The Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers [2024 Edition]

Last updated: January 29, 2024

Looking for the fastest WordPress hosting for your website and feeling completely dazed? The abundance of hosting reviews can hamper your decision because there’s so much information to digest. Have you read dozens of articles about the fastest WordPress hosting providers and felt stuck? You aren’t alone. Many are unsure about which provider is the most suitable for their projects. 

Under these circumstances, makes a new list of hosting platforms make sense? Well, the answer is a big, fat YES! We have read at least as many hosting reviews as you and have tested dozens of hosting alternatives for our projects. We have enough experience to understand that there is no perfect performance test. The plans of hosting providers are different; sometimes, it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Despite that, a few WordPress hosting providers are at the top of the list for most experts, reviewers, and casual users. Here is a list of the fastest WordPress hosting providers. It’s the result of our team members’ combined experiences and the WordPress experts’ general opinion, reviews, and users.  



Kinsta is a well-known hosting provider, praised for its top-class services. We previously tested Kinsta hosting, and it deeply impressed us. Kinsta platform is based on the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, and all the plans include free access to Cloudflare, an excellent content delivery network. A built-in caching system speeds up all sites hosted on this platform. As a result, Kinsta is featured on all the top lists of the fastest WordPress hosting providers.  

More than just infrastructure makes Kinsta a good choice to host your site. The administrative set of tools is also out of this world. The built-in dashboard helps users manage the website hassle-free. You can rest assured about your site security because Kinsta’s customers benefit from:

  • Automatic backups;
  • DDoS protection;
  • Two-factor authentication;
  • SFTP / SSH protocols.

More good news awaits you if you purchase hosting services from Kinsta. The experts from Kinsta will take care of the site migration for free! Overall, Kinsta offers reliable and fast WordPress hosting. The prices aren’t for all budgets, but you get real value for your money!

WP Engine


WP Engine targets online stores and enterprise projects, but it’s also a good choice for startups. The performant infrastructure, the generous list of features, and cutting-edge services put WP Engine on the pricier end of the spectrum. But you get a competitive advantage by hosting your site on a high-speed platform. From a long-term perspective, you earn more money by investing in a pricey but performant host.

Like Kinsta, WP Engine partnered with Cloudflare to speed up sites. WP Engine runs on the infrastructure of both Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

WP Engine comes with a rarely seen offer—paying customers get free access to 10 premium themes. You buy the hosting and you get the theme for your site included in the price of the host. Other worth-mentioning features of WP Engine hosting are:

  • Daily and on-demand backups;
  • Free staging website;
  • Free SSL certificate and SSH access;
  • Multi-factor password authentication;
  • Performance monitoring.



Cloudways is one of the fastest WordPress hostings, but it’s not featured in as many host reviews as other similar platforms, due to its love-it-or-hate-it format. Unlike the majority of its competitors, Cloudways lets you choose the cloud platform for your project. Cloudways’ cloud hosting platforms include:

  • Digital Ocean
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Vultr
  • Linode. 

Cloudways’ main purpose is to offer cloud hosting in a simplified dashboard, so everyone can configure their sites. The testimonials reveal that Cloudways indeed makes cloud hosting accessible for everyone. Cloudways customers also have access to Cloudflare to deliver sites as fast as possible. With this service, Cloudflare copies your site to its servers and delivers it to the users from the nearest location, allowing your site to load faster than the competitors. 

Don’t worry if you have problems with your site—Cloudways’ support is top-class and offers a variety of ways to reach out to a customer support agent. 


SiteGround fast WordPress hosting

If you have to blindly recommend a WordPress host, most experts will go for SiteGround. It’s one of the three hosting companies endorsed by WordPress, a clear indicator of the top-class services. While the above suggestions are fast WordPress hosting solutions, the pricing plans are restrictive for tight budgets. This isn’t the case for SiteGround, which offers affordable plans for every type of service. Be aware that the introductory prices are substantially discounted. We strongly recommend purchasing two or three-year subscriptions to save your money.

SiteGround relies on Google Cloud infrastructure to host the customers’ sites. Additionally, a few things make SiteGround one of the fastest WordPress hosting platforms:

  • A powerful caching technology that quickly delivers the sites hosted;
  • Integration of the latest technologies like Brotli, HTTP/2, or OCSP Stapling;
  • Custom PHP and MySql to reduce resource consumption.

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting fast WordPress hosting

WPX isn’t an overly familiar name in the WordPress hosting industry. However, its ultra-fast platform and impressive set of features deserve more attention. We bet you will hear more and more about WPX in the future. While the testing stats don’t have too much value for us, the hierarchy of the tested platforms gives us precious insight. Surprisingly or not, WP boasts two important mentions:

– WP Hosting Benchmarks: WPX was mentioned as a top-tier hosting platform;

– a test performed by Matthew Woodward: somewhat surprisingly, WPX earned the first position in his detailed test.

Besides the blazingly fast infrastructure, WPX offers a plethora of great features like:

  • 99.95% uptime;
  • Unlimited custom email addresses;
  • Automated backups;
  • Free SSL certificate;
  • Free site migration;
  • Two-factor authentication;
  • High-speed custom content delivery network;
  • Staging area.

The pricing strategy is different from the industry standards. You can’t purchase the host of a single website. The cheapest plan includes up to five websites. It’s more expensive than the basic plans, which usually include one or two websites. Yet, it’s cheaper than the majority of the intermediary or superior plans of the competitors.


DreamHost fast WordPress hosting

DreamHost isn’t as fast as Kinsta and doesn’t come with as many agency perks as Flywheel. Altogether, by mixing speed, features, and price, the best ratio goes to Dreamhost. Its offering is out of this world—you can run unlimited websites for as low as $3.95 a month!

Like SiteGround, recommends DreamHost, so its quality is unquestionable. DreamHost uses SSD to store digital assets and the servers are optimized so that your website loads as fast as possible. 

The diversity of services is another strong point of Dreamhost. For instance, you may start with a simple shared plan and upgrade it step-by-step. Cloud hosting and VPS are two superior alternatives for a super speedy website.  You may rent a server for yourself or ask for a custom offer. Additionally, DreamHost helps you secure the preferred domain name, host the emails, or even create a wonderful website by hiring its developers. 


Flywheel fast WordPress hosting 1

Flywheel targets design agencies. It’s one of the fastest WordPress hosting platforms and offers cool tools for managing multiple sites. The Flywheel infrastructure runs on the Google Cloud Platform and uses Fastly CDN to speed up the sites. Entrepreneurs using the WooCommerce plugin for their online stores should take a look at Flywheel’s offerings. The dedicated plans for online stores come with fast server responses, Instant Store Search, daily backups, and one-click store creation.    

Flywheel’s particularity is the suite of tools for agencies. A personalized dashboard streamlines site management and assists in creating reports for your customers. No need for additional billing and invoicing tools, as this suite includes tools for these tasks. Forget about back and forth moves to log in to each site you manage. Flywheel lets you manage them all from a unique dashboard. Finally, you may also manage your customers with the Flywheel suite of tools.

Over to You

The above suggestions cover all of the users’ needs. Some platforms target mostly agencies and solopreneurs offering web creation and maintenance services. Others cater to individual small projects, while most hosts have different types of plans to satisfy all types of users. Performant infrastructure is what all these hosts have in common. If you want a fast-loading site, any of these recommendations will delight you!

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