Pressable Hosting Review: WordPress Experts Taking Care of Your Website

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Do you plan to launch a new online business and are looking for the proper hosting? Would you rather focus on your current online business and let someone else maintain the website? Pressable is one of the most well-known hosting companies selling managed WordPress hosting and is the right answer to both situations. Its offer is quite generous, the services are top-class, and the customer support is top-notch. 

Roll up your sleeves and carefully check out this 360-degree review. Pressable will likely be on your shortlist after reading this post. Remember to use the coupon code SUPERB20 to get a 20% off on your hosting.

Pressable At Glance

Plenty of hosting platforms and design agencies recommend themselves as genuine WordPress experts. Indeed, some of them are truly WordPress wizards. Yet, some have only decent to modest skills. It’s a near-impossible mission to spot the “fake” experts for a casual customer. So how can anyone be sure that Pressable is a reliable partner to host your sites? There are a couple of strong reasons in Pressable favor.

First, Automattic is the company behind Pressable. Automattic developed or acquired a large suite of products, including, WordPress VIP, WooCommerce, Jetpack, WPScan, and Akismet. They know a thing or two about WordPress, and they can’t singe their reputation with Pressable. As a result, the Pressable team is highly skilled and open to customers’ needs.

Second, Pressable uses the same data network as and WordPress VIP. Millions are satisfied using this infrastructure for their websites. Consequently, you can rest assured about Pressable infrastructure and technologies stacks.

Third, the company has delighted customers since 2010. It couldn’t remain on the market unless Pressable services are above average. Moreover, the customers rated Pressable as “excellent” on the hosting review websites. 

Under these circumstances, Pressable fully deserves your attention. Its services cover all the needs of the users—from personal blogs to Fortune 500 companies.

WordPress Managed Hosting


Experts and proficient WordPress users may find explaining WordPress-managed hosting trivial. However, the majority of users are less-trained and may have difficulties identifying the advantages of managed hosting. It’s quite common to compare it against shared hosting.

Pressable’s cheapest plan starts at $19/month, nearly ten times more expensive than a good shared plan. Customers with limited experience will consider Pressable hosting too expensive because they don’t have a clear picture of the services included.

Managed hosting implies that the burden of keeping your website online and secure is shared with the hosting platform. In plain English, the host performs WordPress core updates, creates daily backups, ensures automatic caching, and takes care of site security. Instead of doing nonessential tasks for your business, let the experts do these.  It’s worth mentioning that Pressable hosts strictly WordPress websites, highlighting their devotion to WordPress.

Worth-Mentioning Features

At this point, you are familiar with Pressable and its WordPress-managed hosting services. Most likely, it piques your interest, but you need detailed information about Pressable to take a decision. You have to know the guaranteed uptime, the server-level security measures, the types of support, and other crucial details for hosting and managing a website. The following features will help you make an educated decision regarding Pressable’s services.

100% Uptime

There is no typo—Pressable guarantees 100% uptime, outside scheduled maintenance. It’s not a marketing exaggeration, it’s precisely stipulated in the Pressable service level agreement. The difference between 99.99% and 100% uptime isn’t a great deal for small to medium online businesses. Yet, it has a strong moral impact on every customer; it shows that the Pressable team and infrastructure are no.1 in the industry. The 100% uptime is possible thanks to a complex and automatic failover system. Essentially, any time the server hosting your website encounters an issue, another server replaces it without any downtime.

Optimized Hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce

It’s not necessarily negative or unprofessional to cover a  broad selection of content management systems as a hosting company. Yet it’s reassuring to know that your host is 100% dedicated to WordPress. Pressable hosts only WordPress-based websites, including online stores based on WooCommerce. All websites are hosted on Automattic WP Cloud—a cloud platform specially designed for WordPress core needs.

Top-class Infrastructure

As a customer, you don’t care about the technical details of the hosting platform, but you want to know what it does for your website. Pressable runs on a cloud platform dedicated to WordPress and it ensures superior performance. You are free to select the data center closest to your audience to reduce the latency and load your site faster.

Cloud hosting comes with automatic scaling so that traffic spikes are no longer a problem for your site. Other hosts can’t handle traffic spikes, impacting site availability or user experience. Pressable automatically scales the resources allocated for each website.  

Free Global CDN

A content delivery network (CDN) designates a distributed group of servers aimed at delivering site assets from the closest point to the user. Practically, the CDN caches the site on all its servers and delivers it to users faster than the hosting server does. If your audience is local, a CDN has a marginal impact, but if you target a global audience, it has a crucial role. All Pressable plans include a free global CDN to better serve your customers.

Staging Environment

You can’t call yourself a WordPress website admin unless you did some design or code tweaks on an online website (aka production site)! Obviously, it’s one of the biggest mistakes of webmasters, and we are strongly against this approach. You can put your site down by mistake and leave money on the table. That’s partly because of the lack of time, partly because many hosts don’t offer a staging environment. Pressable offers a staging environment for every customer, free of charge. You can test any changes you want to perform on the production website on your staging site first. Perhaps it’s not a big deal for small websites, but it matters for heavily visited ones and online stores. In these instances, any downtime affects revenue and profitability.

