Top 3 Hosting Providers Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments  

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It’s obvious that freedom of speech is in constant decline all over the world in the last couple of years. Pandemics, wars, and economical issues put extreme pressure on governments, and most of them have taken decisions to limit the freedom and rights of the population. Some measures were temporarily implemented while others are still in place.

SuperbThemes isn’t a platform for political debates; we remain entirely focused on developing WordPress and Framer products. However, we aim to contribute to the well-being of our global society by leveraging our expertise. For instance, we’ll introduce you to three hosting providers that accept cryptocurrency payments. These hosts prioritize a high level of privacy and anonymity for their customers, allowing individuals to express their viewpoints without revealing their identity. This means anyone can launch a website to share their ideas without fear of facing repercussions from authorities.  

The Role of Hosting Providers Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments 

The role of hosting providers accepting cryptocurrency payments for our society cannot be overstated. In numerous countries, individuals are free to launch websites and express their ideas, with varying degrees of liberty to discuss any topic. However, in many oppressive regimes, citizens are not afforded the same freedoms to address certain issues openly. In these contexts, expressing one’s thoughts can lead to fines or even imprisonment. 

Crypto payments offer complete privacy, making them a solution for anyone concerned about their transactions being traceable through credit cards or online payment systems. This traceability can lead authorities to uncover the identities of customers using hosting providers. Such transparency can impact freedom of speech, as it opens the possibility for authorities to intervene against individuals at any given time. 

Crypto payments allows complete anonymity and privacy. Hosting providers accepting cryptocurrency payments have no relevant information about their customers. All the information reduces to a decentralized entity that paid for hosting services. In this context, the authorities can’t find out the identity of the person behind the crypto payment.   

Reasons to Accept Crypto Payments 

Purchasing with cryptocurrencies isn’t user-friendly and regular users are pretty skeptical about this method. Indeed, there are regular hacks on all crypto environments, so this attitude is absolutely understandable. Altogether, paying with cryptocurrencies has a few solid advantages that are worth mentioning. 

Global accessibility 

Cryptocurrency payments are borderless, meaning your geographical location or country of residence doesn’t impact these transactions. 

Increased Privacy and Anonymity 

Crypto transactions don’t require you to reveal sensitive financial or personal information, preserving your privacy and anonymity. 

Low Transaction Fees 

While not all crypto transaction fees are lower than conventional fees, they often offer reduced costs, particularly beneficial in developing countries. 

Hosting Providers Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments 

Luckily, the number of hosting providers accepting cryptocurrency payments is growing constantly. It’s a moral duty to sustain freedom of speech, but it’s a strategic imperative for diversifying payment options. In essence, hosting providers that accept crypto payments are champions of freedom and pioneers in adopting new technological innovations. Here are the top 3 hosting providers accepting cryptocurrency payments. 


BitLaunch- Hosting-Providers-Accepting-Cryptocurrency-Payments 

BitLaunch positioned itself in the competitive hosting industry as a company with a focus on privacy, security, and cryptocurrency payments. You may use either BitLaunch or Vultr, Linode or Digital Ocean servers through a BitLaunch account. All of them have top-notch infrastructure, so you rest assured about your website’s performance. 

BitLaunch own infrastructure is solid and covers a global audience. The datacenters are based in the US (Los Angels, Dallas, Chicago) and Europe (London, Amsterdam, and Bucharest). We carefully checked hosting review websites and were impressed to see that there were no complains about the hosting performance and uptime. That’s a pretty rare thing, so if you are concerned about your site’s performance, BitLaunch is a solution for your needs. 

Unlike other competitors, the BitLaunch homepage is simple and lacks long, detailed info about pricing plans, types of hosting services, or how-to guides. This original approach makes it even more attractive for its target niche. To access more details about BitLaunch offerings, you need to create an account with just an email address and password. 

Unfortunately, creating a website can be challenging for less technical users as it requires technical skills. Conversely, experienced users will appreciate the ability to create their own stack. Configuring your own server requires choosing between the following options: 

  • the host (BitLaunch, Vultr, Linode, Digital Ocean),  
  • the operating system (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Windows or Ubuntu Desktop), 
  • the apps installed by default (WordPress, LEMP, Open VPN, WireGuard VPN, Outline and Shadowsocks) 
  • Datacenter region (Bucharest – the newest location, Amsterdam, London, Chicago, Los Angels, Dallas) 
  • Compute resources (a mix of RAM, storage, and transfer)  

It’s pretty clear that BitLaunch focuses more on developers and not on regular users. Much more, the devs behind BitLaunch created an open-source command line tool called blcli which streamlines the work of site creators. Use it to save time if you are familiar with command line tools. 



Hostinger is one of the most famous hosting companies and one of the pioneers of crypto payments. Founded in 2004, it has accepted crypto payments since 2018. Hostinger offers an impressive array of services and plans that cover all the needs of webmasters. It’s more of a hub for website administrators than a simple hosting company because Hostinger allows domain registration, professional email storage, and multiple types of hosting. 

Unlike BitLaunch, Hostinger caters to beginners and non-technical users. Launching a website is straightforward, and users have plenty of resources to learn the secrets of a successful online business. At the same time, Hostinger also accommodates hosting for enterprise projects and heavily visited websites. Of course, you’ll need to select superior plans, and the prices are accordingly set. 

Surprisingly, even the cheapest plans come with impressive compute resources, ensuring that your website will load quickly. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned developer, Hostinger’s freebies entice everyone to consider it for their projects. Even the most affordable pricing plans include, for free, an SSL certificate, a domain name, daily backups, and site migration. Moreover, the prices are affordable and enticing for beginners. Hostinger offers significant discounts to new customers, making it beneficial to secure your website’s hosting for a longer period, such as two or three years. 



Namecheap is another well-known hosting company that provides an extensive range of services. Similar to Hostinger, Namecheap is a hub for site creators because it offers everything you need to create and run websites. Finding the proper name for your online business is simple and enjoyable thanks to Namecheap’s effective filtering system. Hosting your professional email accounts is also affordable and effective with them. Of course, you have numerous choices to host your website on Namecheap servers. 

Recently, Namecheap stepped ahead of its competitors by providing quality marketing tools based on artificial intelligence. Webmasters use these tools to attract more organic traffic, increase the number of reviews, or improve local visibility. Moreover, Namecheap includes in its arsenal a few great tools to enhance website security. It’s no exaggeration to say that Namecheap offers everything needed to launch and run a successful website. 

Namecheap proudly claims itself as the first major web host that accepted Bitcoin payments. Impressively, it began accepting Bitcoin payments as early as 2013, establishing itself as a true crypto pioneer. 

BitLaunch vs. Hostinger vs. Namecheap 

Overall, you can’t go wrong with any of these three hosting providers accepting cryptocurrency payments. Each of them offers good uptime and superior performance at reasonable prices. However, there are some crucial details to consider when purchasing hosting for your future projects. 

BitLaunch stands out as the most crypto-friendly hosting platform and is also highly focused on privacy and anonymity. Its infrastructure and support are top-class. Developers will appreciate the ability to customize servers, but regular users may find the dev-friendly interface intimidating. BitLaunch primarily targets developers and technical individuals concerned about privacy. Newbies looking to start their first websites might want to consider other hosting platforms. 

Hostinger and Namecheap are two major hosting platforms accepting cryptocurrency payments. They cater to all types of users, from complete beginners to highly advanced developers. These platforms are welcoming to beginners due to their user-friendly interfaces, well-trained support agents, and comprehensive help centers filled with guides on creating modern websites. 

All these companies accept cryptocurrency payments, allowing you to use your crypto savings to start an online business. 

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