Eight Best Magento Hosting Providers of 2024

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Our dedication to WordPress is out of the question! We have built themes and plugins, written hundreds of WordPress-related blog posts, and offered site maintenance for WordPress websites. We strongly believe that WordPress democratized content publishing, and we contribute to making it even better. Yet, we believe that some of its competitors also deserve your attention. 

The Magento e-commerce platform is a great tool for building online stores that rivals WordPress in terms of functionality. In 2018, Adobe acquired it, renaming it Adobe Commerce. It has become a more refined platform that allows multi-channel shopping experiences. If you are in the e-commerce industry, you should look at this platform!

A hosting platform is the foundation of any website. A good host is essential for a successful online business. Magento-based stores are no exception, so we have compiled a list of the best Magento hosting providers. 

What to Look For in Magento Hosting

The requirements of a reliable WordPress host don’t differ too much from those necessary for Magento. First of all, security is vital! By setting up an online business to generate income, you are already on the radar of a few hackers. Don’t take it personally—nobody wants to hack your website in particular, it’s just the money that attracts hackers. It’s a common misconception to believe that your website won’t attract online thieves. If you neglect site security, it’s just a matter of time before your site is hacked.

Performance is also a relevant factor when choosing Magento hosting. You need a fast hosting platform running on the latest technologies. Like WordPress, speed isn’t the strong point of Magento, so you have to select a fast hosting provider for your store.

Finally, pricing is a crucial consideration. High security and performance come with a price tag that isn’t affordable to all small businesses. You have to find the sweet point between quality and costs. The following Magento hosting providers are secure, high-performing, and cost-effective, so take a look at them!

A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting is an experienced player in the hosting industry. It offers reliable services for hosting Magento-based websites. You have plenty of pricing plans to choose from, with managed/unmanaged dedicated hosting and managed/unmanaged VPS hosting. Every plan includes Cloudflare free integration, a free SSL certificate, and free website migration.

A2 Hosting comes with DDOS protection, proactive firewall, brute force defense, non-stop monitoring, and redundant energy systems to make sure that hackers and hazards won’t ever take down your site. The host ensures 99.9% uptime for all websites.  

Additionally, A2 Hosting’s smart notification center keeps you updated on your site uptime and security.



Some of you might not have heard about HostArmada, as it is a privately-owned company with a limited marketing budget. It’s also the newest kid on the block in the hosting industry. But you will definitely hear about it shortly, thanks to its price and quality.

 HostArmada offers a large palette of services, including hosting for Magento stores. 1-click Magento 2 installer is a great choice to save time and benefit from the latest Magento features. HostArmada specialists constantly improve the stack by updating the latest PHP versions, installing security patches, and regularly checking the storage units. In addition to all that, you get:

  • an SSL certificate;
  • site migration;
  • domain name;
  • enhanced web cache system;
  • daily backups.

The prices are quite competitive, and we strongly recommend securing a three-year commitment to benefit from the highest discounts for a longer time.



The future of hosting is in the clouds! Like many major platforms, Cloudways offers a large set of hosting types. It works for WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and many other stacks. Yet, it’s among the few hosts that allow you to select the cloud platform for your website. Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Linode are alternatives to host your Magento site.

Cloudways will ensure that your store loads fast and delight your customers. The performant stack, SSD storage, advanced cache system, and Cloudflare CDN integration secure a good score on Core Web Vitals. Scalability is another huge advantage of Cloudways. No need to worry about traffic spikes—the infrastructure handles all these issues automatically. 

Cloudways’ team of experts continuously monitors the site’s uptime and updates the servers. Dedicated firewalls and free SSL certificates make your site secure and trusty. You have plenty of reasons to select Cloudways. Don’t worry if you have a running store—the migration to Cloudways is free of charge and performed by experts.  



