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Every week, we spend hours finding promotion codes for different WordPress products, such as Beaver Builder. Most WordPress developers know each other since it’s a small community. We agree with Beaver builder; as soon as a promotion code or discount code is available for their premium version & addons, we’ll be told right away. You can come back at any point and check if a discount is available. You can see current codes, if there are any, below:

Beaver Builder WordPress Plugin

WordPress is the preferred platform for most people who wish to start a website. WordPress is a feature-rich platform with a versatile option. It helps you build your website quickly. The WordPress community has released many plugins and themes for everyone to use. WordPress has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. However, some users find it tough to get unique themes and plugins for building their websites. In addition, many users struggle with the lack of diversity in WordPress website designs. Some hire a professional developer & designer to solve this problem, which is a very costly option. Another alternative to you is to learn how to use Beaver Builder. 

You can install Beaver Builder to develop a new, attractive-looking, unique WordPress website for your business. We will talk about Beaver Builder in this article, and the discount offers available for the users.

beaver builder discount code

Beaver Builder Core Features

If you’re wondering what features the premium version of Beaver Builder comes with, then you’re in luck! First, it’s essential to know precisely what you’re buying. Beaver Builder is one of the most intuitive page builder plugins with drag-and-drop features. This WP page builder effectively creates a custom website within a few hours. It’s a type of design framework with various toolsets to simplify the WordPress website creation process.

Beaver Builder makes your website optimized for mobile and desktop: Building a responsive website is essential to every business, especially since most websites experience more mobile traffic than desktops. Thus, you can make your WordPress website responsive by relying on Beaver Builder. Lots of your potential customers come from a mobile platform. That means when your WordPress site is not responsive, you can lose potential customers. The most notable thing is that Google has found the search volume from mobile platforms higher than the desktop platform. With the use of WP Beaver Builder, every page of your website becomes mobile-friendly.

SEO Optimization: SEO is one of the vital aspects of a business & eCommerce website. You have to make your site easy to find for potential customers. Therefore, it is essential to have a high website rank in the search results to attract new customers through SEO. You can rely on Beaver Builder, the WordPress webpage builder. The plugin is beneficial to achieve a better and improved SEO ranking. 

Beaver Builder applies the latest SEO standards, including and code compression, for you. In addition, it ensures that the pages created by it are crawlable to search engines.

Multisite: Beaver Builder saves you time if you need multisite installation. There is an Agency Package equipped with a network-based panel for the agency owners. As the admin, you can adjust Beaver Builder from only one primary panel. Hence, this unique feature provides you with efficiency and convenience. You can even easily update the brand logos and other minor designs for clients through the panel.

Import & Export Easily: This is one of the essential features of the agencies. Sometimes, it makes sense to clone a website you have made in the past, for example, if you have a new client who needs something like it or needs a backup. However, it is frustrating to do it several times. Furthermore, there is a chance of losing content if you do not have an import and export feature. Thus, Beaver Builder saves your valuable website content. The export and import functionality is an integrated feature of Beaver Builder. WordPress also offers you the tools for keeping content. Also, you can migrate the website without losing the content. Another exciting thing is that your website layout is shareable with your collaborators, which is fantastic.

Translate Websites Easily: You always need to create a website that serves your target customers. In some cases, language becomes a barrier, and this issue causes the loss of potential customers. However, with Beaver Builder, you can develop a multilingual website. Now, you can welcome visitors from various countries and make your web pages readable to them. The best fact is that Beaver Builder is a compatible WPML plugin.

Animated & Video Backgrounds: Animation can add a professional touch to your website. It may attract your website visitors’ attention. Beaver Builder enables you to use animated backgrounds for your site.

Keyboard Shortcuts: It is an exciting feature available for Beaver Builder users since it saves you time once you get familiar with the shortcuts. The customizable shortcuts simplify your tasks. You can also use a key and keycode for every shortcut if you want to get advanced. You can also remove a shortcut at any given time if one of the premade shortcuts is annoying to you.

Third-Party Extensions: They help add various new designs, functionalities, and features to Beaver Builder. Those extensions include WooPack, PowerPack, and Ultimate Addons. PowerPack and Ultimate Addons help supercharge your WordPress site. However, WooPack acts as one of the WooCommerce Add Ons.

Save Design Modules: Beaver Builder gives you a chance to save your modules, columns, and rows. You can save and update these things globally.

Fantastic Customer Support: If you are new to Beaver Builder, you might face using it. When you have any queries about the plugin, customer representatives help you. The active assistants are ready to solve your questions. When you have left your query, the team will give you a response within a few hours maximum, so you can get back to creating your beautiful website.

