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Last updated: January 29, 2024

Are you concerned about the hosting platform for your yet-to-launch business? Do you want a reliable platform able to satisfy your business needs? Happily, you have many alternatives to choose from, and HostArmada is one of the potential choices for your needs. It’s a relatively new player in the web hosting industry, but it comes with an impressive set of features and deserves your attention.

We took it for a spin and must confess that HostArmada should be on your radar. Here is our honest opinion on HostArmada. 

HostArmada at Glance  


HostArmada entered the web hosting industry in 2019 and since then has satisfied thousands of customers. Both big companies and small businesses are among HostArmada’s satisfied customers. The company is privately owned and independently funded, which is pretty rare in the web hosting space. It doesn’t directly affect the relationship with the customers, yet makes people appreciate the struggles of the HostArmada team to compete with hosting behemoths.   

The core values of the company are transparency, innovation, tolerance, and the spread of wisdom. These pillars are the base of the company and ensure the foundation of a good working climate. 

G2, a leading software review platform, rewarded HostArmada as the best support host and high performer in 2022, which is pretty awesome. Moreover, other major reviewers like HostingAdvice, FindMyHost, and WebHostingAdvices all endorse HostArmada.


Overall, you have a few noteworthy reasons to continue learning more about HostArmada. 

 HostArmada Analysis

Web hosting is similar to the foundation of a building. Both must be secure, solid, and silent. They are behind the scenes but their role is essential. Therefore, it makes sense to pay extreme attention to the hosting platform of your business. Sadly, it takes time and resources to test the potential of a hosting platform. Imagine that you have ten alternatives on your list; it takes days to test them. We want to save your time, and that’s why we published so many hosting reviews

Now, it’s time for HostArmada’s in-depth analysis! We took into consideration the performance, uptime, security, miscellaneous perks, customer support, and price tag. Overall, HostArmada surpassed our expectations and we encourage you to consider it for your websites. However, you’d better read each of the following sections to get a more granular idea about this promising hosting platform.


HostArmada comes with a wide range of services—from simple cloud hosting to dedicated servers. Consequently, the performance greatly depends on the resources allocated to each plan. The cheapest plan starts at $2.99/month and includes:

  • Low number of customers per server
  • 2GB RAM
  • 3 to 30 GB bandwidth 
  • 2 CPU cores
  • NGINX server
  • Brotli compression
  • Browser cache optimization
  • SSD storage.

Unlike most of its competitors, HostArmada doesn’t offer unlimited bandwidth. If you are new to hosting space you should know that “unlimited bandwidth” is a commercial expression because all hosts have a limit on the bandwidth used. HostArmada demonstrates transparency by clearly stipulating the range of the bandwidth. 

HostArmada’s infrastructure includes 9 data centers based on 4 continents, so you may target a global audience without problems.


Additionally, HostArmada supports CloudFlare, a highly efficient content delivery network that delivers your website from the closest server to users. Moreover, the infrastructure running the latest hardware ensures a high loading speed for all hosted websites.


Uptime is one of the major advantages of HostArmada. Thanks to its cloud-based approach, HostArmada ensures almost perfect uptime. The cloud infrastructure allows the replacement or upgrade of the hardware components with zero downtime. The service level agreement specifies that HostArmada guarantees 99.9% uptime and users get compensation for unexpected longer downtimes. In plain English, you can be sure that your website will be up and running without interruption by choosing HostArmada.



Small details make a big difference! Many hosts provide complete security solutions for only their most expensive tiers. HostArmada treats all customers the same from a security perspective. The only difference between the cheapest and most expensive hosting plans is the number of daily backups. The cheapest plan has 7 daily backups, while the most expensive include 21 backups.

HostArmada ensures a high degree of security by implementing the following:

  • Network and web application firewalls, thanks to the Imunify360 security suite;
  • Proactive defense by fixing 0-day vulnerabilities and patching PHP versions as soon as possible;
  • Brute force and malware protection;
  • 24/7/365 server monitoring.

Automatic daily backups are an effective safety net against complex hacking attacks. Under these circumstances, you can rest assured that your website is protected against any type of attack.

Ease of Use

Experts and regular users alike appreciate the dashboard’s simplicity and intuitiveness. You have a clear idea about your websites, invoices, and other services from the first second you land on the dashboard.


Setting up a WordPress website is as simple as ABC—just use Softaculous to create a new WordPress instance. Head to your HostArmada dashboard and find the type of hosting you purchased. Click on the “Manage Services” icon and you are directed to a new screen. You have plenty of options to select from, including cPanel and WordPress Manager. By choosing the latter option, you are redirected to the WordPress Management section from Softaculous. Click on Install and provide the details for your new website.


