BionicWP Review – Why BionicWP Is A Hosting Great Choice?

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Currently, for managed hosting solutions, there are many options available in the market. However, for an individual or even a business, picking one service is challenging. Instead of short-term profit, it’s wise to choose a managed hosting service that can help a company grow. For anyone interested in high-quality hosting services, this BionicWP hosting review is for you. 

It’s important to understand that a hosting service can either drive sales or destroy your brand reputation. Primarily, even ordinary hosting solutions are marketed to offer premium services, but sadly that’s not the case. You find that even with a paid managed hosting server, hidden charges or paid plugins are not mentioned clearly. With BionicWP, you won’t face such a problem. The service offers a different experience with features that have raised the bar for any managed hosting service provider. 

How will BionicWP help to get more sales?  

A WordPress-managed hosting server with modern-day features to help your business scale as per your need. The service mainly relies on a Google C2 High compute instance, which means that all the data will be backed up on Google Cloud. This indicates that your website will be high on speed with no downtime at all. 

The thing with BionicWP is that it is a WordPress-compatible hosting solution that gives you complete access and control over your website. Whether you want to edit content or want a high-speed server for your website, BionicWP can handle the load and drive the visitors without hindering the website’s speed. 

BionicWP Is A Great Choice Because Of The Following Reasons

  1. You’ll get a 90+ Google PageSpeed score within the first few months. 
  2. The website will be hack-proof along with data backups.
  3. Weekly and monthly reporting of the performance. 
  4. A scalable, high-speed website with SSL. 
  5. You can quickly test the website on staging along with SSH. 
  6. It’s purely a white label solution.
  7. Update the theme, the plugins, and even the core update with no trouble.
  8. Get unlimited edits on your WordPress website.

Indeed, you might think that all of these characteristics have a high-price. But you’ll be amazed to know that all of these features come in just $25 extra while ordering the hosting package. Yes. Imagine so many features with less price. Once you click the ‘Unlimited edits’ box, you’ll be able to avail all of these features. 

BionicWP hosting review

BionicWP Hosting Review – WordPress Managed Feature

BionicWP is basic. Even novice users can quickly learn and register their accounts and begin the trial version of the platform. 

BionicWP hosting review

Everything is available in the dashboard. Once you sign up, you can see live updates of every website that you’ve added. You’ll be able to see a total number of websites, installed plugins, and the necessary core updates that your website might need to function fast. 

Here’s how you can add a website and see live updates of the website.

Begin By Launching The Site On WordPress Managed Hosting Server

Bionics Hosting is it worth it?

Upon clicking on the ‘New Site’ tab, you’ll be directed towards the website’s installation page. Here you’ll be presented with two options, either migrate your old website, or you can add a new website. For this example, we are using launch your website. 

Bionics Mayertside

Once the website is ready, you’ll see the website in the dashboard, and the status of the live website will be available to you. 


Once the website is ready, you can install plugins or try tools on the website. The new website uses the stack and is fast. You’ll realize this once we check the speed of the website later on. 

BionicWP WordPress

Now the website is launched, you can use the website’s default theme or choose your theme. Whatever theme or plugin you install on the website will be displayed in the dashboard of BionicWP. 

BionicWP performance management

Now the website is launched, you can use the website’s default theme or choose your theme. Whatever theme or plugin you install on the website will be displayed in the dashboard of BionicWP. 

BionicWP WordPress Themes

When you check the WordPress dashboard, you’ll see the BionicWP plugin will appear in the dashboard. You can access the BionicWP features by clicking on that plugin. 

BionicWP anti spam

You can check the status of your themes, plugins, and core WordPress update. With that information, you’ll be able to update whatever is necessary for your theme. Moreover, with an application-level cache, you’ll be able to boost the performance of your website. 

BionicsWP purge casche

Deep Insights of BionicWP Managed Hosting

Let’s imagine some features of BionicWP that make the hosting service better than others in the market. 

BionicWP managed hosting

First, if you look at the dashboard, you’ll get insights regarding whatever you have along with the SSH access panel.

BionicWP managed hosting WordPress

The login is simple. With one-click, you’ll be able to login into the database. Make changes and improve the performance of the website with a single click. When you click, ‘Make these numbers bionic,’ you’ll see that BionicWP will make some changes, and after those changes, your website will never be the same. 

Performance Upgrade 

You’ll be able to activate the hyper-speed mode – BionicWP CDN, with which your website performance will boost in no time. You’ll be able to test the performance of the website and make the necessary changes. 

BionicWP Performance Upgrade

With Hyperspeed powered by NitroPack, you’ll improve the website’s caching performance, which in return will boost your google page Speed. 

BionicWP CDN will distribute the content to servers across the globe. While Hyperspeed by NitroPack will create an image of the website, so make fetching of websites easy. 

Let’s Test Website Speed With BionicWP WordPress Managed Hosting

As you can see that the website speed is 100%, which means that Google Page Speed is showing a full score to a new website. 

 BionicWP Google Page Speed

If you are confused about using BionicWP hosting solution, you can always go with the trial version before buying the full version. For serious businesses, this is a golden opportunity to grow your business. Don’t miss it out. 

