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The 2021 pandemic will go down in history as an event that radically changed modern society. Most of its impact has been negative, but there have been several positive outcomes. For instance, online entrepreneurs have started to invest more and more in ensuring a better shopping experience for their customers.

Launching an online store and waiting for customers to buy from you is the perfect approach to going bankrupt. You have to do everything possible to delight customers, or else your competitors will steal them.

Your Inspiration Themes (YITH) is a talented team of entrepreneurs, designers, and developers who develop solutions for maximizing conversion rates and user satisfaction. Here is a complete review of YITH, in addition to effective suggestions for how to use its products.

YITH review – the history of YITH

YITH Landing Page

While we genuinely care about everyone’s personal privacy, we couldn’t ignore its nice story. It started with a nice couple who loves to create awesome products. Check YITH’s About page for more details!

The YITH team aims to develop the best tools for online stores, and to some extent, they have managed to achieve this goal. The agency is especially well-known for its plugins that improve conversion rate, reduce cart abandonment, and delight customers. Without a doubt, the YITH team includes only top-class designers and developers who constantly pump out impressive products.

YITH’s Plugins

Let’s continue this YITH review by looking at YITH’s plugins. bIt’s hard to believe that any other seller offers even more WordPress plugins for online stores than YITH. It has plugins for administration, promotions, marketing, products, shipping and logistics, auctions, design, etc.

If you run or plan to launch an e-commerce site, take a look at all of YITH’s plugins. The thorough description of each plugin impressed me; I have never seen this level of detail.

Surely, you will find a bunch of plugins that could help you. In this post, we’ve selected the most representative plugins to give you a clear idea of YITH’s offerings.

Keep in mind that each plugin has a free version that lacks a few features, but it will give you an idea of what that plugin will do for your business. You can also check out the live demo of each plugin and consult the documentation.

Request a Quote

Request a Quote

Suppliers who sell bulk products or are interested in offering discounts to clients who purchase large quantities should look at this plugin. Its name is suggestive enough to make you understand its main aim. In essence, this plugin replaces a “Price” or “Add to Cart” button with a “Request a Quote” button.

You have full control over the products available for a quote. You can include and exclude specific products, send emails containing a PDF file with your quote, and let customers accept your offer directly from the email. To get people to act, you may want to configure a temporary quote that expires in a custom period of time.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

One of the coolest ideas for increasing your revenue is to let customers create and purchase gift cards, especially during the holidays. This plugin enables site visitors to create and personalize gift cards and give them to friends, relatives, loved ones, or employees.

The givers have tons of options to customize the gift. They can select the nature of the gift (digital or printable), suggest a product to the receivers, add a QR code, choose the amount of money, schedule the delivery, and send it to multiple recipients.

Creating a gift card is as easy as ABC, and givers can personalize the card with custom images. Givers can send a gift card to their loved ones personalized with one of their Instagram images. The gift card complement to the YITH product range is brilliant and definitely adds a “pro” in our Yith review.

Ajax Search

This plugin is for a relatively unsaturated niche, and it does an outstanding job and definitely should be mentioned in our YITH review. While search forms are the most underrated element of a web page, they may increase sales. Instead of a plain search form, Ajax Search takes searching to a whole new level.

The plugin shows product previews, prices, short descriptions, and discount highlights for any search query. Every aspect is deeply customizable. For instance, you can choose where to display product thumbnails: on the left, on the right, or hide them altogether.

The search form comes in two different styles, and you can adjust it to the whole width of the page.

Badge Management

Badge Management

In the e-commerce world, every small detail matters, and this plugin proves it. A small, good-looking badge has the potential to boost your sales, so install Badge Management to grow your revenue.

This plugin does a lot of effective things to make the shopping experience more enjoyable for customers. Shop owners can assign badges to new, featured, discounted, or out of stock products. The coolest aspect is the impressive set of customization options. You get a reasonable number of well-designed badges, and you can create your personal badges. Finally, people who know CSS can edit the badges to match the site’s style.

Recover Abandoned Cart

Recover Abandoned Cart

You’re making a big mistake if you’re running an online store but don’t have a plugin to recover abandoned carts. Moosend claims that buyers abandon 69% of online carts. Can you imagine how much money you’d be leaving on the table if you don’t install a simple plugin?

Recover Abandoned Cart has the potential to bring you a lot of money and transform a site visitor into a loyal purchaser. The plugin saves the guests’ carts and notifies people via email about their abandoned carts. On average, people open 45% of these emails; that’s a pretty high opening rate compared to other emails. The plugin allows you to schedule the emails and add a coupon too.

In addition to these features, the shop admin gets a 360-degree report about the email open rate, the site visitors coming from these emails, and the conversion rate and get an email anytime a customer who abandoned a cart makes a purchase.

Custom Thank You Page

Custom Thank You Page

People don’t buy only products anymore. They are looking for cool experiences. As a shop owner or an entrepreneur, you must make the customer experience a top priority. Luckily, making people happy doesn’t require big endeavors. Custom Thank You, Page, is a plugin aimed at impressing buyers; there is nothing more elegant than saying a simple thank you to your customers.

What can you achieve with this plugin? First, it displays a cool thank you page to every customer who purchases from your store. You can set up a custom thank you page for each product, category, or the payment method. Second, you can choose whether to show the order on the thank you page and add a few suggestions for upselling. Third, you can personalize the design of the thank you page.

YITH’s Theme

YITH’s Theme

YITH is well-known for its amazing plugins, but you should know that it also offers Proteo, a free e-commerce theme. The YITH developers know a thing or two about e-commerce, so consider this theme in this industry.

Proteo comes with premium features, such as multiple header types, full-screen search, multi-level menus, sidebar management, unlimited color schemes, and even gradient support for buttons. Of course, the theme is WooCommerce and Elementor compatible.


The high quality of the plugins YITH releases is without question. Install a single plugin on your site, and it will certainly positively impact your business. However, quality costs and all of YITH’s plugins will set you back more than an average plugin. The cheapest plugin is $40, while the most expensive is $250. Clearly, shop owners on a tight budget can’t buy too many of these plugins. Under these circumstances, joining the YITH club might be a solution.

The Starter Plan gives you access to 50 plugins of your choice, premium support, regular updates, and unlimited downloads for six site licenses. It costs a yearly payment of $1,200.

The Pro Plan gives you access to all the plugins, premium support, regular updates, and unlimited downloads for six site licenses for a yearly fee of $2,000. Note that YITH does offer serious discounts from time to time.

The conclusion of our YITH review

YITH is a big player in the e-commerce WordPress plugin industry. Their offerings are solid and qualitative; accessing their plugin collection is pretty expensive. However, it’s a real bargain compared to the value you get.

Have you ever bought a plugin from YITH? What is your opinion about them? Leave a comment with your thoughts. As usual, we are eager to know what our readers think about the WordPress products we feature in our blog posts!

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