Military-grade Security

Top-tier hosting platforms ensure the needed security for their hosted sites, and Pressable is a leading host when it comes to security. Pressable’s experts constantly scan websites for malware and monitor each website’s activities. Additionally, security experts analyze any suspicious activity to prevent hacking attempts and a web firewall protects websites against common malicious traffic without blocking site visitors.

An SSL certificate is essential for every serious website. All sites hosted on Pressable benefit from a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt. These certificates encrypt the data exchange, make people more confident buying from you, and improve the site search ranking.

It’s hard to believe that a website can get compromised in these circumstances. Supposing that it does happen, the host’s experts will do the cleanup to recover your website. You can be confident that hackers face a near-impossible mission to take control of your website.

Professional Support

The quality of support is one of the most appreciated aspects of Pressable, as the support comes with a few original and helpful perks. In addition to the extensive knowledge base, every Pressable customer gets free access to WP101 WordPress training.


The library of courses covers plenty of interesting topics for less-experienced users. WordPress101, WooCommerce 101, Elementor101, WPForms101, and How to Blog Better are just a few classes that are golden for newbies. The monthly subscription fee to WP101 is $19, with annual access costing $49, or $89 for lifetime access. You definitely save some bucks by going for Pressable hosting.

This training is optional, but it’s a smart approach to learning the basics of the WordPress ecosystem. Rest assured that a highly skilled team of agents is ready to help you fix any issue with your hosting. Experienced WordPress agents will kindly help you overcome all problems. 99% satisfaction rate is enough to make you understand that Pressable deeply respects its customers.

Free Website Migration

The average WordPress webmaster doesn’t migrate websites frequently, so they won’t have great skills in this area. Migrating websites is a back-breaker for many. Hosting companies know this, and that’s one of the reasons why introductory prices are discounted. The prices entice the customers who will pay considerably higher renewal fees just because migration is too complicated. This is not a problem any longer, as Pressable experts will do the site migration for you. On top of that, the process is free of charge. Hence, you don’t have any solid reason against the migration to Pressable. 

Free Jetpack Security Daily


Jetpack Security Daily is a great addition to any WordPress website. You get Jetpack Security Daily at no cost if you purchase Pressable hosting, outside of the cheapest plan. An annual subscription to this plugin costs $239, so you save a considerable amount of money with Pressable hosting. It does, amongst other things, the following:

  • Daily backups
  • 30-day activity log
  • Spam protection
  • Protection against brute force attacks
  • Secure authentication.

Free Demo/Consultation


It’s legit to want to discuss with a Pressable rep before purchasing their services. The price tag of the superior plans isn’t affordable for everyone and no one opens their wallet without knowing what they’re getting. Pressable comes with two hands-down solutions in this respect:

  • Free demo
  • Free consultation.

A free demo is available for everyone willing to inspect the Pressable dashboard and learn how to launch and manage websites. Depending on your impressions, you may request a free consultation—just use the scheduling system to get in touch with a Pressable agent.

Website Management Dashboard


The management dashboard is good-looking with an intuitive interface so users won’t have any problem figuring out how to manage their websites. You have a birds-eye view over all your websites and it’s a matter of a few clicks to find out the following details:

  • WordPress version, PHP version, date of creation
  • Website DNS
  • Basic traffic data
  • Recent backups and restores
  • Collaborators and website users
  • Quota usage
  • Billing details.

Titan email hosting is a nice additional premium service for Pressable clients. You can manage your emails directly from the management dashboard.


The needs of the agencies aren’t ignored either—under the Reports section, you may generate reports for each website regarding its performance, usage, DNS, and collaborators reports.

Pricing Plans 


Selecting the proper pricing plan is a little bit different from the competitors. The pricing system is more flexible than competitors, but it might cause some potential customers trouble due to its original approach. You decide which plan suits your needs based on the number of installs and the number of visits. For instance, Entry, the cheapest plan, is for one website with 5000 visits per month. The next plan is Personal, which is also for one website, but it supports up to 30,000 visits per month. lide the axis to the right or left to find the suitable plan, it’s a pretty intuitive process.

Over to You

Pressable is a reliable choice for hosting your online businesses. Indeed, the services are more expensive than shared hosting, but you get more features and a professional team to back your website. In the long run, managed hosting is better for your business.

Certainly, any review has its dose of subjectivity and this post isn’t an exception. But you can get a more objective opinion by using the free demo. Supposing that you purchase hosting services and you aren’t satisfied with them, you may ask for a 30-day refund. 

Have you ever hosted a website on this platform? Do you plan to do it? Leave a comment with your thoughts. We are eager to know your opinion on Pressable.

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