A Glance At The Characteristics Of BionicWP

With some knowledge of BionicWP, it will be easy to describe some other amazing features that will force you to buy BionicWP without giving a second thought. 

BionicWP Review – WordPress Managed Hosting

A WordPress managed to host a solution with all the necessary features that you need. You’ll get server-level support along with application-level support, which means you can do the necessary customizations to your website easily. 

With BionicWP, you’ll be able to control the server and the site management along with WordPress edits. 

Countless Edits 

No need to hire anyone to make the necessary edits on your website. As a website owner, your aim should be to save some cash, time, and effort for your team. With BionicWP, you’ll be able to do all three at once. The support team of BionicWP will handle all the problems you face with your website, and with unlimited edits, it will be easy to make the necessary changes on the go. 

A White Label Hosting Service 

Mostly, agencies hire experts or hosting service providers to manage their hosting. With BionicWP, you’ll be able to provide your clients with the ultimate hosting service with your branding. Take BionicWP hosting and sell it to your clients. Your client will get a premium-level hosting service with your branding. A complete solution for website owners who are confused with which hosting service is best for them.  

Designed For Agencies & Small Business Owners

The BionicWP hosting solution provides you with amazing hosting management features that help your business grow and scale. With just $25, you’ll be able to avail yourself of the features that cost more with other hosting service providers. You’ll be able to delegate tasks with BionicWP, and the support team of BionicWP will handle your website’s hosting problems. 

You won’t have to handle website management issues; once the tasks are forwarded to a team of experts, it will ease some pressure off your shoulders, and you’ll invest your energy in more important tasks. 


This is where BionicWP WordPress managed hosting surpasses other hosting services. 

Google PageSpeed score more than 90

Can you believe in getting a Google PageSpeed to scores of more than 90? With BionicWP, you’ll be able to get the score without making much effort. 

Conversion Rates Up By 20% 

The traffic on the website is directly linked to the conversion rate. If you increase the traffic on the website, there is a good chance that the conversion rate will increase. BionicWP gives you an advantage by speeding up the performance of the website. Once this is done, the conversion rate of the website will automatically increase. 

Increased Bandwidth with Google C2 Instances 

Since the data is uploaded on the Google Cloud server – the Google C2 will provide high-performance on your website. The 128 GB ram and the 32 core CPU ensure that you get fast speed for your website. 

Nginx With FCGI And PHP 7.4 With MariaDB/MYSQL Along With LXD Containers

It’s not just a hosting service provider; BionicWP will give you complete access to server-level and application-level support to your BionicWP container enabling fast speed for your website. 

CDN With Ultra-Performance

BionicWP CDN gives you access to all the containers to make the website distribution easy with just one click on a button. 


BionicWP has strong security. From malware to bot-blocking and hacking-proof your website, you won’t have to worry about the website’s security, and the features will take care of everything. 

Scan Malware With One-Click

Next, the BionicWP Review will take a look at the malware scans. You can easily scan all the malware on the website with just a single click. No need to install any third-party plugins to secure your website. Just click the ‘Start Scan’ button, and the scan will start. 

WAF Firewall 

Worried about mysterious website traffic on your website? WAF firewall will help you with all unidentified traffic on your website. BionicWP will drive away all the traffic that might harm your website. The attacks will fail. The DDoS, SQL, and cross-site scripting will protect the website. 

Hack Proof

It’s easy to hack a WordPress website, but it becomes challenging for hackers to breach the website when the security is tough. Some hackers use social engineering tactics to hack the website, while others steal the credentials and use them. The good thing with BionicWP is that your website will be hack-proof, and it’ll be impossible for hackers to steal any information from the website. 

Website Management

The hosting website needs to be managed; for that, a dedicated resource must be allotted. But not with BionicWP. The website maintenance is simple, and you don’t have to hire anyone to maintain the website. 

Upgrading Plugins, Themes, And Core Update 

With BionicWP, you’ll be able to upgrade everything from themes to plugins, and even the core update can easily be done with a single ‘Update All’ button. Or, from the dashboard, you can choose whatever updates you need and customize your updates. 

Regular Speed Monitoring

The core principle of BionicWP is to ensure that the customer gets a clean and speedy website. When the website speed is monitored regularly, it gets easy for the technical department to make the necessary changes if any problem occurs. 

Countless Website Editing

One amazing feature that BionicWP offers is the countless edits that one can make on the website. Starting from $15, you’ll get an option to edit unlimited times. Save money by editing as much as you can. 

Staging Environment

Testing and making the website bug-free takes time and effort. The staging environment is given where you can test the website before it goes live to make things easy. Making changes and testing the behavior of that an end-user can be done without affecting the live website. The staging area of the BionicWP website can help you make the necessary alterations, make the alpha and beta levels, and roll out the live version. 

White Label Maintenance

The most amazing feature of BionicWP is that you can use it as a reseller for your brand. Be it a website development or a design agency; you can sell a hosting service. You’ll get BionicWP white-level support, and your client will be happy to get A-level support from your brand. 

