Best Cloud Server Hosting Providers 2024: Top Picks for Speed and Reliability

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It often feels like companies are all switching over to the cloud now. As technology advances, more organizations understand how cloud computing works and the huge advantages you can take advantage of only using physical systems. This is our opinion concerning the best Cloud Server Hosting solutions out there.

According to, The global Cloud Computing Market was valued at USD 522 billion in 2022. It is expected to reach USD 2,972.6 billion at a CAGR of 19% between 2022 to 2032

Business owners and individuals who run sites always look for the next technology to serve customers better and edge over the competition. Cloud servers are virtual servers, so you don’t have to pay for expensive physical servers, which will take up space in a rack or data center. Cloud servers can also be custom-delivered over the internet and accessed remotely. This means no matter where you are in the world, you will still be able to access everything and tweak the settings in a way that will optimize your setup.

For cloud computing, which hosts should we be looking at? Which ones are the best when it comes to good uptime, fast connections, and reliability? Before we look at our comprehensive list, let us consider why cloud computing is becoming more popular and its definition. Before we can make the right choice in cloud computing, we need to know exactly what we are working with and how the technology is evolving.

Advantages of the Cloud

As we covered earlier, cloud computing has several advantages over just working with a physical computer in your office. Look at the following perks you get when you are not restricted to only physical servers.

  • Customize what resources you use.
  • Access resources from any place in the world
  • Change your Operating System on the fly.
  • Save money when you are not using all of the resources

With cloud computing, you are in total control. When you buy physical software and hardware, you are saddled with it permanently. There is no way to return RAM and storage space when you are not using it. The SSD you just purchased is a sunk cost that you will need to pay off.

Cloud computing gives you more options. You could imagine it this way. If you have a sudden surge in traffic, adjust your specs immediately. That would never happen with physical servers, which need to be upgraded with parts. There is no way to return these parts after the surge in traffic is over. Plus, the companies offering cloud computing have a good reputation, and many companies trust them.

Best Cloud Server Hosting

Which cloud hosts should we be using for our WordPress sites? We have put together some of the best cloud server hosting opportunities that you can choose from.

WP Engine

1. WP Engine

The best Cloud Server Hosting provider is WP Engine.

WP Engine has a lot of great options if you are getting into cloud hosting for WordPress. Many companies are switching over to WP Engine, which marks the number one spot on our list. People who run businesses notice that cloud hosting keeps their company fluid to respond to demands and challenges faster. Cloud hosting with WP Engine is also more stable and secure since many copies of your work are spread out over many data centers.

For example, the unthinkable happens, and there is a flood at one of the data centers you use. Don’t worry about it when you use a Cloud solution through WP Engine. They have your data backed up over a wide variety of data centers, so there is no way that you can be put in a position where all of your work gets wiped.

Not only that, a company doesn’t have to take on hardware risk when they go with WP Engine. There is no maintenance on the system since it is just virtual. This means you have very high stability for just a fraction of what it would typically cost to access all of the hardware. WP Engine is a great company to go with when you want to scale up your business without customers’ dropping service.


2. Siteground

Also, Siteground is one of the best cloud server hosting solutions around.

Need guaranteed resources that will be there when you need them? Check out Siteground. With servers in the cloud, you will never scale faster than what they have to offer.

Add CPU and extra RAM with just one or two clicks on your mouse. Don’t like the current OS? Wipe it and start over. They even have auto-scale features. If the system detects you need the resources, you will get the help you need. There is no danger of going down now from a traffic spike. This means more revenue and less downtime. Perfect!


3. Bluehost

Bluehost is known for being a company that you can depend on. When you use their cloud hosting, you know you are going to be in good hands. If a part of your site fails, the hosting is flipped over to a new server. They also provide many resources so that you understand cloud computing. Having trouble installing an OS remotely? Don’t worry. They have a guide for that. Bluehost comes in at number three with great service and many free resources for learning.

4. NameHero

NameHero are known for their top-notch customer support. It’s not only that they answer the questions throughout, but they also respond within 15 minutes – which is very rare when it comes to customer support, generally speaking. Lots of companies brag about their support, but NameHero is one of the few companies that put a lot of resources into it.

NameHero hosts more than 40.000 websites and is expected to continue growing rapidly over the next couple of years due to its popularity – especially a lot of small businesses host their website with NameHero because they are reliable and consistent.


5. Kinsta

Kinsta is the last solution on our best cloud server hosting list.

The hosting provider is a valuable company that paired up a fast network with Google Cloud. If you want reliable service, go with the experts that use Google. They have great engineers that are going to know how your WordPress site works. Since the engineers are already so familiar with the ins and outs that center around WordPress, you will have no problem asking them for help on how to get things working remotely or how to improve load times. Using managed hosting makes it even easier as they control and use their site management skills to give you the best hosting for WordPress.

Sharing the Load

Not only will cloud computing make your company more efficient with resources, but it can also save you a lot of time. We have all had a situation where a large chunk of code has been lost to a glitch, or a program will only work on one computer and can’t be transferred to a new computer. With cloud computing, you can eliminate these scenarios.

Cloud computing will spread out the load in terms of hosting web pages and hosting data. Your site will not be on only one server. With virtual servers, you can easily add an image of your site to as many servers as you want. Servers can all be linked together to perfect load balancing. If your content goes viral, other servers with the required content can rush to help lessen the load on local servers. There is no need to have one physical machine with all of your resources. Several weaker computers can work together in tandem and make sure power is distributed over many countries and time zones.

Federated Storage

One term many are not familiar with is federated storage. Federated storage clouds are when you have many spread-out resources all working together. If one system fails, there is another that is ready to take a position and help. There is no need to use various files and version types when all the servers are just working from one set of documents. Spreading out the load truly is the wave of the future, and those that switch over quickly are reaping the results now.

The Rise of Cloud Computing

We have briefly touched on the advantages that you get through cloud computing. You no longer have to have physical access to the server that you are working on. If you would like, the cloud server could be located in Sweden while still in the United States! This means if a Swedish company has the best deal on cloud computing versus companies in the States, you can go with the best deal overseas. This is huge!

Think about the globalization of economies and how it has changed business. Goods from all over the world are manufactured in factories that may be halfway around the globe. With logistics, you can quickly have these goods shipped out to you with orders from the internet. Globalization has created an environment where you no longer compare prices with companies that are local. Now you are looking at companies all over the world for your services and products.

Cloud computing is seeing a lot of this globalization now. There is no reason to go with a host or cloud service that is more expensive in your home country. With virtual servers, you can always find the lowest price and also the best service, no matter what country it is found in.

What is the Cloud?

Since the technology is still new, many misconceptions remain about what the cloud is and how we define it. With a cloud server, you don’t have to be next to the computer to make changes to the operating system or what kind of resources you are using. Unfortunately, we don’t have the technology yet to add more physical RAM or storage space to a remote computer, but we can change the number of resources that we have access to. As long as the RAM or storage space is on the server in terms of hardware, you can ask for permission to use the extra resources.

All of these resources can also be accessed remotely. As long as you have the correct username and password, you can log in and work with the system like your own. Cloud services can be used for web hosting, data hosting, software development, or running applications. With so many different avenues to use the cloud, we can see why cloud computing is growing fast.

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