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EWWW Image Optimizer is one of the best plugins for optimizing the loading time. As you’ve probably noticed by now, it’s quite pricey. Luckily there’s an easy solution to that, get a discount by using a coupon code. Click the green button below to visit their website and view available coupon codes!

EWWW image optimizer

With improved loading speeds of the pages, your website or blog will also improve the search engine rankings for you, along with better conversion rates. These also include sales and signups. Optimized loading also helps in saving your storage space and bandwidth. 

While EWWW I.O. is known to optimize the images you upload automatically, this can also be done to the already uploaded images. You can also convert your images to the best file formats as well. This will let you have the high-quality compression options that you need. These files are also considered lossless in appearance. 

EWWW image optimizer can also process any images created and uploaded by any plugin. This can also include specially integrated features as well.  The EWWW image optimizer is a plugin that helps increase your page’s speeds by improving image optimization. People who wish to avail of this feature tend to look for coupon codes before purchasing.

Why it’s worth waiting for an EWWW.IO Image Optimizer coupon code

  • With EWWW Image Optimizer, there are no speed limits involved for processing. With the help of this plugin, there is no limit to the file size, either. You can easily work with various file sizes.
  • The EWWW Image Optimizer also deals with the smooth handling of the processing of images. This results in better optimization that proves to be picture-perfect too. Easy loss options are available for JPG, PNG, and PDF files.
  • Several intelligent conversion options are also available for use in terms of adaptive steering. They help obtain the right image format, such as JPG, PNG, and GIF.
  • EWWW Image Optimization offers effective, comprehensive coverage since no other image is left out. Everything on your site can be optimized, including external sources other than the WordPress Media Library.
  • This plugin ensures that all communication is secured with the help of SSL encryption itself. Apart from that, EWWW Image Optimiser also offers some roadside assistance as well. With the best support offered to the customers, every single question is given top priority and handled with care by the customer support service. The free backup of images is able to remain stored for over a month. 

What makes EWWW Image Optimiser stand out

There are several tools on the server that one can easily use to optimize images. These tools are easily available to use for free. The images can also be optimized through the help of special servers that can utilize the best tools available. This is done in a very lossless manner. 

This form of compression ensures that the algorithms are unique and gain the maximum compression one needs. The images remain in crisp quality throughout the compressing process. After that, you can convert those images to the format you need. EWWW Image Optimization can be used on any hosting platform, which is why it has become popular.

Automatic Everything and Bulk Optimize easy & cheap.

Along with easy Image Optimisation, the pictures are automatically compressed. These images can easily be scaled to fit the pages and the right device size. These final pages can be converted to the next-gen WebP format. You can also optimize all the images leading from one page to another. This is done using the Bulk Scanner. This also includes the Media Library, a few configured folders, etc. Some of the supported galleries have their own optimized images to offer as well. These galleries include NextGEN, NextCellent, and FlaGallery as well.

It’s hard to get a voucher when there is no promotion

Vouchers help customers get the discounts they are looking for in their purchases. Vouchers are also distributed as part of the promotional campaign as they help obtain more customers. However, WordPress plugins seldom offer any plugins at all, and the available ones are often difficult to find.

Look for discounts during Black Friday.

Black Friday is the time during which people are out on wild shopping sprees. They intend to make as many purchases as possible since black Fridays brings numerous customer discounts. This is why discounts are given on this day to ensure that more people are attracted to the product they have to purchase.

Ewww.io image optimizer sign up

You might get a coupon code on Cyber Monday.

Most plugins offer customers coupons that they can use to make more purchases. They can easily avail of the services they need at much lower prices, and this plays a big role in attracting more buyers as well. Cyber Money just offers an open ground where several coupons are available for one to choose from. However, not all WordPress plugins come with these coupons. But these plugins usually have sufficient features to let them stand out in the market. 

EWWW doesn’t use coupon codes

Like a few other Plugins, EWWW Image Optimization does not come with coupon codes. The existing features of this plugin are sufficient to make it stand out in the market with other competitors. The features are often essential for the user, and their effectiveness is enough to convince the buyer. These are often the people who understand that by purchasing this plugin, their WordPress blog will be able to stand out from the crowd. The features of EWWW Image Optimization go a long way in ensuring that the blog has higher traffic and can function better than other blogs.

Discounts & coupon codes are rare for WordPress plugins

Discount codes are available to avail certain discounts on selected items, while coupons can easily waive some fees for a broader range of items. They play an important role in the promotional campaigns of plugins as well. 

However, since most of the plugins for WordPress offer several free features, the paid ones rarely have any coupons or vouchers available. The free features usually make up for the lack of discounts. They are often significant in ensuring that the given blog able to have all the necessary features it needs. This is why going along with the free features is easier under normal circumstances.

Skips Previously Optimized Images with Ewww.io

All the images that are optimized are saved within a database. This storage feature prevents the plugin from trying to optimize them all over again unless any form of modification occurs. You can also see several other optimized images, and they are available on the page called On the Bulk Optimise. 

This is where you find lots of already optimized images easily. You can also remove separate individual images from the list if you like. Another option that can be used includes the Force Optimise option. It is used to have the default behavior overridden. There are links to optimize the images again on the page for the Media Library. They force the plugin to easily ignore the prior status of images that have already been optimized.

Wp image editor

The built-in WP Image Editor processes the images created. These images are automatically optimized, and their current implementations are considered relatively popular. They include Imagick, Gmagick, and GD as well. The images processed through this can easily be animated GIFs, Resize, Easy Watermark, thumbs, MediaPress, Imsanity, WP RSS Aggregator, and WP Retina 2x as well. There might be other options available, as well.  

Ewww.io image optimizer testimonials

Webp images and wp-cli

With the help of Image Optimisation on EWWW, you can automatically convert the WebP pages. This does not need any additional configuration. Several methods are available for you to benefit from the feature, including the rewrite rules, which are compatible with Apache and the JS WebP rewriting option. It also works fine with the WebP option in the enabling cache option.

You can also easily run the Bulk Optimisation right from the command line without going to the web interface itself. It is easily a much faster option. EWWW Image Optimisation goes a long way in ensuring that you don’t face any problems or complications. 

All the images that are uploaded are also coached by FooGallery. These are also optimized automatically as well. The old uploads are optimized as the Media Library Bulk Optimise runs them. The images that have been previously cached are optimized by entering the uploads/cache/wp-content. These folders are placed for optimization and running the scan from the Bulk Optimize page.

These upload capability, re-optimization, and bulk-optimizing features also play an important role. The NextGEN Bulk Optimize tool is located at the bottom of the menu. This can help in optimizing the images contained in the gallery. Along with that, it is also possible to optimize the group images in several galleries altogether.

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