You provide the standard information requirements like domain name, WordPress version, site name and description, admin account credentials, and language.


Besides these details, you may select the theme of your site from a predefined set of themes. These look great and cover a wide range of purposes, from personal blogs to online stores.


Moreover, you have a few plugins to choose from and install on your WordPress instance. Once you finish these tasks, click on the Install button and your new WordPress website is ready to shine!

HostArmada uses the industry-standard cPanel control panel for website management. It’s a widely used control panel, well-known for its powerful set of features and intuitive interface. 

Domain Management

As a beginner, domain management is a real chore. Customizing a theme and testing plugin settings is pretty intuitive and simple. Yet, setting up the proper domain name and the nameservers require more technical knowledge. It’s not necessarily a must, but it’s preferable to have both the sites’ files and their domains under the same dashboard. Webmasters managing tens of websites appreciate this opportunity the most.

Luckily, HostArmada streamlines the registration, transfer, and renewals of domains. You can manage all your domains directly from the dashboard hassle-free. Finding the proper domain name for your business is simple and fast. Type in the desired domain name, and select the domain extension you like the most.


You have plenty of choices when it comes to domain extensions—from the standard .com to more exotic ones like .xyz, .camp, .photos, .plumbing,  .today, .cofee, .bike, .tel. 

Free Perks

HostArmada entices the leads by clearly promoting on the homepage what you get for free by purchasing any hosting services from them. Free of charge, you get:

  • SSL certificates for all your websites;
  • Website migration performed by experts;
  • Web server cache;
  • cPanel control panel;
  • Daily backups.

Many other hosting companies do the same, but a few aspects make HostArmada more appealing. Most hosts offer free SSL certificates, but only a few provide certificates for all the websites hosted. Agencies highly appreciate this offer because they save the money for SSL certificates of the customers’ sites.

The situation is a little different when it comes to website migration. The cheapest package includes hosting one website, which can be transferred by the HostArmada team. The rest of the pricing plans are for unlimited websites, but with a maximum of 5 transfers. However, take into account that most hosts offer only one site transfer for each plan. 

Free web server cache and cPanel control panel are standard in the industry, so HostArmada comes in line with the competitors. 7 daily backups for the cheapest plan is a rare feature and definitely piques the interest of potential customers. Many competitors ask for a small fee for backing up websites, so HostArmada gets an extra point for this approach.   

Customer Support

We asked for the help of the customer support agents during our tests. They were all helpful, fast, and concise. Indeed, while it might be a happy situation, it’s not reasonable to rate the support of a company based on a few instances. We checked the major reviewing websites and looked for other opinions of the customers about HostArmada support. The quasi-unanimous decision is that HostArmada support is top-class. Users appreciate the professional agents, clear explanations, and fast turnaround of HostArmada’s support.

HostArmada is available 24/7/365 through ticketing, live chat, and phone. In addition, the knowledge base is pretty solid and user-friendly. Besides all this, HostArmada Learning Center is an extensive library of in-depth tutorials covering plenty of technologies, including cPanel, FTP service, Magento2, WooCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, and Google services.

Pricing Plans


HostArmada has plans for all types of customers and projects. Shared hosting is the most affordable and has versions optimized for WordPress, open source web apps, and development. The plans are:

  • Start Dock ($2.99/month for a three-year commitment, $3.29/month for a two-year commitment, $3.59/month for one year commitment, and $3.89 for monthly payments);
  • Web Warp ($4.49/month for a three-year commitment, $4.79/month for a two-year commitment, $5.09/month for one year commitment, and $5.39 for monthly payments);
  • Speed Reaper ($5.39/month for a three-year commitment, $5.69/month for a two-year commitment, $5.99/month for one year commitment, and $6.29 for monthly payments).

Bear in mind that these introductory prices are 70% discounted. In this light, you’d better consider paying for a three-year plan to save some good money.

Webmasters managing complex apps or highly visited websites should take a look at the Virtual Servers plans. These start at $41.22/month and include amazing specs, like unlimited websites, 50 GB storage,  2 TB bandwidth, 40 Gbps speed in, and 2000 Mbps speed out. 

HostArmada has plans to rent a dedicated server for even more resources. 

Over to You

HostArmada is a relatively new host platform but it managed to attract a wealth of big companies and casual customers. The modern cloud infrastructure, stellar support, and decent prices are the best argument in HostArmada’s favour. Surprisingly, we didn’t find any serious drawbacks. Perhaps a free domain name included in most plans would have attracted more customers, but this doesn’t affect the quality or performance of the hosting.

In the end, HostArmada looks to have a promising future, and you can rely on its services for your online businesses.

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