Performance And Security Of BionicWP 

Let’s use some tools to test the performance of the website. 

Pingdom Speed Test

Known as the most authentic speed testing tool, you’ll be able to test the website’s performance. Let’s take a website and see how BionicWP hosting can boost the speed of the website. 

Server: Iowa

BionicWP test

Check the speed of the website. Ensure that BionicWP CDN and NitroPack are not even enabled. 

Let’s test it after enabling Nitropack: 

BionicWP Internet hosting

You can see that the load time is decreased, and its performance is up by 6 points. For a new website, WordPress managed hosting did an amazing job. 

GTMetrix Speed Test

Next in the BionicWP Review is a speed test. One of the most authentic website speed testing tools that deliver site recommendations on the go. Let’s see how a BionicWP website acts for the speed testing tool. 

BioNicWP report generated

Of course, the speed doesn’t have BionicWP CDN and NitrocPack enabled. Let’s enable Nitropack and see how this affects the speed of the website. 

BioNicWP latest report

The LCP was dropped and BionicWP did it’s magic well. 

Security Test with Quttera

When we tested the website with a malware tool like Quttera, you can see that no malware was detected. 

BionicWP URL

Price of BionicWP Hosting 

Price is important also in this BionicWP Review. As mentioned earlier, the starting price of the service is low as $27.5 for one website. When you add more websites, the price is decreasing with each website addition. 

BionicWP visitors

For instance, if you add 5 websites, it’ll be $112.5, which means $22.5 for one website. As you add more websites, the price drops. 

BionicWP disk

These website prices are marvelous as compared to a premium-level hosting service. The website structure of pricing is low, and every user will pay for their website. 

The Amazing Affiliate Program By BionicWP 

The good news for affiliate marketers is that you’ll earn a commission for every sign-up. Register in the BionicWP affiliate program & you’ll start earning from $75 for each person you bring. 

Things to consider regarding BionicWP Affiliate Program: 

  • There is a 60-day cookie, which means you need to wait for the user to convert. 
  • You’ll be paid within a 60-day time. 
  • There is no minimum payout. Even if you earn as low as $0.01, you’ll get paid. 
  • Once you become an affiliate member, you’ll be able to earn easily. 

BionicWP Customers Reviews:

Look at what customers are saying about them.

BionicWP Youtube

A YouTube Customer Screengrab Video

Normally a website owner needs to secure the website, and for that, it requires a strong website hosting service. Can you even imagine a perfect solution? An extremely customer support system with security that you’ll love to keep. As the website scales, it won’t be easy to maintain the scalability of the website.  

Mostly, the website admins that go for BionicWP don’t realize the power they give to every user. Suppose the website gets a 90+ score. That’s great. You’ll see that the results are amazing. The speed and performance of the website will improve. 

Check the various proofs of improved performance that each website gave. Stats speak for themselves. 

BionicWP stats

Speed results that speak for themselves 

BionicWP vs Others in the market 

Take a look at how BionicWP is different from other hosting servers in the market. 

BionicWP Review – BionicWP vs Kinsta

Can it be a good alternative to Kinsta? Right choice!!

FeaturesBionic WPKinsta
Free MigrationsYesNo
Trial OfferYesNo
Google Page Speed ScoreYesNo
Countless Performance OptimizationsYesNo
Countless website EditsYesNo
WordPress Manage Hosting Core UpdateYesNo
24/7 Ticket SupportYesYes

As you can see, BionicWP vs. Kinsta is the better offer. Kinsta does not give most of the features offered by BionicWP. You can edit unlimited trial options, speed, and performance improvement. 

BionicWP Review – BionicWP Vs. WPEngine

A better alternative to WPEngine? Of course, it is!!

FeaturesBionic WPWPEngine
Free MigrationsYesYes
Trial OfferYesNo
Google Page Speed ScoreYesNo
Countless Performance OptimizationsYesNo
Countless Website EditsYesNo
WordPress Manage Hosting Core UpdateYesNo
24/7 Ticket SupportYesYes

As you might have noticed that BionicWP is offering more options than many other hosting service providers. You’ll get countless edits for your website. The website performance can easily be improved, and speed will improve drastically. Even if you don’t want to buy the service, you can easily try it before you buy. And once you’ve tried the service, it won’t be easy to switch to any other service. 

Verdict BionicWP Review: An Alternative to Taking Your Hosting To The Next Level

BionicWP has changed the way we use a hosting service. Whether it be server-level or managed to host service, BionicWP hosting service wins high at all forts. While writing this BionicWP review, I can say that there is no other service as good as BionicWP that offers more options than BionicWP. 

Being a geek, I’ve tried many hosting service providers, and trust me when I say this, the service in low-price is ideal for multiple users. Be it a website owner, an agency, or a small business owner; you can take the service and even resell the service with your branding. 

Moreover, you don’t have to pay a high-price for adding more websites. The more websites you add, the lower the price you’ll get. And most importantly for marketers, the affiliate program gives you the option to sell the service and earn a good profit out of it. It’s like a win-win situation for both parties. 

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