Other Features: Beaverbuilder is equipped with various modules, and these modules work as blocks, helping you add something to your web pages.

  • Text Editor – It is comparable to the WordPress post editor, and it functions as the best visual text editor.
  • Accordions – For the Q&A and FAQ pages of your site, an accordion is more than useful.
  • Video – Use the media library to get the videos that you desire.
  • Buttons – Find an attraction collection of buttons to add to your website & make some sweet CTAs.
  • Contact Form – It is a must for most websites, and you can easily add it from the module.
  • Call to Action – Find the right type of CTA for your website layout.
  • Tabs – You can customize them & add content easily.
  • Content Slider – Create attractive sliders using the text and images
  • Testimonials – In a slider form, you can add testimonials for your company.

Beaverbuilder Refund Policy

Beaver Builder themes and BB Themer plugins are not available as a free trial for new users. However, there is a 30-day money-back policy for all Beaver Builder users. So whether you have renewed your product, done an upgrade, or made a purchase, you can send the refund request within a month. By submitting a Support ticket, you can make the request. They have a loose refund policy, so you can get a refund even if you don’t feel like it’s the right page builder for you.

Also, you may get a free demo service accessible to you for 24 hours. The demo helps you get to know Beaver Builder. When you have upgraded the version to get a pro license, you will get WordPress multisite capability and the BeaverBuilder theme. You will also get an agency license so that you can rebrand Beaverbuilder into your page builder.

beaver builder pricing

Beaver Builder Coupon Code

You can see below what you get when you purchase Beaver Builder with a coupon code. It’s pretty much the standard feature no matter what unless they have a unique coupon code going, where they only take the price off their most expensive plan. That’s what they usually do when they have coupon codes, which is extremely rare.

  • Beaver Builder Plugin: This is the page builder plugin. It enables you to design customized layouts for your WordPress website pages and post.
  • Beaver Themer: BB Theme and Beaver Themer plugin have collaborated up with each other. Thus, you will be able to have control over the footer and header. With the BB page builder plugin, there is a chance of modifying any part of your website.
  • Beaver Builder Theme: For the best control, you can choose WordPress BB Theme. WordPress Customizer helps you adjust the font color, link colors, font style, and various other things.

Get a Beaver Builder Bonus Codes

The bonus codes and coupon codes are money-saving options for Beaver Builder users. At the top of this article, you’ll find updated information on the Beaver Builder coupon vouchers. To buy the addons and other useful functionalities for your website, you may make an affordable deal. On some occasions, you will get more than a 10% discount on your purchase.

You may also visit the homepage of the official site of Beaver Builder. You will find updated information on the latest Beaver Builder Promotion codes. A few clicks will help you choose the preferred products available at Beaver Builder.

Beaver Builder Addons & Power Pack Discounts

One of the most valuable things about upgrading Beaver Builder is that it helps you integrate WP Beaver Addons. These Addons are the best solutions for enriching your website with different features and options. Once in a while, they have a discount coupon available for you to save your money on upgrading your Beaver Builder subscription. So remember to use the coupons as one of WP Beaver Addons users, at least not when they are available.

WP Beaver Addons can provide you with over 50 attractive modules. Those modules are helpful when it comes to making a beautiful website. However, you might have to create new websites fast in some cases. If that happens, the web page templates are the best solution. Use the templates for the development of websites in a variety of niches. Also, you can create rows and page sections with the unique section templates provided by WP Beaver Addons. There are over 120 section templates for your WordPress website. Don’t miss out on these features of WP Beaver Addons!

Beaver Builder PowerPack provides you with various advantages. It removes most limitations, so you have full access to pretty much any module you can imagine. Beaver Builder is available with multiple editions; PowerPack is usable. The translation module of WP Beaver Addons is also valuable, and there is no need to change code when you can edit text strings. You can also get a faster performance of your website.

How To Get A Beaver builder Discount Code

At the top of this article, you can check any active promo codes currently. However, remember that coupon codes remain valid for a limited time. Therefore, while choosing any code, you must ensure it is proper. For instance, Beaver Builder has already offered a 25% discount on various products this year.

You can get a discount on Beaver Themer and different other products. Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals are also available almost every year. Those are some of the joint promotions & discount codes you want to look out for. They are all offered by WP Beaver Builder. 

beaver builder features & promotion codes

We can conclude that Beaver Builder is a handy and easy-to-use WordPress page builder. Its features help you in building your WordPress website seamlessly. The free version has some limited features. However, the premium one is attractive to lots of website owners. Some people will want to avoid investing in the premium version. But, the availability of coupon vouchers has removed your concerns. For most of the deals, you can find a discount. You can create your dream website without wasting money.

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