While not necessarily a deciding factor, it’s good to know that you can pay for Ultahost services with credit cards, PayPal, and . . . cryptocurrencies! It’s one of the pioneers of the hosting industry in regard to the integration of crypto payment. 

Worth-Mentioning Features 

The green initiative and the integration of crypto payments are commendable. Yet, these factors are secondary when you buy hosting services. Performance, security, scalability, and prices are truly crucial factors. Overall, Ultahost ranks highly in all of these regards. The following characteristics will give you a clear understanding of the Ultahost services.

Impressive Performance

Thanks to the state-of-the-art infrastructure, the host platform provides genuine value to its users. Ultahost claims that even shared plans benefit from a guaranteed dedicated resource. In simple terms, you have a dedicated ratio even though you share the same server’s resources with other customers. Regardless of the traffic spikes of your neighbors, your site will remain functional. The most shared plans of different hosts are oversold. The idea behind overselling is that the sites sharing the same server’s resources won’t need all of the resources simultaneously. It is very rare for several sites on the same server to experience traffic spikes simultaneously. However, you will feel better knowing your site won’t go down due to the high demand for the server’s resources.

The entire data storage infrastructure runs on SSD and NVMe, ensuring superior performance. The 99.9% uptime and the 24/7/365 professional monitoring are two features that pique the interest of people looking for hosting services. 

Multiple Types of Hosting


Those buying hosting services for the first time may be intimidated by the Ultahost pricing plans. Should you purchase WordPress or shared hosting for a small online store running on WordPress? Or should you buy eCommerce hosting? These questions are common to inexperienced users, and the multiple types of hosting may cause them trouble.

While it’s impossible to satisfy all the requirements, the diverse offering of Ultahost is a positive feature for mid and advanced users. The hosting services fall into the following categories:

  • Shared includes four tiers: Starter, Basic, Business, and Pro. These cater to small projects, but the last two tiers (Business and Pro) fit best for web design or maintenance agencies because they allow unlimited domains.   
  • WordPress includes four tiers: WordPress, WordPress Starter, Business WordPress, and VPS WordPress. The first tier is perfect for a brand new WordPress website. WordPress agencies may take a look at the Business WordPress and VPS WordPress. They are suitable for 100 websites, so you may hook customers by offering free hosting for one or two years. 
  • VPS offers Basic, Business, Professional, and Enterprise tiers, all suitable for medium to complex sites.
  • Virtual Dedicated Servers offer seven tiers that work for heavy-visited websites. 
  • A Dedicated Server is ideal for managing big businesses. It offers eight tiers, depending on how many resources your site needs. 
  • Windows includes six tiers and is perfect for fans of Windows systems.

Check out the Ultahost pricing plans to see what’s included in each plan and choose what will work best for you.

Bullet-Proof Security

Even the cheapest tier of the shared hosting includes a free SSL certificate. Periodically, the site files are scanned for malware, and you get notified of any suspicious activity. In addition, BitNinja Security protects Ultahost servers, and a built-in system prevents unauthorized access to your site files.   

Ultahost implemented multiple lines of defense to ensure your site runs smoothly in a secure environment. You can focus on your business growth while Ultahost prevents security incidents. You can further fortify your website by implementing two-factor authentication.

Free Daily Backups

Many hosting platforms provide daily or periodic backups as a standalone premium service. The monthly subscription is just a few bucks, so it’s not a burden on your budget. However, Ultahost backs up your site for free, no matter the pricing plan you purchased. It’s uplifting to know that the host platform secures your website but also creates daily backups much needed in emergencies.

Free Site Migration

Interested in Ultahost hosting, but hate the migration process from your current host to Ultahost? You are not alone; many webmasters don’t like the migration process because it takes time, and any mistake may have periculous consequences. Luckily, this isn’t a barrier anymore! Provide the credentials to the Ultahost experts, and they will migrate your site to their platform free of charge

Professional Support


Ultahost uses cPanel as a web hosting control panel, which is quite popular amongst webmasters. Migration to the Ultahost isn’t a problem, as long as experts take care of this job. The knowledge base is extensive and concise, so you can confidently check it if you face any issues. Don’t worry if you didn’t find the solution yourself—use the chat box to contact a professional customer support agent. Ask for help anytime as there is 24/7/365 someone ready to tackle your issue. 

Under these circumstances, you know that you are not alone in facing any issues; a team of experts is always ready to help you.


It’s okay if you haven’t heard of Ultahost before. Although it doesn’t have the same fame as significant players in the hosting industry, like Bluehost or SiteGround, you should consider it. Indeed, Ultahost is a new competitor, but its offering is at least as intriguing as other well-known hosts. Simply put, it’s worth giving Ultahost a try!  

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