Nexcess is a well-known provider for hosting Magento, WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, or Craft CMS. If you go for Magento, Nexcess should be on the top of the list thanks to its feature-rich offering. You can rest assured that Nexcess can handle traffic spikes automatically. The built-in CDN (content delivery network) improves your site loading speed so that purchasers won’t have to wait for ages. Security is a top concern for Nexcess, so you don’t have to worry about it. Experts monitor your online store 24/7/365, install security patches, and perform nightly backups to ensure you have a solution in extreme situations. Nexcess is PCI-compliant (Payment Card Industry), which securely processes payments and card details. Staging environments and free website migration are included in all pricing plans. These satisfy the users’ needs, but enterprise projects will benefit the most from the dedicated hosting.



Most Magento hosting providers are, in fact, hosts that made their names in the WordPress hosting industry. Although that isn’t necessarily bad, you may want to consider a host solely focused on Magento. Hypernode is a professional company acting in the e-commerce hosting industry. Unlike major companies, Hypernode provides a more personalized experience and makes you feel special and appreciated. Yet, its budget marketing can’t be stacked against big competitors, so you likely haven’t heard of it. Hypernode entices users with a 14-day trial, no strings attached to foster confidence. 

Hypernode customers benefit from free website migration, an intuitive control panel, enhanced security, proactive monitoring, and regular backups. The pricing plans are quite flexible, and you get real value.



Looking for the performance of the Google Cloud Platform combined with Magento’s rich set of features? Elastycloud might be your answer. It combines Google’s ultra-performant infrastructure with a professional experience for Magento users. You don’t need advanced skills to deploy a new Magento store on Google Cloud—it only takes 60 seconds and a few clicks with Elastycloud.

Hosting the site in the cloud improves performance; hosting the site on Google Cloud infrastructure has even better performance. No need to worry about traffic spikes—the infrastructure handles traffic automatically. You have dozens of tools and resources to enhance your website, and you pay only for the resources used. Despite that, the plans aren’t affordable for tight budgets. However, the quality of the services deserves your investment.

Web Hosting Hub


Go for Web Hosting Hub if you are searching for a cheap but serious hosting platform. This company earns its place on this list of the best Magento hosting services thanks to its low price and a pretty solid list of features. Despite its affordable pricing plans, the quality of service is impressive. Bear in mind that the introductory prices are discounted, and the renewal prices are higher. However, every Web Hosting Hub customer benefits from the following, regardless of the plan selected:

  • A free domain name;
  • A free SSL certificate;
  • Free website transfer;
  • $150 free advertising credits;
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth;
  • Unlimited email accounts;
  • cPanel+ SSH access.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with Web Hosting Hub, you may ask for a no-question refund at any point during your 90-day trial. 

Mage Mojo


Mage Mojo is an exclusive cloud hosting service for Magento websites. It offers dedicated infrastructure, as well as a team skilled in Magento.  Cloud hosting comes with plenty of customization options, which can cause trouble for less-experienced users. The user-friendly interface provided by Mage Mojo will simplify your work. 

Auto-scaling is a much-needed feature to handle traffic congestion. Gone are the days when you had to worry about technical issues generated by traffic spikes. The host scales up the resources used, so your site won’t go down. 

Are you looking to enhance the shopping experience? You can deliver an app-like experience to your customers by building a PWA (Progressive Web Application). Mage Mojo supports PWA and allows pushing code changes with no downtime. 

Over to You

This list doesn’t just consist of the best Magento hosting providers, but it also covers all user preferences and needs. Web Hosting Hub and HostArmada are probably the best alternatives if you have budget restrictions. Want a host that works exclusively with Magento sites? Hypernode, Elastycloud, and Mage Mojo come with impressive features and tools for shop management. Nexcess, A2 Hosting, and Cloudways don’t need any introduction. Select any of them, and rest assured that these companies have satisfied millions of users. You can’t go wrong with them.

These are our recommendations, but we might have missed your favorite Magento host. Do you have any suggestions to update our list? Leave a comment, and we will take a look at your interesting recommendations.

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